Anti-State Elements Backing Some Taliban Groups, Says Imran


Imran KhanLAHORE- The Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Imran Khan on Saturday said that anti-state elements were supporting some Taliban factions for sabotaging the peace process through terrorist activities.

Talking to reporters, Khan stressed the need for successful peace talks with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP while calling for a ceasfire from government as well as militants.

The PTI chief reiterated his long-standing support to negotiations with militants, asking what other options were available if a military operation fails.

Responding to critics of the peace process, Khan asked Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Awami National Party (ANP) why they had not conducted a military sweep during their own tenure.



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    Is this supposed to be a brilliant statement?..”.anti state elements are attacking Pakistan?.”..I guess if pro state elements were attacking Pakistan then you would have a real problem?

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    for someone who likes using the phrase “transparency” imran khan certainly makes some least transparent statement. who are these non state actors? he needs to identify them and for what purpose? he is the one that needs to be more “transparent” and say exactly what he is thinking and believes!

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    It is simple IK show the confused TTP fighters their leaders are actually the henchmen of foreign states release this and offer them amnesty to leave for their homelands.

    When that amnesty ends know this that they are nothing but cold blooded killers and terrorists and need to be snuffed from under every rock and removed from this earth.

    We as a nation must stand united and IK must educate his constituents if the perpetual threat we face from inside Afghanistan from a common enemy or continue to see our beloved Peshawar burn.

    There is a time for statesmanship and there is a time for solidarity and we must all stand united against this evil and accept a fundamental truth and this is Pakistan is at war until we do not, the den of snakes grow Nd infiltrate every city and towns like a plague.

    We know our common enemy wants another 1971 the conditions and geography is not the same so instead our common enemies seek to break our will and solidarity.

    We are one people sons of Nadir Shah, Abdali, Ghazni, Ghouri, Babur and Lodhi and the time is for each and all of us to be like the brave Pashtun Akbar Khan and unite all and tight the common enemy hell bent at our destruction. This nation has her hand in destroying the Pakistani image, resolve and responsible for enlisting bad elements in the CIA and confusing our Afghan Tajik / Uzbek brothers not only to kill Pashtuns in Afghanistan but ensure the whole of khurasan burns and is incapable of standing together as one if not one nation at least respect we are one Ummah.

    Ask your self why our common enemy seeks Central Asia to the warm waters of Karachi in a perpetual state of war divided and you will realise that she is afraid, afraid we will make her accountable for her crimes.

    We give our Muslim brothers the benefit of the doubt but for how long until we realise as a people and from within the ranks of the TTP that the very existence of the TTP is to destroy the fabric of a United Pakistan and more importantly for Pakistan and Afghanistan to co exist as brothers.

    No nation loves Afghans as we do and I know no nation loves Pakistan as much as Afghanistan the rest is muddied water deliberately muddied by our common enemy. We are weak if we allow our common enemy to divide us and exist in a fear of instability and uncertainty if we choose to play the bloody game of our common enemy.

    Tajik, Uzbek, Hazaara, Pashtun but also Kashmiri, Punjabi, Sindhi and Balochi have lived together in khurasan and can do so EVERYTHING else does not matter or at least accept we are one Ummah.

    There are confused elements in all ranks mislead by our common enemy we owe them to understand by showing them where they have been misguided , holding talks and treaties is a noble tradition of our Rashiduns but even they fell prey to the Khwarij who stand as miscreants seeking instability and destruction and for that they must ALL regardless of which community Uzbek, Tajik, Pasthun, Punjabi, Sindhi, Kashmiri and Balochii need to be removed from within our ranks so we stand as one people, one Ummah in Central and West Asia.

    Our faith is not extreme but liberating and as such extreme views are unacceptable and have always been unacceptable our prophet pbuh has left you with the lesson to follow neither extreme or liberal but a middle line and this is what we must strive for and accept the differing views but not at the cost of harming your own existence.

    You can talk to such twisted confused people for only so long or you can unite as a people and accept we are in a perpetual war and pull in line to expose and remove the dirt spread by another nation seeking our destruction.

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