Anti-IS coalition ends combat mission in Iraq


BAGHDAD: The US-drove alliance against the aggressor Islamic State (IS) bunch has finished its battle mission in Iraq and will move to a preparation and warning job, Iraq’s public safety counselor said on Thursday.

The adjustment of the mission of around 2,500 US troops positioned in the conflict battered country before the year’s over was first declared in July by President Joe Biden, during a Washington visit by Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhemi.

The Iraqi government has been feeling the squeeze from incredible supportive of Iranian political gatherings with outfitted wings that have passionately requested all US troops leave the country.

“We are authoritatively reporting the finish of the alliance powers’ battle mission,” National Security Adviser Qassem al-Aaraji composed on Twitter.

“The relationship with the global alliance proceeds in the space of preparing, prompting and limit working” of Iraqi powers, he added.

Mr Aaraji was talking after a gathering between the alliance and the Joint Operations officers of the Iraqi security powers.

As a result, the around 2,500 US and 1,000 alliance troops sent in Iraq will stay there. They have been going about as counselors and coaches since mid-2020.

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