Ansat Lightweight Helicopters Now Available for General Consumers in Pakistan


A promotional campaign lead by the Russian Helicopters Group is showcasing the lightweight Kazan Helicopter Ansat in Pakistan. This campaign is aimed to enter the helicopter market and exhibit the Ansat to the customers.

The Russian Helicopters Group claims that the Ansat will show exceptional performance at high temperatures, as high as +50° C. The group promises successful operation in temperatures ranging from -45° to +50° C. Alexander Shcherbinin, Russian Helicopters’ Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Marketing and Business Development said,

Ansat is a very attractive helicopter due to its flight performance characteristics, including for customers from Asia and the Middle East.

I hope that positive test results will turn the interest of potential buyers into a number of agreements.

Conference in Islamabad

After the completion of the demonstrations and trials, the group is expected to have a conference in Islamabad for potential clients and customers residing in Pakistan. In the conference, the Russian Helicopters Group will talk about the competitive advantages their helicopter has.

Available to the military, commercial users, and civil services, Ansat is a general-purpose utility helicopter. It has a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 3,600 kg. Pratt and Whitney Canada PW207K turboshaft engines power the helicopter – each engine provides more than 600 shp.

This horsepower can ferry 8 passengers at a cruise speed of 220 km/h. The ferry range is 515KM and it can operate at heights of up to 15,750ft.

Apparently, the Russian Helicopters Group isn’t only marketing the Ansat to the government and the military, they are aiming to enter the general market as well.

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