Another Sad Day For Peshawar: 29 Killed in Peshawar Car Bomb Blast

Peshawar Blast
At least 29 people were killed and over 70 injured in a car bomb blast here in Pakistan‘s restive northwest today, the third bombing since last Sunday.

The blast occurred in Qissa Khawani bazaar near a police station here.

Media reports say the blast took place in a car, parked near the police station. They said explosion was detonated with a remote device.

Rescue officials have reached the blast site and taken the injured to Lady Reading Hospital where an emergency was declared.

Many of the injured are in critical condition.

A fire erupted soon after the explosion and at least eight shops were also damaged.

All that was left was mangled remains of the bikes, cars and burnt shops.

The explosion occurred at a time when the shops were just opening.

This is the third blast since last Sunday when over 80 people were killed when twin suicide bombers struck at a historic church here.

On Friday, 19 people were killed when a bomb blast took place inside a bus carrying government employees

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  1. Nawaz Shareefs policies of appeasement seen as weakness by enemies and honest hardworking Pakistani men, women and children are being massacred.

    What does Nawaz Shareef care about Peshawar, Sindh, Balochistan or Azad Kashmir his only concern is Punjab.

    TTP are NOT Pakistani, they have a foreign sponsored agenda and must be annihilated with the full force of Pakistan army and tribal fighters. Bring on aSWAT style clearance of these bazaar khwarij rats.

    Until All Pakistan do not stand behind a firm zero tolerance policy from our Army, they the foreign backed terrorists will continue killing innocent people.

    What Jihad are they fighting, killing, innocent, hard working men, women and children in bazaars, buses, masjids.

    Wake up Pakistan post American Afghanstan is a long way off.. Reclaim your cities before it is too late.

    These same criminals are kidnapping Pakistani sisters all over Pakistan and dishonouring them, linked to crime, drugs, and every possible nefarious act for one purpose DESTROY PAKISTAN.

    Nawaz Shareef wake up, you have done so much harm to Pakistan have you no soul, the ONLY answer is to release the full force of the Army after terror hideouts.

    The above applies to Imran Khan too.

  2. There is no way that this bomb would have been done by Pakistanis or even indeed by Muslims — they simply do NOT have the knowledge that it would entail — and that too especially speaking of the precision as to the timing done to kill the maximum number of people! The only persons who could have done this are Hindus (Indians), or Jews (Israel) and their comrade in arms the Jewish-Christian-Hindu-backed CIA (America) that can have done this kind of thing! We should stop blaming overselves and take this matter to the United Nations — resolutions against these 3 enemy countries — that they take advantage of such helpless people of poor country Pakistan. How they can blame us poor Muslims of Pakistan, when we do not have such expertise! It does not make any the sense at all ? How bad are these kuffars of these Kenjer lands, who have now blood on their hands… blood of the only true Believers!

    • @daoud….how can you remain so ignorant?…ten years of killing by these terrorist and you still refuse to recognize that it is Pakistans war?….people like you are precisely the problem…you blame the west and others for the problems in your own country that are caused by Islamic radicals and extremists…when will you face the truth? …the enemy is not coming from the outside it is coming from within Pakistan…everyone in the world except ignorant Pakistanis knows that…Yes, Pakistan is the epicenter of terrorism…it is an ugly truth but it is true…

  3. It is widley considered in Islamabad that the war going on in KPK, FATA, K. Agency is not actually the war of Pakistan but it is the pushtun’s and thier war itself. I’ve heard many Punjabi’s, Mohajir’s telling that pushtun’s have wrecked the contry image…in what sense…I don’t see the most loyal,petriotic & administrative peoples except pushtuns? There is saying in pushtu that “We’re Pushtunes for more than 5000 Year and Muslims for more than 1400 Year”

    The govt. should create solidarity & respect across the country. and if they failed by doing so than later the country will break in saveral parts (God Forbidden).

    Pls. Pakistani Bhaiyo. 1 dosrey k izzat karna seko and sikao. Humey es waqt bhai charey/mayana ravey ki bhut sakht zarorat he, nahi tu barbadi aur tabahi humara pecha nahi chore gi.

    WS. Long live Pakistan

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