Another Indian False Flag Coming Pakistan’s Way


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No one is unaware of Indian jingoism and war hysteria, but lately, there has been an unusual spike in their stories, starting with alleged beheading of Indian soldiers (in 2013), plenty of blames hurled Pakistan’s way regarding border skirmishes, and an unmanned Pakistani boat exploding in the Indian Ocean.

A morning release (Jan 04, 2015) from the Times of India states that Terrorists may hijack Delhi-Kabul Air India flight, intelligence agencies warn. Whether there is any credibility in this report is anybody’s guess and if such an event does happen, one still has to discern whether it is a false flag or not, given that the world is still trying to make sense of what happened on 26/11 in Mumbai; how did a team of 10 gunmen supposedly challenge highly trained commandos for 3 days in the heart of India? And how in the world did these men travel in a boat from Karachi undetected in the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean and eventually reach Mumbai shores?

With dossier after dossier making a mockery of their supposed intelligence reports, the investigation could never get anywhere. While Pakistan keeps pleasing India by holding alleged masterminds in weak detentions, there has never been any proof to furnish Indian claims that Pakistan was behind the Mumbai 26/11 carnage.

From executing the supposed sole survivor, Ajmal Kasab, in custody, to denying outside investigators access to the suspect as well as those that interrogated him; India has never had any proof simply because they orchestrated and executed the Mumbai 26/11 carnage on their own. Even their own ministers have gone on record to state that it was an inside job, and the unanswered questions about Mumbai 26/11 have perplexed level headed politicians in India. So much for India’s air-headed, big-mouthed and unobjective media reporting!

In view of the Indian government’s claims regarding the recent so-called ‘terror’ boat incident and the massive India blabbering about it, serious questions have been raised bythe Congress party spokesperson, Ajoy Kumar:

“Government should come clean on it. There is no evidence. How can you say that a terrorist attack was prevented? How did they (government) come to the conclusion that it was a terrorist boat? It is very strange. Nothing has been explained. Which terrorist organisation was behind it?”Quoted from NDTV.

Indian Media is Well-known for Exuding Hype and War Hysteria

It appears that India has been trying real hard to stage a false flag that will create an impact. The problem is; they don’t want another Mumbai 26/11 carnage because it will embarrass their own security forces. They want something that can be contained, yet it should be massive enough to create the attention they need to hurt Pakistan. The most common scapegoat that they will most likely choose is none other than Lashkar-e-Tayaba. In a recent article (Dec 17, 2014) India alleged that Lashkar-e-Tayaba may be planning a strike on Obama when he visits India.

Such allegations, time and again against the Lashkar are music to the ears of the US and their allies who perceivably view the group as a severe threat to their intentions in the region. The Lashkar is seen as a king pin amid a myriad of other groups that stand in the way of total Indian hegemony in Kashmir. With stiff resistance and a rare quality to launch surprise attacks at a massive Indian military presence (8 Indian soldiers for 1 Kashmir youth), American designs can never be imposed on Nuclear Pakistan unless India gains complete control of the region. This is all despite the fact that Kerry has been mulling a favorable Afg-Pak policy. However, this fools no one as everyone knew from the beginning that Afghanistan was an excuse to eventually target Pakistan and destabilize China. 15 years on, and they are still trying to salvage whatever they can; however, that is the fate of those who are destined to fail, and now they must pack and leave with whatever shreds of dignity they have left.

No Proof Tying Lashkar-e-Tayaba to Any Attack in India or Elsewhere

The truth of the matter is that there is no plausible link between any terror attack in India or anywhere else, and whenever India has blamed Lashkar-e-Tayaba or any other Pakistani group, their own investigations have revealed that it is always their home-grown terror outfits such as RSS and Hindutva or some offshoot with elements in their military, such as Colonel Purohit.

To come back to our main point regarding Indian war hysteria, we need to focus on the first three paragraphs of this article published on the NDTV website: India Warned Lashkar May Be Planning Strike For Obama Visit: Sources

“NEW DELHI: After the massive terror strike at a Pakistan school in which over 130 children were killed, the Centre has asked all state governments to ensure adequate security is provided at public places including malls and schools.

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that an advisory has been issued to states after yesterday’s terror attack in a school in Peshawar which has drawn strong international condemnation.

Sources said that India has been warned by foreign intelligence agencies that the terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba may be planning an attack in the country to coincide with next month’s visit by US President Barack Obama.” (Text abstracted from NDTV)

Now, please take note of the keywords used in bold print above and the key points below:

  • The first paragraph talks about the need to step up security in India after Pakistan was hit by a terror attack killing nearly 150 school children.
  • The next paragraph mentions international criticism.
  • The third paragraph deliberately and cunningly mentions Lashkar-e-Tayaba planning an attack on Obama.

When you pull all three paragraphs together, it’s fairly obvious that the Indian media tries to mislead readers and let them assume that Lashkar-e-Tayaba killed those children in Peshawar and now may plan an attack in India. However, India can fool no one, as people are more aware than before on matters concerning the Lashkar, and most people know that the group is active in the Kashmir region with its own indigenous fighters from Kashmir itself fighting for independence.

One can’t blame them for striving for independence because much like the Palestinian crisis at the hands of the Zionist Jews and American backing, India rapes and murders an unarmed population just to control a territory where its administration has never been welcome.

All Roads Lead to Kashmir

All efforts of the Indian establishment and its crafty media attempts against Pakistan has its roots in the Kashmir issue, which has now gained a huge amount of attention across the globe, so much so that the UN has finally started issuing statements urging resolution of the Kashmir issue. Within this stranglehold, the UN is compelled to regurgitate its resolution for Plebiscite in Kashmir, and there is no backing away from the commitments they laid down years ago.

Forced Conversions to Hinduism – No More Secular Claims

India is also facing much embarrassment viz-a-viz forced mass conversions of Muslims and Christians to Hinduism. India continues to face increasing amounts of criticism for its human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir as it is, and now the rest of India is becoming a melting pot for Hindu extremism under the RSS-Hindutva-BJP close-knit organizations. These are the very circles that Prime Minister Modi has emerged from along with an array of other well-known terrorists in his cabinet who have even admitted to committing terrorist attacks, such as the Malegaon Blasts, Makka Masjid Attacks, Samjhauta Express Carnage and Demolition of Babri Masjid. Please follow @Mumbai2611 for inputs regarding RSS-Hindutva-BJP terrorism.

A False Flag for Obama’s Sympathy upon His Impending Visit?

Obama’s cordiality towards Modi doesn’t surprise us. One has to understand the Nexus between the Mossad, Raw and the CIA. They have partnered to ravage the region for more than a decade in Afghanistan in an attempt to engulf Pakistan in flames. So when we see this coziness heighten after Modi’s election, it comes as no surprise that Obama’s sympathies will rest with India. One can’t imagine how inflamed India must be after Pakistan’s diplomatic relations with Afghanistan have improved, while India has been left out in the cold. India will have to pack up soon after the US runs out, a fact they find hard to digest.

Timing Can Be Everything

Obama is soon to visit India, and India knows the world media attention will be focused on this visit, which poses an ideal time for them to maximize this opportunity. A false flag now in time for Obama’s visit can be used to create more leverage on Pakistan. The latest intelligence input regarding a possible attack on an Air India flight from Delhi to Kabul might be their attempt at something of the magnitude they need. If this happens, we can be assured of what is to follow. However, Pakistan is in no mood for any shenanigans from India. It has already had more than enough with innocent children slaughtered by one of India’s proxies, the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. India will be barking up the wrong tree with any further attempts to attack Pakistan.

India has cranked up their war mongering in the media while brazenly attacking Pakistan at the LoC and Working Boundary. The most recent attack has left two Punjab Rangers dead after they were asked to step forward for a Flag Meeting. Pakistan has lodged a complaint with Indian authorities, but this diplomatic effort has been disproportionate.

Generally, Pakistan must have a stronger foreign policy and political will to counter the narrative in view of covert and overt terror from India. Shireen Mazari (CEO Strategic Technology Resources and a leading member of a major Pakistani political party), in a tweet yesterday, reiterated the urgent need to counter Indian shenanigans on our borders with stronger foreign policy:


While we need more verbal voltage on such issues, there is a lot more that needs attention. Apart from just addressing the brazen attempts on our borders where two Pakistani rangers were lured into a death trap, Pakistan has a lot on its plate. The country needs to get its act together and take the media on board. Recently, the leadership proved it is perfectly capable of doing so, as it did in the aftermath of the gruesome attacks on innocent children in Peshawar on Dec 16, 2014.

Unlike India, Pakistan does not need an event to trigger tougher diplomacy, as the nation has had its fill of Indian sponsored terror across the country. With a vocal and vibrant media along with a highly skilled and responsible military leadership, the sitting government has a smooth road paved for it to re-shape Pakistan’s foreign policy, and put India in check.

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  1. Excellent article?! India is in the state of frustration because Pakistan is going to crush their puppy TTP and other terrorists they sponsor

  2. We as a nation need to be prepared for what is coming from the deceitful India. As the world softens it’s perception over Pakistan understanding that it is WE who are victims India notches up her hostility through skirmishes, false flag ops and through brazen attacks within Pakistan through their Afghan led proxies.

    Obama is set to visit India this month and the Hindu Nationalist are seeking to create an atmosphere of hostility as opposed to Reconciliation between Pakistan & Afghanistan. More importantly they will use this opportunity to push Obama to make a statement against Pakistan and prop Indian as the defector regional kingmaker.

    Their is another element which is the Afghanistan element in all this. The Indians are so desperate to get back in a decisive role in post US Afghanistan to leverage their Tajik and Uzbek assets to instigate a civil war against the Pashtuns.

    We as a nation can never be neglectful of our Afghan brethren and not fall prey to foreign namely Indian designs to divide Pakistan & Afghanistan.

    The reality on the ground is a lot different the Taliban want to be part of the decision making process inside Afghanistan and Abdullah Abdullah too is a pragmatic leader who like Ashraf Ghani is not deaf dumb or blind to Indian destructive policies against Pakistan.

    Afghanistan’s interests are to work with regional powers namely Pakistan Turkey Pakistan and Iran to create a stable and integrated united Central Asia that will further the strategic goals of the Russians and Chinese. All this is not possible without reconciling the ethnic divides created by India and Iran. Iran today still weary of a Fundamentalist Sunni Afghan Taliban and The Nawaz Sharif government continues to fall prey to the Indian strategic goals for Afghanistan.

    Pakistan too must end support for fundamentalist extreme ideologies which are exclusive and work towards a more integrated Central Asia which is conducive to Iran a China Turkey Saudi Russia and Pakistan as well as to the West. India is not a direct neighbor and the history of the region despite Indian discretion of a real written history has no place in Central Asia accept as a trading partner which would be welcomed but any designs to influence or define a Indo centric strategy on Central Asia will be a detriment to the peaceful co existence of regional powers in Central Asia.

    Whatever is coming from India together with their warming of relationships with Zionist extreme regime in Israel Pakistan and the region needs to be weary and in these hard times ahead the region and wider world must support Pakistan and Afghanistan to emerge as strong brotherly nations as it is in the regional interest to do so.

    Pakistan must leverage support of key friends and allies with influence to stop the Indian false flag operations from rearing its head again.

    India itself needs more strong secular Himdus like the martyred Hermant Karkare to uncover the deceitful face of the Hndu Nationalist fascist agenda for India and the region. Approaching 4 years and the cold calculated murder of Hermant Karkare the Chief of the Mumbai Anti Terror Squad and his team remain sun solved. Murdered on the same day as Mumbai false flag operation killed point blank from behind outside when the Taj Hotel was under siege.

    For those unaware of this brave Indian he was the secular Hindu policeman who uncovered the Samjhautha Express bombing and arrested Colonel Prohit a Hindu Nationalist in the Indian Army with ties with the government namely the BJP ( currently in power ) and The Hmdu Terror groups like RSS but also links to Zionist. At the time of the Taj he was close to put together a report exonerating Muslims and Pakistan and was to report on the greatest threat to peace and stability of India are the Hindu Fascists who will use sectarianism and anti Pakistan hysteria to further their benign cause.

    Pakistan Army, Intelligence and government must be united to fend off any anti Pakistan dangerous agenda that is emanating from within India.

    Be resolute and prepared to counter the lies from across the border and use your friends in the region to support Pakistan and isolate India and beat her at her own game.

  3. As I said before this is every much about creating or in India’s case over Pakistan maintaining the perception of Pakistan and Pakistanis negatively within India but also the wider world.

    This is every much a “misinformation” war by maintaining an anti Pakistan narrative in the wake of Penshawar, Karachi and the successful operation against the Daish in Waziristan.

    Pakistan must be very vigilant and response to Indian misadventures at the border aggressively but also counter the misinformation war launched by India.

    Pakistan must leverage support from regional friends and wider afield to support the Pakistani resolve, sacrifice and commitment to prace and security as summed up in the response from sister Amena below (apologies if your a brother).

    Pakistan must change the Indian manufactured narrative and continue to aggressively punish the Indian assets within Pakistan and their misinformed deluded followers, sympathisers.

    Ordinary Pakistan must also elequoently articulate a counter narrative to Indian sponsored scathing attacks in the media.

    India through her Zionist alliance is villifying Pakistan and we need to counter this at a state level but also ordinary Pakistanis must respond to Indian trolls too.

    We need to prepare for more sinister claims from The Indians and expose their scheming.

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