Another Failed Surgical Strike From India


Soon after the attack on CRFP officers in Pulwama on 14th February 2019, Indian media, government, forces and even their actors (who have to prove their loyalty towards their country at any cost) accused Pakistan of the attack, without any second thought, which is naive. Talking about the destruction of Pakistan, without knowing their force’s capability is yet another impulsive statement which needs to be reconsidered. 

According to the sources, there is a list of actors who asked the Indian government to pay them for blaming and insulting Pakistan on the issue. Without entering into the inquiry process, (as always) Indian media exaggerated the issue and made themselves innocent. Indian media knows how to strike on the weak points of their nation. So, what happened next? Indians who just believe their media’s propaganda against Pakistan started to praise their soldiers. Nonetheless, Indians has always been a toy in the hands of their media, government and forces. Likewise, Indian Army claimed in September 2016 that they have done “Surgical Strike” in Pakistan and Pakistan bared massive destruction which was a completely fabricated story. Unfortunately, Indian forces don’t even know the exact definition of Surgical strike which was then explained by Pakistan and yet again they acclaimed that they were done another surgical strike yesterday. 

According to an eyewitness, the native of Muzaffarabad said, it takes only 5-10 minutes for PAF to retaliate IAF and then nothing they saw or heard in that area. It was a hardly 5 -10-minute invasion from IAF. Another point needs to be mentioned here, the area “Balakot” where IAF claimed that they tried to invade, they didn’t even properly cross the LoC but 4-5 kilometres, which isn’t any kind of bravery to do that. 

However, the Balakot sector, they acclaimed their level of the surgical strike was near Indian Occupied Kashmir, near Poonch. It isn’t the one in KPK. Indian media who is much inspired from their own film industry, tries to make their coward attacks as the sign of valour, they claimed that IAF Mirage 2000 aircrafts have dropped 1000kg bomb in Pakistan, but here is the question that needs to be answered, if 200kg explosive used in Pulwama on CRFPs officers, killed 40-45 officers, why 1000kg bomb just twisted and broken few trees in that area, How? If their explosive doesn’t have that much potential or they are just fabricating the story of valour to their nation? and what Pakistan has found in that specific area, a “Payload”. Only a few trees and shoppers got hit by the Indian Air Force, which shows the capability of IAF. The claims of India pure hoax, nothing else. It is a complete failure. 

Another point I wanted to ask, why the Indian Defence Ministry didn’t declare the violation of Pakistan border? The Hindu declared that the Indian Defence Minister has no information about it. Whereas DG ISPR of Pakistan Army Major General Asif Ghafoor tweeted early morning, but there wasn’t any response from Indian Defence Ministry on the issue. Soon after the declaration from Pakistan, then India got some time to claim their violation. Which is yet another failure?

India has always been pro in creating chaos and exaggerating the issue. Even Narendra Modi has claimed that there are certain people in India who live in India and take the side of Pakistan. This statement clearly shows that Modi and other fascist Indians are afraid off from those who state the truth and against their anti-Pakistan policies. Indian media are absolutely acknowledged about the weak nerves of their fellow countrymen, they contrive and manipulate the issue and shaped it in their favour and strike on the nation that amplifies the emotions of their inhabitants and they just spit their hatred against Pakistan without knowing the actual story. 

Pakistan does not need to claim and convince even their countrymen of any attack, on the contrary, India leaves no stone unturned to prove their bravery. The most embarrassing point is, several Indians also rejects the manipulated stories from their own media.

Modi is using the sentiments of people against Pakistan and wanted to be the champ of the region and make himself an innocent one, as the General Elections are round the corner in India. Yesterday’s LoC violation is just an act of cowardness as they could not enter in the aerial boundary of Pakistan and repulse. The retaliation from PAF has made sure to IAF that our Land, Aerial and Sea borders are completely safe.

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Sana Zehra is a Microbiologist and have keen interest in writing, a patriot and willing to be an aspiring writer.

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  1. Whether failed or not, Pakistan must silence this Indian beligerance, mockery of conventionred and flouting of clear red lines is setting an accepted precedent. It also has a regional geopolitical consequence.

    Pakistan must respond swiftly, clinically and decisively and make Modi look bad. That evil psychopath is playing deadly politics over innocent peoples lives and livelihoods.

    This is an act of aggression and words need to be stern and aggressive in response to India and world community calling for restraint without taking Indian to task over the genocide in Kashmir.

    Be like Turkey and Russia protect your sovereignty like proud nations. Send a strong message to India and the world our sovereignty, our nation will not be allowed to be used by a Hindu Extremist a man who called for the butcher / massacre of Muslims in Gujerat.

    Time to smash Indian instruments of terror within Kashmit.

  2. India is the boy that keeps crying wild.

    Second failed surgical strike hyped up by a very unprofessional Indian media.

    No evidence!
    No bodies!
    No rubble!

    India is a belligerent nation a d has never behaved responsibly. Constantly plays deceitful games and lies professionally.

    BJP and RSS can only play such games for internal consumption. This is because the ordinary Hindu in India is a zealot at heart and has synergy with RSS / BJP xenophobia so feel it is their duty to perpetuate these lies.

    A responsible Indian would be standing up to this cancer within India.

    Pakistan has the right to respond however she feels fit.

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