The most annoying feature of Facebook is finally gone


All of us tired of getting countless notifications from applications on Facebook, there is good news!

Facebook has finally announced to kill the app invites feature soon, which had become one of the most annoying features on the social media site.

The countless notifications from games such as Farmville, Candy Crush among several others will become a thing of the past.

Many people have already blocked these notifications. In case if anyone hasn’t done that, Facebook will help them by blocking those requests by themselves.

Facebook is officially killing support for any kind of app notifications on February 6, 2018.

“We’re continuously evaluating how to best serve our developer community,” Facebook software engineer Ming Li wrote in a blog post.

“To support this effort, we recently reviewed our product offerings to ensure our resources are focused on building and enhancing the solutions that create the most value for developers.

“As a result, some products will sunset in order for us to build new products for our developer community.”


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