Angels with Wings


The night of 16th December 2014 was dark, and for the first time on earth, the day was even darker. That day, the sun did not lit my land, it rather threw fire on it. On that December day, no one on this land could take a sunbath in a peaceful afternoon, because the sun not shining, it was rather burning. Never in my life did I experience a day so empty.

“Terrorists have attacked our heart”, these were the words of General Raheel Shareef, after the APS attack. A heart blow is a blow, which either makes you or breaks you. It breaks the people of nations who are mostly sheltered, who are not exposed to brutal, heartless enemies. It makes the individuals and groups, who are sick of everyday heart blow, who are tired of people dying, mothers crying. Who are tired of blasts everywhere, whose shoulders have bent from all the lifting, whose tears have dried and hearts have been stoned.

The terrorists assumed that it was the last nail in our coffin, but we were just born.

Good things started to happen after that, it looked as if Allah started being kind to us, good people were appointed on higher levels and the environment started to change.

Karachi operation got boosted. Criminals and terrorists of every kind and every mind were made to pay for their acts. The enemy’s dirty designs to separate Karachi from Pakistan failed and the abettors, facilitators got exposed and brought to justice. Criminals and the Friends of Foes were irritated, pushed, twisted and pinched to a level where they themselves publicly confessed that they were traitors.

The State of Pakistan started to wake up. The state had done its homework on the internal and external threats, and it was time for the action.

Zarb e Azb started in full swing, and the tribal areas were cleared one by one. Pakistan army proved to be a professional army, which performed a successful military operation in the most difficult terrain of the world. The networks of the terrorists were cut down skilfully by our intelligence agencies.
The state restored its writ in the tribal region, where forces could not go a year ago. There was almost zero percent collateral damage in this operation, which is obviously very rare in the military operations. Pakistan army successfully rooted out the terrorists of all kind and did enough to make this country peaceful and the region stable.

CPEC started with the cooperation of Pakistan and China, and state started to think about economic stability. Firm resolve of the state institutions on continuation and completion of CPEC shows that they have realized the importance of a strong economy. Completion of CPEC is not easy, it is threatened by many hostile agencies, and its successful start is definitely an achievement of the state of Pakistan and especially armed forces of Pakistan.

The mega economic project worth 46 billion dollars was not possible, had Baluchistan not been at peace. Baluchistan was burning, every kind of terrorism was there, sectarian killings were the main issue. FC and Pakistan army controlled the situation and saved Pakistan from getting into the havoc of sectarian violence. State stayed unbiased on the sectarian issues and treated all the terrorists equally, and the attempts to fuel sectarian conflict to disturb CPEC and Pakistan as a whole were halted. IMP commanders of BLA got eliminated and their soldiers started to surrender to forces. Now in 2017, Baluchistan is a much stable province as compared to 2012 or 2013.

All these achievements have reduced the crime and terrorism rate by 80% all over the country, which is a big achievement. moral of the nation has increased in the past three years. We survived the worst part of our life as a nation and now we are moving towards stability as a nation.

It seems the martyrs of APS did not go away, they became angels with wings, wandering around this land, lighting this land like glowworms, humming these verses

Khuda ki aman ki rah mien
Kabhi na aa sako gay tum
Abhi wada raha Tumsay
Yahan na aa sako gay tum

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