An Open Letter to the Supporters of the Egyptian Army



Dear Supporters of Egyptian army,

Congratulations on successfully overthrowing Egypt’s first democratically elected president and his government for being too “Islamic”. By aiding the army you have proved that Egyptians will no longer stand dictatorship, oppression or the Muslim Brotherhood. It is now evident that the Egyptian people are awake and aware of what is happening around them, and that they will do whatever they can to be heard by the local and international rulers.

Allow me to recall the events on 30 June 2012. Massive protests were held throughout Egypt demanding the resignation of Mohammad Morsi and an end to his “dictatorial regime”. The heart of these protests was the historic Tahrir Square, where just one year ago, people had gathered with similar aims and succeeded in ending a 30-year rule of Hosni Mobarak. The same chant of “The people want to topple the regime” was the highlight of the anti-Morsi protests. The reason you came out was Morsi’s controversial presidential decree which made him immune from judicial interference and the new constitution, which you thought was too “Islamic” even though it was approved through a referendum by the Egyptian public. You had full support of the opposition parties like the National Salvation Front and even the army. At least 5 people were killed on that day as a result of clashes with the pro-Morsi demonstrators. At no point did the police use force to disperse your protests. Morsi accepted the right to peaceful protests and only demanded that you respect the law. Even in his last speech, a day before the “coup”,  Morsi called for a national dialog and urged for reconciliation. Alas, his calls fell on deaf ears, as you would not accept any solution other than his resignation. Besides, the army had already hinted at a coup if the matters were not resolved. And so it was that on the 3rd of July, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi announced the removal of Morsi, suspension of the government and the constitution, and the appointment of an interim government.

Now let me remind you of what happened on 14 August 2013, last Wednesday. Massive protests and sit-ins have been held, ever since the coup, in support of the now-removed President Morsi. After several threats by the government and the military, and the failure of negotiations, the inevitable happened in a rather shocking way. The people at the sit-in had expected a crackdown and had prepared for it, but no one would have thought that the army would simply just barge in the sit-ins to disperse them and murder their own people. Nearly 2200 people were killed that day, most of them being pro-Morsi protesters, but only 638 killings have been recognized by the government. Hundreds more have been killed in the following days, and they continue to be killed and arrested as I write this. Even when they are arrested, they are attacked by “angry mobs”. A state of emergency has been declared and a curfew has been imposed in some cities. The government and military have also asked the Egyptian people to come out and support them in their fight against “terrorism”, implying that the protesters who demand the reinstatement of a democratically and legally elected president are in fact; terrorists. The government is considering disbanding Muslim Brotherhood, most of its leaders are already either under arrest or killed.

After comparing the two events, their backgrounds and their aftermath, I find it ironic that Morsi is the one who is being held captive at an undisclosed location for the supposed “premeditated murder of some prisoners” back in 2011; while El-Sisi and the interim government continue their killing spree with backing from the Egyptian liberals and some neighboring countries.

This leads me to my question, was Morsi really that bad? No human being is perfect and Morsi was no angel either, he had his flaws and shortcomings. But was he so bad that you couldn’t even survive one year under him when you had suffered for 30 years before him? Was he so bad that you had to go out and give power back to the same people from whom it was snatched by the Egyptian people two years ago? Was he so bad that you abandoned your own principles of democracy, humanity, tolerance, freedom of speech and expression, rationalism and peace? Was he so bad that you had to stoop as low as trying to justify the massacre of more than 2000 people by calling them terrorists? Did you think that the economy of Egypt would improve and you would all become millionaires overnight? Do you think that only you have the right to take part in democratic elections or holding peaceful protests? Do you think that your double standards and hypocrisy cannot be seen by the people?

You lost whatever dignity and credibility you had left the moment you stepped out of your homes to demand the resignation of Morsi. The blood of the victims of the Rabi’aa massacre and all those who are being killed or tortured by the Egyptian army is on your hands. You are the one who “hijacked the revolution” and shred it to pieces, not the Muslim Brotherhood. You gave back power to the military; you acted as a tool for them and gave them an excuse to commit these heinous crimes publicly. You are responsible for this and no amount of resignations can change that. The army is not your friend, they fooled you and they used you to achieve their own personal interests and they will abandon you when they feel that you are no longer needed.

But you should know that his struggle is far from over.  Muslim Brotherhood and the supporters of democracy will not go down this easily. If they succeed and Morsi is reinstated, he will not have a soft corner for you. And if they don’t, and a new government is formed, it is just a matter of time before the army does something which goes against your “principles”. Then you will stand up against them and you too will be butchered. And God forbid when that day comes, you would do well to remember that you brought this upon yourselves.


A shocked and disappointed observer.

is an overseas Pakistani who occasionally writes about religion, current affairs and cricket. He tweets @The_Mughal_EZ

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  1. This is just an observation. i am not taking sides (in fact i think both sides are blind to truth).

    the Muslim brotherhood is a Zionist proxy. Sorry MB supporters but there’s no way around that. your leaders are just their pawns. They got in only b/c of help from the west. They’re technically not even islamic since they were borrowing money from imf on interest and were allued with the west. Morsi made many mistakes including granting himself immunity. However his biggest was having a referendum. Anyone who thinks that was a
    good decision should never go into politics. What he should have done was instead have a consensus. Instead of alienating a huge part of the population he should have taken the time to have talks before going ahead with a sharia constitution. That is what rasulullah did in madina. And the result was a constitution in which different ppls were governed by their own laws and if they went to another judge other than their own they had to agree to follow ther laws. This way everyone was happy. If MB wants to prove the superiority of sharia then he should have shown it by letting these other laws coexist. A consensus not some silly referendum was what should have happened. Morsi made crucial mistakes and he paid the price for it.

    As for sisi’s coup it is backed by zio-saudi Arabia and UAE. They helped the opposition leaders by providing a safe haven, funding and political support. In fact (and I don’t know if this is fully authentic) there is an accusation that the police would not do their jobs in neighbourhoods dominated by Islamists and that gave off the impression that the “Islamists” have a free hand and they’re abusing it. It is also said that those egyptians (Mubarak era men) who control the oil conspired to create an oil shortage thereby making Egyptian economy worse. It is absolutely correct that morsi’s couldn’t have made the economy better overnight (if he ever could at all) but it wouldn’t have happened b/c of this. It’s also quite hypocritical that the saudis are supporting the MB and alqaeda in Syria but apparently have something against the MB in Egypt. Perhaps it being too close to home and Egypt being the centre of Arab politics had something to do with it?

    In any case there are videos showing MB supporters (if they are that and not agent provacateurs) shooting at riot police. this coupled with the fact that alqaeda said that it would help the MB get back into power makes this suspicious (and confusing when unadd the saudis into the picture). There are also videos showing that MB supporters have faked ppl getting killed. Saying that however i do think that innocent ppl have died. They could easily be killed if the security forces respond to the above mentioned armed men. Considering Zionist controlled media I just don’t think it’s one sided and in some cases it’s even exaggerated (from both sides no doubt).

    In any case i think that the Zionists general goal is not to have one side in power but just to weaken Egypt. They don’t care who is in power as long as they can weaken Egypt as much as they can and this chaos is doing exactly that. This is why leaders of both sides are being helped and funded by the same ppl. Egyptians should realize this and come to the table and figure out a minimum consensus between all Egyptians. a future Egyptian gov can’t just cater only to those Muslims who want sharia.

    • Can’t anybody write a story in Pakistan without somehow turning all world events into some gigantic Zionist conspiracy?…when the free world agrees that individual minority rights should not be overridden by Islamist sharia radicalism that is not a Zionist conspiracy against Islam!…it is a plea for basic rights for all individuals of every faith to have the ability to practice their lifestyle and not be forced to practice Islam!…this is what the FREE world is all about…freedom for everyone not just Muslims…and no enforcement of religious sharia over people who are not Muslims!…it is not a Zionist conspiracy it is a conspiracy of people who want freedom for people to live the life that they choose and not what is dictated to them by certain religions…

  2. It is assuring to finally see a relatively balanced approach towards the Egyptian issue, regarding which people are usually on one of the two extremes – either claiming that President Morsi was the only saviour, or condemning him for everything that is wrong with Egypt and going to the point of justifying the murder of anybody who dared support him.
    I thank the writer for finally giving a relatively unbiased comment on this grave issue and request him to write on many other issues within the Ummah, where extreme polarisation causes lots of confusion and each side strives to give a clean chit to their own group; and in all such cases, nobody wins ultimately but Humanity suffers in silence without anybody bothering much.

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