An Open Letter To All Pakistanis, From Kashmir


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May mercy of Allah be upon you and your nation.

I am an ordinary person from Indian Occupied Kashmir. I, through this letter, am addressing you on behalf of my Kashmiri brethren. We in Kashmir watch cricket very keenly. The reason for our love affair with cricket lies not only in sports, but we primarily follow cricket just because Pakistan plays it.We do not recognize any Tendulkar or Dhoni as sports icons, but we consider Afridi as our sporting hero, no matter whether he performs well or fails. This is not our love for Afridi alone which makes us cheer for his team; rather, it is our love for his team which makes us to cheer for him. After Afridis would-be retirement, we will find some other icon in your team to cheer for. This love for Pakistan keeps us cheerful and moving all along in despair and pain.

We know, your country is going through a rough patch. You all are very angry over the state of affairs in Pakistan. Corrupt politicians, corrupt media and enemy-funded liberals are hell bent upon destroying Pakistan. The daily bomb blasts, sectarian strife and target killings have created a lot of frustration in your minds. Do you know, how much pained we feel when we hear about these tragic incidents in Pakistan? Your TV channels give a lot of air to negativity after every such incident. So called liberals on TV channels and newspapers question the farsightedness of Alama Iqbal and Qayid e Azam in creation of the Mumlakat e Khudadaad, Pakistan.

It hurts a lot, when we see Pakistanis cursing and abusing Pakistan. Venting your anger against the enemies of Pakistan who want to destroy it from within is one thing, and just cursing Pakistan for its misfortunes is another. We, most of the time, see the later scenario. My dear brothers and sisters, cursing Pakistan is tantamount to thanklessness towards Allah.

We, the Kashmiris, know what Freedom means. Since you have not tasted slavery you do not know the value of Freedom. You all have freedom without a struggle. You have got a free Islamic country by birth, by default; and that is the reason you do not value its worth. How would you understand what being a slave means? Ask us how it feels to be occupied. We have given our young lads for freedom. Our dead have died nourishing the dreams of freedom, which they saw coming through Pakistan. Abusing Pakistan is blasphemous, for we believe in its divine creation.

Look how we suffer in the absence of Pakistan. We do not pray for long lives of our sisters but only pray for the safety of their chastity. Do you know that more than 10,000 sisters of ours were raped and molested by Indians just because we yearn for freedom? Our mothers and sisters go through hell every day to protect their chaste bodies. It is no less than a Jehad for them. We do not dream about big careers and lavish lives, we just pray for our lives. More than 120,000 men have fallen to Indian bullets and torture in Kashmir in the last 20 years. Should I mention about thousands of half widows whose husbands were arrested and made to disappear, or should I give you a narrative about mass massacres? I do not want you to be in distress and sorrow, so I will not present our ordeal in detail to you. I know you are already in a trauma, watching the depressing situation of your own country.

You know, that you have an impartial judicial system in Pakistan. You should be proud of that. Compare our situation to yours. We have been given, by our occupier a system which does not believe in Justice-for-all. We live in a system which exhibits a judicial lynch mob mentality, exclusively meant for Muslims in general and Kashmiris in particular. Innocent Muslims are sent to gallows to satisfy Hindu Conscience. In Kashmir, if you get arrested, dont rely upon any judicial recourse to achieve your superficial freedom. Laws have been devised in such a way that Courts are subservient to the state. Courts are an extension of the police and the army. Overall, a Muslim just lives but has no life.

And you say that Pakistan is a failed state? Brothers and sisters, it has never failed you but you are failing it. For us, a failed Pakistan is far better than a successful occupied one. We know the value of Pakistan for us. Let everything be sacrificed for Pakistan, lives included. We know what the fate of the Muslims in this region would be without Pakistan.

Our request to you is- instead of cursing Pakistan, curse the enemies of Pakistan, who have implanted nincompoops over it to govern it. These people do not serve you, they only serve their masters. Tools of tyranny like a flawed democracy and satanic secularism have been imbibed into your minds. These are your weakest links. Instead of complaining, show resistance to your enemies. Fight them on.

Your jugular vein (sheh-rag) is always with you; Fight India to save Pakistan, for India wants to destroy your existence. Who knows this better than us! We watch them plan your destruction every day. For the sake of those who consider Pakistan a dream yet to come true, dont break this dream prematurely. Let the dream come true. Let the dream come true!

Thank you,

XD 2013 (The Born Pakistani)

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  1. May Allah gives you more courage and health and happiness in life Aameen, and may we have people like you in Pakistan as well, who could write for us, speak for us..just like you did today.

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