An Interview with Member opts NDMA; Brig Kamran Mirza

    1. Food Security.        A sustained supply of food is being maintained. In order to provide food, water and nutrition, till the time traditional agriculture and means of livelihood are restored.
    2. Shelter.          The initial requirement in immediate relief was to provide at least one tent/shelter to each of the affected families. So far the number of shelters provided through known sources far exceeds the estimates of affected families.
    3. Health.           Health providers would maintain health care services at the same level as during the relief phase and ensure coverage of remote areas. Capacity development, human resources training and direct technical support at the district level would be done to improve management of the health systems.
    4. Education.    NDMA is making efforts to provide transitional education to target population of the area.
    5. Governance.            Immediate posting of officers and requisite staff to various departments in Awaran at all tiers.
    6. Water & sanitation.            Water sources suffered major blow following the earthquake. Resultantly a large number of water sources have been contaminated. NDMA has provided 11 water purification units in the affected areas and made arrangements for provision of additional units, as well as of water storage tanks.

4.   Problems faced :- 

a.    Initial Hardships.

(1)          There is a problem in logistical operation due to a poor road infrastructure and communication set up in the area. We have now encouraged different companies to set up their communication towers.

(2)          Population is scattered, we have to reach them out through different routes which are not feasible for effective transportation of relief goods.

(3)          Civil administration is lacking human resource, which was again an issue for NDMA to get the exact situation on board to carry out its activities in initial phases.

(4)          Security concerns. Despite the remoteness of area and security concerns, relief efforts continue with the support of Army / FC.

b.    For Early Recovery

(1)        Non availability of local building material.

(2)        Non availability of expertise / partner organizations

(3)        Harsh summers and winters (-5 to +50)

(4)        Long distances with poor road and telecom infrastructure.

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