An Interview with Member opts NDMA; Brig Kamran Mirza


Story of NDMA’s efforts in recent EQ of Awaran, Balochistan. Achievements, targets and future Plannings.

Brig Kamran Zia’s Answers to PKKH’s Questions


PKKH:           What is the Post EQ scenario in the Awaran Area and how does NDMA plan to manage its activities and what is the progress and effect of NDMA’s activities so far in the area? 

Brig Kamran: Soon after the earthquake, FC in the area along with some volunteers and Civil Admin started with rescue operations. The plan was divided into four phases, which are elaborated as under:

  1. Rescue Phase
  • In the immediate aftermath of earthquake, Frontier Corps elements moved from Bela, Khuzdar and elsewhere to Awaran. While the Navy was sent out on immediate mission to affected area of Dist Kech.
  • Immediate helicopter sorties were sent out to assess the extent of damages and heli evacuation of casualties got underway at the earliest possible (details of Aviation efforts to follow)
  • Meanwhile a deliberate and urgent build-up of army troops was undertaken. Some 2000 troops were immediately moved from places as far as Quetta, Khuzdar, Karachi and parts of Sind. Presently there are over 3000 military / para military troops on ground taking relief operations and rehabilitation operations.
  • Forward Operating Bases for logistic support were established at Khuzdar and Bella.
  • Urban Search and Rescue Teams (4 Groups with Canines and technical search equipment) from Karachi were immediately moved to Awaran.
  • Suparco made special arrangements to provide latest satellite imagery to NDMA to facilitate damage assessment and focus rescue n relief operations appropriately.

      2.   Aviation Support.

  • Immediate Aerial photographic missions were flown to get the live photographs of the affected areas.
  • Sizable aviation support was made available. Army, Navy and PAF helicopters were used for evacuation of casualties while helicopters from Ministry of Interior, Anti-Narcotics Force, Cabinet Division’s Rescue Squadron and a heli of govt of Punjab were also used/placed on standby for taking part in relief operations.
  • PAF made available its C-130s and IL76 at Chaklala Air Base for relief operations. So far 34 sorties of C-130s/IL 76 have so for been flown including airlifts and air drop missions mainly of food items.
  • Helicopters have so far flown 221 sorties including 26 sorties by Govt of Punjab’s helicopters.

       3.   Medical Support.

 a. Following Medical Support was immediately arranged:-

(1)  Doctors                      –           52

(2)  Paramedics               –           71

(3)  Ambulances             –           41

(4)  Emergency/trauma Kits      –           6 (Sufficient for 100,000 patients)

(5)  Army Field hospital – 1

(6)  So far 17608 patients have been treated.

(7)  Immunization Coverage provided includes OPV 3664, Measles 4188, Vit A 3448 and De worm 3448.

(8)  Coordination was also done with PRCS for provision of teams of doctors along with paramedics and medicines.

(9)  Coordination with NHEPRN was done to regulate and improve health related responses and a Disease Early Warning Systems has been put in place, in coordination with other partners, to check/prevent spread of epidemics in the area.

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