Amir Khan willing to represent Pakistan at Rio Olympics


KARACHI: The International Boxing Association (amateur) or AIBA has allowed professional boxers to represent their county in Olympics, thus making it a possibility that boxer Amir Khan can represent Pakistan at the mega sporting event.

When the star boxer, who is in Karachi ahead of a professional boxing event, was asked about the latest AIBA decision and his chances of representing Pakistan at the Olympics, Amir Khan said, “I will look into it. If possible, this could be amazing.”

“It will mainly depend on the professional contracts I have with my promoters. I will talk about this with my promoters once I get back to England.”

“Imagine if I take part in Olympics to represent my home country Pakistan, it will be something very special for me.”

Amir Khan, however, didn’t say about how the Britain’s boxing association will react to this development. Meanwhile, Pakistan Boxing Federation (PBF) Secretary Iqbal Hussain told DawnNews “it will be great if Amir Khan opts to represent Pakistan after AIBA’s latest decision”.

Hussain said “PBF is not in touch with Amir Khan as he is here only to promote and host a professional boxing event. But he is like a hero for Pakistanis and we really respect him”.

Pakistan’s only boxer in professional boxing circuit, Muhammad Waseem, is likely to take part in qualification for professional boxers, while seven amateur boxers will leave to Kazakhstan on June 14 to take part in Olympics qualification round, he added.

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