American woman makes crescent-shaped trees to celebrate Ramazan


It’s a Christmas tree. Oh, wait, it’s a crescent-shaped Ramazan tree!

Samar Baydoun Bazzi is a 29-year-old Muslim who lives in Dearborn, Michigan. She noticed the lack of decorations in Ramazan as she grew up in the US. To make Ramazan more festive, she now puts up trees shaped like crescents with a moon dangling from the top.

Screengrab: Courtesy Detroit Free Press

“Obviously, Ramazan’s important,” said Bazzi. “You gotta pray and fast, and you want to become closer to your Creator. But as a kid I never felt like there were any decorations or celebrations. I wanted something exciting.”

It was when she became a mother that she decided to create a Ramazan experience for her children. First, she put up a Christmas tree. But that only left her eldest daughter confused, as she thought it was Christmas.

Bazzi then set up her crescent-shaped trees. According to her, she loved the reactions she got from people who saw her Ramazan themed creations.



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