Amazon to Launch its Own Messaging App: Anytime


The e-commerce giant, Amazon has announced the soon launch of its own messaging App named Anytime. The entrance of Amazon in social media industry is definitely an alarm for other messaging app players. With this messaging App, Amazon plans to open more lines of Communication with consumers. Amazon to Launch its Own Messaging App: Anytime.

Anytime App will be standalone messaging App for smartphones , tablets and smart watches and is expected to be full features.

Amazon to Launch its Own Messaging App: Anytime

This messaging app will let users chat with friends, enjoy videos and play games at the same time just like Facebook. It will also provide  shopping access to users by bringing them to Amazon e- commerce website.

Amazon has announced that the app will be safe and encrypted. They have started a survey to get feedback from the customers about this App. They are open to any suggestions and amendments for improvements.

It seems that Amazon is trying hard to enter social media industry. As few months back it launched an App Chime, similar to Skype for video conferencing. Chime was loved by many and many people switched to Chime, due to new features leaving Skype behind.

Anytime appears to be more ambitious product and it seems it is designed to compete other messaging apps like Facebook messenger and WhatsApp.










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