AJK President calls for declaring RSS as a terrorist group


The Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan has called upon the global community to initiate “boycott, divestment and sanctions” campaign against India to prevent it from carrying out genocide in Kashmir and persecution of minorities in India.

“The Hitler of 20th century, Narendra Modi has imposed the latest model of Nuremberg Laws under the label of domicile law, and it is high time that the international community take its notice and stop India from playing this heinous game,” he asserted.

He was addressing the participants of All Party’s International Kashmir Unity Conference hosted by Global Pakistan and Kashmir Supreme Council through a video link. The Kashmir Conference co-hosted by Raja Sikander Khan and Mr. Kala Khan in London proposed a campaign for imposing sanctions on India to stop its atrocities and colonisation in IOJK and declaration of RSS as a global terrorist organization.

The AJK president said that some Middle East states have banned the import of non-Hilal meat from India, which is a good development. Terming the one million-strong diaspora communities as Pakistan’s asset, the President urged Pakistani and Kashmiri expatriates to keep the Kashmir cause alive and redouble their efforts to highlight the happening in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Masood Khan said that UK and the EU MPs are playing an excellent role to project the Kashmir issue in its true perspective. Explaining the situation in Indian occupied Kashmir, he said that people of the territory have been living under double lockdown. The first lockdown was imposed by India on August 5 last year and now the Corona lockdown since March this year.

Unfortunately, the Indian government did not take any steps to protect the Kashmiri people from the coronavirus because it considers the Kashmiri people as its enemy, he regretted and added that PPEs, face masks and sanitizers are not being provided to common people and doctors in the occupied state.

Commenting on actions taken by India on August 5 last year and introduction of new domicile laws this year clear violation UN resolutions, ICC laws and the fourth Geneva convention, AJK President urged the United Kingdom to help facilitate urgent UN Security Council meeting to discuss Kashmir situation.

The state president also urged the UN Human Rights Council to immediately set up an independent investigation commission to probe human rights violations as recommended by the UNHCHR’s two reports on Kashmir.

Appreciating the EU MPs and the UK MPs for raising Kashmir issue, and hoped that the UK MPs will once again raise this issue in the parliament, and convince the UK government and Prime Minister Boris Johnson to talk to the Indian Government for the implementation of the UN resolutions.

President Khan expressed his gratitude to Raja Sikandar Khan and Mr Kala Khan for hosting this transcontinental conclave of lawmakers, Kashmir advocates and human rights defenders. He also thanked the eminent participants for their forceful contributions.

Governor Punjab Chaudhry and other speakers paid glowing tributes to the UK MPs for actively working for the Kashmir cause, and strongly condemned the recent actions of the Modi regime.

In his written statement Raja Zafarul Haq said that the Pakistani people and the expatriates were at the back of the Kashmiri people who are valiantly resisting Indian oppression.

Member UK Parliament, Afzal Khan suggested outreach to young men and women residing in the UK and also emphasized the need to simplify the Kashmir issue.

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