AirFish 8 : Amazing flying boat designed aimed to help people travel between islands


SINGAPORE: A Singapore’s firm has designed an amazing flying boat AirFish 8 aimed to help people travel between islands in countries popular with tourists like the Philippines and the Maldives.

The boat-cum-plane is 17m long and 5m wide, and capable to carry two staff members and six to eight passengers. The flying boat can accelerate its speed up to 120mph (106 knots).

As it only needs 500m of space to take off, the machines could help transport people to places where ferries are unable to reach.

While talking to a news channel, the company’s official said they are working on a much larger model that could carry up to 50 passengers.

To fly, the wig craft glides on a cushion of air between 1.5 and 60 feet above the ground.


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