Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman awarded the highest military award of US


Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman, was awarded the United States Legion of Merit — the highest military award of US armed forces awarded to any foreign military high official — on Monday.

The military award was presented by Commander US Air Forces Central Command, Lieutenant General Jeffrey L Harrigian, on behalf of Chief of Staff US Air Force General David L Goldfein — who witnessed the ceremony through a video link to the Air Headquarters.

According to a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) press release, the award has been conferred on Air Chief Aman “in recognition of his leadership, sagacity, vision, demonstration of superb resolve and unwavering dedication to the global war on terrorism.”

The award is also an acknowledgment of his personal efforts, which greatly enhanced mutual cooperation and relations between the two air forces, the PAF press release said.

During the ceremony, the US Air Force chief of staff lauded the PAF air chief’s strong commitment in the fight against terrorism and tireless advocacy for the advancement of PAF capabilities.

According to the US air chief, Chief Aman’s advocacy has greatly contributed in bringing peace and stability to the region.

Chief Goldfein was of the opinion that that Chief Aman’s personal initiative proved critical to the successful conduct of the war against terrorism around the world.

Later, Lt Gen Harrigian called on the Chief Aman in his office to discuss matters of mutual interest.

During the meeting, the air chief reiterated his resolve to further enhance mutual cooperation between the two air forces.


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