Agencies told to watch Qadri’s sympathisers


RAWALPINDI: The Punjab government has asked for a list of religious leaders expected to hold demonstrations if Mumtaz Qadri is hanged.

Qadri gunned down former governor Punjab Salman Taseer in 2011 for seeking blasphemy law reforms and later confessed to killing him.

He was the slain governor’s body guard.

The Supreme Court upheld his death sentence last month, though Qadri is still to file an appeal with the president of Pakistan against his sentence.

According to a senior security officer, intelligence agencies have been asked to prepare a list of religious leaders, especially those belonging to Pakistan Sunni Tehreek, who have held rallies across Punjab since Qadri was convicted.

The officer said: “Intelligence agencies have been asked to keep an eye on leaders and activists of religious parties, particularly those sympathetic to Qadri.”

The regional police offi cer has asked the police to watch Qadri’s residence in Sadiqabad and report on visitors to the house.

The intelligence wing of the police has been directed to report the names and designations of religious party leaders who visit Qadri’s home.

Qadri’s relatives and friends have been going to his residence to express sympathy with his family after the SC upheld his death sentence on October 7, 2015.

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies reviewed security in the Central Jail Adiala last week where the slain governor’s killer is being held. No illegal weapons or unlawful activity was reported.



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