After Pakistan demonstrates military capability, PM Khan again offers peace and dialogue to India


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday afternoon addressed the nation and decision makers in neighbouring India to reiterate his message of peace and offer for dialogue.

The address came after Pakistan Air Force (PAF) successfully targeted non-military targets across the Line of Control earlier in the day to demonstrate Pakistan’s aggressive capabilities, and shot down two Indian Air Force jets after they crossed the LoC.

Two Indian Air Force pilots are currently in the captivity of Pakistan’s armed forces. One has been identified as Wing Commander Abhi Nandan. The other as yet unidentified pilot is receiving medical care at a military hospital.

“I wanted to take the nation into confidence over the developments since yesterday morning,” the premier said as he began his address.

“We offered peace to India after what happened in Pulwama. I understood the pain of the families [who lost family members in Pulwama]. I have visited hospitals and seen the pain of people affected by violence. We have lost 70,000 of our own and I know what those who are left behind and those who are injured feel.

“[On that basis], we offered India that we would cooperate. It is not in Pakistan’s interest to let our land be used for terrorism. There is no dispute there. Yet, I had still feared that India would [ignore the offer and]still take action, and I had therefore warned India against aggression and said we will be compelled to respond because no sovereign country can allow that [violation of its sovereignty].”

“When India stuck yesterday morning, me and the army chief spoke. We did not respond in haste — this would have been irresponsible as it would have resulted in casualties on their side. Once we assessed the damage caused, we were ready to take action.

“The sole purpose of our action [today]was to convey that if you can come into our country, we can do the same,” he said, referring to the engagement of non-military targets across the LoC.

“Two of their MiGs have been shot down [by Pakistani forces],” he noted.

“It is important where we go from here. From here, it is imperative that we use our heads and act with wisdom,” he continued.

“All wars are miscalculated, and no one knows where they lead to. World War I was supposed to end in weeks, it took six years. Similarly, the US never expected the war on terrorism to last 17 years.

“I ask India: with the weapons you have and the weapons we have, can we really afford such a miscalculation? If this escalates, things will no longer be in my control or in Modi’s,” the prime minister continued.

“I once again invite you: we are ready. We understand the grief India has suffered in Pulwama and are ready for any sort of dialogue on terrorism. I reiterate that better sense should prevail.

“Let’s sit together and settle this with talks,” the prime minister concluded.


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  1. India take heed this is how a true statesman and a real responsible leader responds.

    Indians must hold her deceitful media accountable to create a frenzy of inflated claims.

    Equally Indians need to hold the real troublemakers BJP / RSS for dirty politics. The best possible way will be to not vote for such despicable people.

    Seriously India please be responsible and stop lying.

    Pertinent points

    1. In Balakot no such building exists therefore nothing was destroyed.
    2. India claims 22 minutes in Pak airspace any same man knows that is not possible considering PAF are one of the best in the world with real combat experience unlike India.
    3. You claim 350 people died, where are the visuals and bodies. More importantly where are the funerals. Pakistan has invited the world including Indian media and military come to the site and substantiate ludicrous claims.

    In response today 27th February 2019:

    1. Pakistan while in Pakistan air space has shot missiles in a region where there were no civilian or military targets.
    2. IAF felt emboldened from the lies from yesterday pursues PAF into Pakistan AirSpace and 2 were shot down.
    3. Pakistan captured two IAF servicemen / pilots while another plane went down in Occupied Kashmir.
    4. A second plane went down in Occupied Kashmir.
    5. PAF did not deploy F16 and no PAF jet went down and again India fails to show real credible evidence.

    If you want war then remember martyrdom is better for us and your economic boom will be over much to US and Europe’s interest.

    We are not afraid but sense needs to prevail.

    BJP, RSS and Modi are shameful willing to lose innocent Indian lives to win the impending elections. For Pakistan actually Modi makes us look good 🙂 and so fo right wing zealot policies harming the unity of India. Hindu extremist help the cause of breaking India from within because we do not have to lift a finger. Indian facade of secularism, unity and peace is naked and bare for the world to see under BJP/RSS.

    Walk the walk of Peace India treat Kashmiris with dignity and remove your forces. Walk with us as friends and brothers and together met us create the Asian century. One where Asia is integrated through land, road, air, people to people, business, commerce and new trade routes. A Pakistan and India at peace with Kashmir used as a free autonomous buffer zone together we can become the light of the new world.

    The task will not be easy on both sides and extremism needs to disappear on BOTH sides and no nefarious proxy games but it will be WORTH it.

    India needs to shed the corrupted history or Beitish Colonial rule and the scars of partition. Stand up for the suffering of ordinary Kashmiris too.

    It is possible and a better struggle than the struggle for war. We are a string nation and like Insaid martyrdom is better for us and we are not afraid of sacrifice and our history is testimony to this. I can assure you Indians are not as hardened or relentless as us regardless of how patriotic you are.

    Let sense prevail or see an end to your economic boom.

  2. Honourable, respectful, balanced like a true statesman we salute you Kaptaan and also the honourable DG ISPR Ghafoor sir.

    Summed up eloquently but sadly international voices are neither fair, balanced and have never questioned India on her clandestine activities within Pakistan for 17 years. Indian complicity in supporting Tehreeke Taliban , Baloch terrorists and her sustained brutal oppression of innocent Kashmiris.

    We are Pakistan and we are Muslim our religion denies us to be aggressive and always seek diplomacy and peace and have our beloved Prophet SAW as an example.

    BUT do not confuse this for our WEAKNESS and we will use our Nukes if we have to.

    I hope Indians take Modi and your beligerent media to task.

    If you want peace you need to be rational and less emotional and balanced towards Kashmiris and Pakistan.

    Pakistan Zindabad
    Pakistan Paindabad
    Kashmir Paindabad

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