After a recount of votes, a candidate nominated by the PTI wins the Provincial Assembly seat in Dir.


LOWER DIR: The PK-17 candidate supported by Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Following a recount of votes, Ubaidur Rehman was proclaimed the winner on Sunday by Numan Pervez, the assistant commissioner of Samarbagh and the constituency’s returning officer.
In this case, the RO released updated results, naming PTI candidate Ubaidur Rehman the victor with 23,229 votes, ahead of Jamaat-i-Islami nominee Izazul Mulk with 19,990 votes. Previously, Izazul Mulk was pronounced the victor in the PK-17 constituency by the RO based on his Form-47, with 25,124 votes as opposed to Ubaidur Rehman’s 22,981 votes.
Ubaidur Rehman had contested the outcome and asked for a Form-45 investigation as well as a vote recount at ten different polling places. Another announcement in the form of Form-49 was released by the RO, identifying Izazul Mulk as the runner-up and Ubaidur Rehman as the winner.
Meanwhile, Jamaat-i-Islami declared that it would terminate its sit-in protest in front of the Timergara rest house, where the recounting was conducted. For two days in a row, JI employees encircling the location objected to a vote recount in without the presence of their nominee or his representative.
The leaders of the JI protesting workers and the district administration engaged in multiple rounds of negotiations, but to no avail. Provincial leaders of JI stepped in and talked the striking workers out of their sit-in, which put a stop to the protest.
Speaking to the demonstrators, Izazul Mulk claimed that the recounts was carried out without his consent under duress. He added that his mandate had been modified and JI wouldn’t ever allow it happen. But the rally was put down after JI provincial leaders intervened. Workers for the PTI rejoiced in several parts of Jandol after winning.

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