Afghanistan’s Karzai and Pakistan’s Sharif in UK talks


Afghanistan's Karzai and Pakistan's Sharif in UK talks

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is beginning a five-day visit to the UK, during which he will hold talks with his Pakistan counterpart, Nawaz Sharif.

Britain will chair the meeting, which aims to improve troubled relations between the two Asian countries.

Correspondents say the UK government will be seeking assurances from Mr Karzai about stability ahead of the election in Afghanistan in April.

Mr Karzai must step down next year after serving two terms.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron began engineering the three-way meeting in July last year when he was in Kabul at the same time as the Pakistani president.

Jump-starting talks

Afghanistan believes that Taliban safe havens in Pakistan are the main cause of increased violence in the country.

Elements of Pakistan’s intelligence service have long been accused of backing the Afghan Taliban and giving them refuge on Pakistani soil – something Islamabad strongly denies.

Mr Karzai has said he wants the Pakistani government “to facilitate peace talks” with the Taliban, over whom – he says – Pakistan has a high degree of influence.

One of Mr Karzai’s main demands has been the release of high-profile Taliban prisoners held in Pakistan in the hope that this will help jump-start direct talks with insurgents.

Afghanistan wants to know the whereabouts of the former Taliban military commander, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar.

It believes he could open the way to peace talks, says the BBC’s David Loyn in Kabul.

Pakistan said he had been released from custody last month, but he has not been seen in public.

On Sunday, Mr Karzai’s spokesman said Afghanistan believes that the new Pakistani leader Nawaz Sharif has “good intentions” for co-operation.

Source: BBC

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  1. Pakistan has long claimed that Afghanistran RAM (Tajik / Uzbek led) and Indian RAW through consultates have funded and an armed an Afghan death squad to destabilise Pakistan for the last decade.

    I also will go as far and say hawkish zionist elements in the CIA re also supporting this by giving India and RAM the umbrella under ISAF to launch these attacks by a rag tag group which has shown precision bombing and armed with the latest sophisticated weapons that Afghan taqliban are not in receipt off.

    It has been said that Afghan taliban and Tereek-e-Taliban are 2 distinct separate entities.

    The elements of the Northern Alliance seek to maintain their stranghold over Afghanistan post American invasion and India wishes to exploit this to destabilise and put pakistan on a back foot.

    The latest capture of latif Mehsud a killer and butcher of Pakistani pashtun, sindhus, punjabis, shia, christians and hazaara by America has surfaced something quite extraordinary.

    After intense interrogation he has spilled his guts and provided a piece in this very large jigsaw puzzle on espionage, terror and fight for regional supremacy in the Grand Game.

    RAM and India are the lesser players and can never change the course of destiny and latif has just provided vital information that corroborates what pakistani ISI and military and true patriots like PKKH have been saying for years – That TTP a.k.a coined purposely by india as Pkistani Taliban are manufactured terror entity seeking to destabilise Pakistan by indiscriminately killing Pakistanis and attack high stake targets.

    This is the Afghan Tajik / Uzbek ace card in a post American Afghanistan that has just been foiled.

    Now ISAF, America and the allies know the double game Afghanistan RAM has been playing not only with the Americans in Afghanistan but pakistanis as well.

    I tis unfortunate the real scavenger for power India has not been named but I assuree you through her consulates and evidence provided by pakistan is also involved.

    Pakistan should not and will not negitiate with the defunked Afghan givernment and crooked Afghan intelligence agency whoa re on their last legs.

    America also now is aware of the lesser games bieng played by the lesser players on the side walk of the Great Game.

    Please read…

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