Abasing Nationhood



Have we not been encountering more and more writings that tend to crumble our national zest and blow it into thin air? In fact, there are several blogs dedicated to such attempts, and several foreign journalists who have dedicated their lives, to the holy crusade of debasing this country, by their truth-based fact findings, only they are not paid to find such facts in any other country of the world (except a few).

The gist of the arguments presented by these born-again writers can be summed up in a few salient agendas, which have been jotted down here along with the commentary of the baffled mind of a national (mine).

  • To abase Jinnah as a non-religious person, who didn’t know that he was actually striving for a separate Muslim state, while all the time he believed in a secular (no- religion), Western style democracy, wherein Muslims and non-Muslim would be citizens enjoying equal rights (they are equal in most ways except that the Islamic state can’t be made into an Islamic/Hindu state…); then, I guess, the only reason for the demarcation of boundaries, in Jinnah’s mind, would have been mass outing, blood bathing and a lively show of nonsense. What about the dozens of speeches where he talked about the ‘Two Nation Theory’, the making of an ‘Islamic welfare state’ and the slogans and chanting of the masses ‘Pakistan ka matlab kia, la illaha illAllah’? Oh yes, Jinnah must be making a fool out of millions of his like!
  • To abase Iqbal as a progressive thinker,  who wanted to bridge orthodox Islam with the Western thinking; presupposing that if a thinker is pointing out the vice accumulated in his society, he does not mean correction (reconstruction of Islamic thought), he, rather, means abandonment. Iqbal was a philosopher, well-versed in Urdu, English, Persian, Arabic and German, he had read extensively in the Islamic and the European philosophies and histories. Such a man has to be progressive, but progress – for him – did not mean abandoning religion; rather, he confessed that he could not find the answers for humanity in the Western thinking.

‘man ki dunya mein na paya mien ne afrangi ka raj’

He also confessed that the reconstruction of the Islamic thought lay in re-evaluation of the Quran, which is the key to all deliverance.

‘ki Muhammad sey wafa tou nay to Hum terey hain’

  • To remind Pakistanis of their, supposedly, forgotten vow – that Pakistan had nothing to do with Islam, that the Muslims were happy and living peacefully with the Hindus; and all of a sudden, a man named Jinnah fooled them into thinking that they are a separate people, he used the ‘Two Nation Theory’ false fully, in a manner opposite to how Sir Syed had put it, and caused mass transmigration and massacre – just so he would viciously get a country for himself. To remind the people that now, if things are to be put right, the Pakistani people will have to somehow whip off their present memory (injected by their mysterious establishment) and turn secular for the least, if they can’t merge back into one holy Hindustan soil.
  • To make us realize that the curriculum we have been subjected to, year in, year out, was a grand scheme of a conspiracy-driven, unidentifiable establishment. That the Islamiat and Pak. studies textbooks are meant to brainwash the coming generations into thinking that Islam is a good thing, and that they ought to be proud of being Pakistanis only, when both such things have no real existence. What really ought to be taught was that the fore-founders were confused and at wars with each other till the end, nobody really knew why this country was being made and what was to be done with it afterwards.
  • That at best, if Pakistan was to be made, it would be a separate cultural place for the ethnic group called ‘Muslims’; religion was not an issue, – everybody knows religion is a vice anyways – so better concentrate on nationhood, and in that case, the two nations have a lot of potential to fall in love with each other via the ‘Aman Ki Aasha’ and a constant pour of Indian entertainment news into the civil mind.
  • All the religious parties are the real agents of hate and divide, they harbor terrorism in the name of Jihad (which should be forsaken as a ruthless mistake of Islam). So it is a must responsibility of every normal individual of the country to corner and eradicate any person or agency uttering words like ‘Islam’, ‘Quran’, ‘Muhammad’, ‘Jihad’, ‘Shariah’ and the likes; knowing that they actually represent violence, terrorism, intolerance and an outdated, non-progressive, conservative thinking.
  • To hate the army, not only because it has martial-lawed us for long times, but because the army really feeds upon a hidden conspiracy – to somehow become an imperial superpower over the entire subcontinent, including Afghanistan. That the Pakistan army is solely responsible for all the terrorism that takes place inside the country, inside Afghanistan and inside India. It makes and controls all types of Talibans, the Haqqanis, the al Qaeda and terrorist groups in India too. In fact, it becomes so much easier to think that 9/11, too, must have been an inside job of our army. In short, the Pak Army can be rightly considered as the greatest threat to humanity and a potential cause of an all-out nuclear war.
  • To understand that ethnicity is the real ground of all identity, that the old rhetoric of ‘hum sab Pakistani’ was a whitewash, painted by the so-called establishment, to subjugate all the communities within the demarcation and to rob them of all their wealth. That the Baloch, for instance, have no share in our religious unity nor do they uphold the national identity, all they think is that the Punjab has plundered it and deliberately kept it backwards, and that has nothing to do with the cultural background, the lifestyle, the terrain or any other factors.
  • Find single crimes in remote areas and portray them as the identifying factors for the whole nation.

Newer issues come on the forefront every day, those who want to uproot us from the inside of our thought process are well-organized and on their feet. Minor details, that have not be seen by the people as real issues, are found, framed and highlighted to the extent that any normal, average person would be baffled and ready to throw away the filthy robe of a bloody identity, off his semi-paralyzed body. Like a child, whose mother feeds him all day with contempt of its unworthiness and defects, so that he is psychologically cornered and traumatized… soon he will be ready to commit suicide. Such a gift, the age of information has rendered to us, – more and more information insurgencies, aimed at snatching away the very sanity of mankind. Perhaps, the time has come, to do away with a worldview; of unity based on Oneness, of love based on brotherhood, of belief based on prophecy, of nationhood based on ideology, of humanity based on peaceful co-existence.

This surge of knowledge has served its purpose, so that now, I can identify my people clearly, as a crowd of vicious zombies, in mass neurosis, struggling to rapture out from their mass grave into the bliss of secular democracy; so that, soon, it will have the enlightenment of making the scientific process its religion, and the likes of Darwin and Dawkins its prophets.

Only, sudden jolts of reappearing memory disturbs me from time to time – a memory based on centuries old tradition, on loads of historical accounts, a memory based on virtues, rights and heroism of the kind I belong to; but to my karma, the two men in black, are ever-ready to use their memory-erasing gun on my brains every time I start accumulating this undesirable memory.

is a writer at PKKH.tv and can be contacted at aneela.pathfinder@gmail.com, she tweets @AneelaShahzad

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