A Tribute to Pakistani Soldiers


Pakistan came into existence on 14th of august 1947. Muslims of India struggled for their separate homeland where they can enjoy peace and prosperity, where their upcoming generations can enjoy a better posterity. But in reality Pakistan is at war since 1947. Let’s have a bird’s eye view on these wars.

  • First Indo-Pakistani war started in 1947 and ended on a result of partitioning of Kashmir between India and Pakistan.
  • First Baluchistan conflict was started in 1948and ended up with the victory and defeat of Kalat Insurgents.
  • Again that conflict with kalat insurgents started up again in 1958-1959 and Pakistan Army defeated them and Nauroz Khan was surrendered, that conflict rose up again in 1963 to 1969 and defeated by brave Pakistan Army.
  • After that the second Indo-Pak war was in 1965, Indian army attacked without intimation, the brave solders of this nation had defended with their lives, in result we had no territorial changes after that coward attack.
  • In the year of 1971 Pakistan had faced so many horrors of war, in March 1971 Bangladesh Liberation war had started with a prominent negative Indian role resulted with third Indo-Pak war in which we lost Bangladesh.
  • From 1973 to 1978 forth Baluchistan conflict strikes again and we won that war with the result of Victory.
  • Pakistan was also the part of many other expeditions like soviet intervention in Afghan civil war, and in Afghan civil war from 1996 to 2001.
  • Kargil war of 1999 between Pakistan and India.
  • Fifth Baluchistan Conflict and War in North West Pakistan that Pakistan is fighting with internal and external enemies.

So Pakistan is at war from birth, we have lost thousands of our brave soldiers. We have lost nearly 500 our troops only in operation Zarb-e-azb. The blood of our hundreds of young soldiers should become a shining light for our young generation. Their unforgettable sacrifice has laid a foundation that Pakistan is an unbeatable state, anyone who tries to bring us down will face the unbreakable code of our brave Pakistan army. If these young soldiers could offer their lives to serve Pakistan in the time of need we should also serve our Pakistan in every field of life.

The soldiers we have lost in all the battles were sons, brothers, fathers and husbands to their families, but they gave priority to Pakistan beyond their personal desires. We respect them and we give our tribute to these heroes of Pakistan.

“Don’t mention your Shuhada as dead, they are alive and always will be”. (Quran)

“Shaheed ki jo Maut hai wo Qaum ki hayat hai”

Sayyam Malik is a student of M.Phil in Information Technology. And have much interest in Defense related matters, he tweets @SAYYAM_MALIK and can be reached at sayyamg3@gmail.com

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  1. Be it the early Muslim Arabs or early Turkic Muslim people.

    The people stood by their soldiers in one voice, in unity and were a second line of defence for their state.

    This is how Pakistan is and forever should remain.

    We love the Afwaj and we are standing directly behind them.

    Pakistan Zindabad
    Pakistan Paindabad

    To the young please promote Pakistan online and ours is a noble history, language, culture, civilisation and beautiful country so stand up and support it online. Our nefarious neighboir has to pay loyal BJP bakhts to wage a fake news war online and spread hate against Pakistan that everyone is aware of. We have nothing to lie and have so much to say about our wonderful culture, history and geography.

    Promote Naya Pakistan please which makes our Afwaj proud because its means they are inspiring each and every one of you to do your bit too.

    Each and every one of you are defending your nation and supporting your great army.

    Pakistan Zindabad
    Pakistan Paindabad

  2. Remember I write this as a Azad Kashmiri and a proud Pakistani.

    Our pride our joy Pakistan Army, Air Force and rising star in the Navy.

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