A Recipe for Destruction


In Pakistan, there is a rising and sickening sense that things are going backwards. On several fronts, obscene and degenerative trends are becoming more evident rather than moving forward. A few elements that immediately spring to mind are the destruction of democratic culture, the resurgence of terrorism, the collapse of the legal system, and the official protection of crime and corruption. On top of it all, there is an undeniable predisposition to promote dishonesty and deception as successful strategies. These are strong signs of a society that is rapidly degenerating, yet nobody seems to be concerned about the potentially fatal results.

Nearly the whole Swat community erupted in outrage following the reports of the deployment of terrorist elements in the region and vowed to prevent the spread of the plague once more. But why did this start to happen in the first place? One knew that, after much suffering and the loss of numerous lives, the valley had been freed of all terrorists. Videos of Taliban-flagged cars being ushered into Pakistani territory over the past several days have been shared on social media. What are the driving reasons behind this and why is the tranquillity of the region being jeopardised when its germs can easily spread to the rest of the nation? Always lurking in the shadows, yet impossible to see, are shadows.

It was a terrible and self-inflicting move to negotiate with the Tehrik-e-Taliban (TTP), and it appears that the decision was not thoroughly thought out in terms of the benefits and negatives. During the process, one came to a deeper understanding of neither the psychological makeup nor the social dynamics that motivate terrorists. A lot of confidence was also placed in the Taliban, who served as a mediator and supported this effort. One should have known that their potential, as well as their desire for an agreement, wouldn’t be enough to wrest favours out of minds that are poisonous and rigid. It most likely began in that manner. The TTP received certain benefits, including restricted entry into some border regions. When they arrived, it was challenging to control their behaviour since they did not follow any established discipline. Their misguided beliefs and irrational whims drive their behaviour. Before they started the risky adventure, the smart ones should have imagined the outcome.

It is still unclear if the TTP activists have truly been transferred back across the border or are just hiding out temporarily. If they fled that quickly, I would be shocked. In my opinion, they could have gone underground, only to resurface at a better moment to resume their lethal actions. They would act as a constant reminder of the impending threat that might materialise with no prior notice or forewarning. I am unable to comprehend the reasoning behind this risky and damaging action. However, as with all such things, the justification, if any, would remain a mystery.

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Crime, corruption, and terrorism thrive in an atmosphere that is compromised and devoid of justice. Pakistan is a prime example of this. Not only are individuals who deserve justice routinely denied it, but there are other factors at play as well. It can only currently be purchased as a commodity by those who have the resources to do so. They primarily come from the criminal gangs that have tightened their grip on the nation and its institutions. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that all of the confirmed felons, criminals, and fugitives are being cleared of their heinous offences, most notably the theft of state assets and the laundering of their illegal billions overseas for the purchase of opulent real estate.

The worst criminals were absolved of their crimes as if they had never been committed when power and pelf were involved, despite irrefutable proof of their illegal acts. The tyranny continued after that. Even the laws that they were prosecuted under were modified or repealed. Therefore, not only were the offenders not held accountable for their heinous excesses this time around, but there would also be no legislation to hold them accountable going forward. The country today treats crime and corruption as commodities that may be exchanged to achieve personal goals and interests. In layman’s terms, it implies that only the wealthy and powerful would have the freedom to live and flourish while a culture of crime and corruption would be relentlessly and mercilessly cultivated. The remaining members must either perish or accept to live as slaves and animals that will be beaten one way or another.

A just society, one that is governed by a clear distinction between what is good and wrong, fair and unfair, feasible and undoable, gives birth to a healthy, vigorous, and durable democratic culture. There won’t be anything left to distinguish between fair and unjust after the boundary between these traits has been entirely removed. Given these conditions, crime will always spread swiftly since it is the easiest vice to participate in to make money and upset the social order. If one looked back over the nation’s history, one would discover that the majority of those who held the throne never earned it since they fell short of even the most fundamental requirements for a reliable leader. But they did so by simply taking advantage of the limitations imposed by a perverted and degenerate system, which is what ours has been reduced to thanks to a cunning, malicious, and diabolical endeavour that is only becoming more the relevant with time.

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The finest method for destroying a nation is what we have gathered in the process. The ingredients in this recipe have been fed to the state and its citizens by successful leaders. As a result, crime is on the rise, the population is enslaved, and equity, equality, and justice are non-existent.

You only need to go out there and join one of the criminal clans, such as the Sharif, Bhutto/Zardari, Fazal, and others, and you’ll be riding to your favourite places. There is nothing to be afraid of. The state and its laws will disintegrate in front of you.

Sana Zehra is a Microbiologist and have keen interest in writing, a patriot and willing to be an aspiring writer.

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