70th Independence Day Parade at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin


BERLIN: Celebrations of Pakistan’s 70th independence anniversary started in Berlin on Tuesday.

The Embassy of Pakistan organized an ‘Independence Day Parade’ on August 8 at the historic ‘Brandenburg Gate’ in the German capital. A huge number of Pakistani diaspora including women and children participated in the parade. Pakistani flags and national songs set the rhythm for a colourful Pakistani cultural show.

British Pakistani dhol player Rani Taj playing rhythmic beats for the multicultural crowd. PHOTO: Irfan Aftab

Renowned British Pakistani dhol player Rani Taj charged the multicultural crowd at Pariser Platz with thumping drum beats. Germans and Pakistanis performed the bhangra and other traditional dances on Taj’s rhythmic dhol beats.

A child waving a Pakistani flag at the event. PHOTO: Irfan Aftab

Speaking to Geo.tv, Ambassador Jauhar Saleem said it was a matter of great pride and pleasure that hundreds of Pakistani compatriots gathered at the iconic Brandenburg Gate to celebrate Pakistan’s 70th independence anniversary.

Ambassador Saleem recalled the valiant struggle of the Kashmiri people for their right of self-determination at the Brandenburg Gate, which symbolizes the quest for liberty and yearning of people to regain their freedom.

The crowd dancing to dhol beats near Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. PHOTO: Irfan Aftab

“Our march on the road to durable peace and prosperity will continue with even greater vigour until we achieve the ideals and aspirations that inspired the struggle for an independent homeland,” the ambassador added.

A car decorated with famous Pakistani truck art remained a major attraction at the event.

Participants were also served with delicious fresh mango beverages and paratha rolls.






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