7 Year Old Pakistani’s Cancer Battle Didn’t Stop Him From Scoring 100% In Exams


Cancer is a life-threatening disease that often takes away the spirit and life of a person well before their life is determined to end. It is depressing and nearly impossible for some people to survive.

This is why many people lose hope when they hear they have cancer. But one child from Charsadda is giving out hope to cancer victims by continuing to live his life normally while he battles it every day.

7-year-old Pir Hassan from Charsadda has blood cancer which has deprived him of his cheekbone and nose. Half of his eyesight has also been taken away by the disease, but he continues with life as a normal child would.

Hassan wants to become a doctor so he can serve humanity and one day even find a way to treat cancer victims. He is currently in grade 1 and has never shown a sign of giving up.

Hassan recently scored 100% marks in his exams for grade 1, proving that life goes on even if you’re a cancer victim.

Read and writing his Hassan’s passion and hobby. According to his father, he studies nearly all the time. Whether he is at home, outside or riding in a car, Hassan can be seen reading his books.

He was diagnosed with blood cancer last year. His treatment is underway and he will go through a major operation in the next coming 5 weeks. If the operation is successful, Hassan’s father has promised never to compromise on his education.




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