660 malaria centres set up in Balochistan


QUETTA: The head of the Malaria Control Programme in Balochistan, Dr Kamalan Gichki, has said that 660 malaria microscopy centres have been set up across the province to diagnose and check the spread of the disease.

In a statement issued here on Thursday, he said the government would carry out anti-malaria spray and provide people with medicines, adding that a malaria reference laboratory had also been set up in Quetta that would confirm findings of the microscopy centres.

Under the programme, anti-malaria spray campaigns were conducted in various districts, where people were given anti-mosquito nets and medicines.

Currently, 21 districts in Balochistan are affected by the disease as cases have been reported there, he said, adding that a malaria information system was being introduced in Balochistan to collect monthly data of patients suffering from the disease.

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