375 Kashmiris martyred by Indian Army in occupied Kashmir during 2018


At least 375 innocent Kashmiris were martyred as a result of Indian occupying force’s brutality in Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK) in 2018, Express News reported on Tuesday.

According to a report by the Kashmir Media Service, 375 Kashmiris were killed in various ‘search and cordon’ operations, suppression of peaceful protests, tear gas usage and by the indiscriminate use of pellet guns.

Among those martyred, were at least 35 minors and 10 women as Indian forces continued their draconian crackdown against the people of the held valley

The occupying forces carried our approximately 300 search operations in IoK, at least 21 Kashmiris were martyred while in custody, 34 women were widowed and 78 children were orphaned.

According to the report, more than 600 houses were burnt down in held Kashmir and 1,300 people were blinded as a result of Indian brutalities. Worshipers were also stopped from praying in mosques.

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