43 dead, 27 injured in Karachi bus firing incident


KARACHI: At least 35 people have been killed and more than 20 injured when some unknown gunmen opened indiscriminate fire on a passenger bus near Safoora Chowrangi in Karachi.

According to witnesses, the bus was sprayed with bullets from both sides by around six terrorists and a gunmen also boarded the bus to target the passengers.

Reportedly, several woman and children were also on board the bus.

The attackers managed to flee from the scene on three motorbikes.

Security officials have cordoned off the area whereas the rescue teams have shifted the victims to nearby hospitals where an emergency has been imposed. The condition of several injured persons is said to be critical.

Initial reports revealed that the motorcyclists used 9mm pistols in the attack which rescuers claimed killed thirty persons and left two dozen injured. Police officials are yet to confirm the death toll.

Further, reports revealed that leaflets containing militant content were found at the scene.

Eyewitnesses said that the assailants also got on board the bus and attacked passengers inside the bus.

Over 60 empty bullet shells of pistols and Kalashnikovs were found at the scene.

“The bus had a capacity of 52 passengers but it was overloaded and dozens of people were boarding it. Most of them were from (the) Ismaili community,” a policeman at the scene said.

Death toll rises to 47 and more than 24 are reported to be injured.

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  1. So no guesses which political party is behind hostility and destabilising the City of Karachi.

    Are you all still thinking disbanding MQM is not a good idea.

    This fits in with the pattern of MQM terrorists trained in India spreading havoc and terror in Karachi.

    No agenda other than creating fear amongst people, dividing Karachi on the lines of sectarianism and ethnicity.

    The IS pamphlets is a twist to blame the Daesh terrorists to deflect mqm terror operations in Karachi.

    Since when has MQM target killers and terrorists taken responsibility for murder and terror over 3 decades. It is their agenda online with heir paymasters in India to ensure that Karachi does not become stable and remains on fire divided and the sense of fear in the market will stifle progression and development.

    It is high time that evidence presented in the public forum endorsed by the highest law institutions and government against MQM and terror affiliations of otherwise political parties are brought.

    This needs to be endorsed through US to clean up Karachi and end terrorism.

    1. Present evidence in the public domain
    2. Present witness statements
    3. Point out Indian intervention
    4. Take his to the UN
    5. Cracking down on MQM leadership and try them and the “others” for terror.

    Problem is which institute is “clean” and just how much the dirt and filth is spread throughout our nation.

    A corrupt government does not have the moral justification to take this up.

    A incompetent judiciary lacks the fibre to push for justice for Pakistanis.

    Bar PTI which political party does not have thugs and terrorists protected amongst them.

    Corruption is systematic and breeds the filth that is plaguing Pakistan.

    The army has been defamed so badly that today none have courage to take bold steps towards corrective politics and build a moral upright decent Pakistan. For any General to take up his task he knows he will be vilified across the world but will be a hero wih in Pakistan.

    Hen here is offcourse the most important group in Pakistan, the “ordinary Pakistani”.

    A fickle people whom are oppressed with feudalism and mixed loyalties. Until the ordinary person does not come out on he street united and stops support for their political mafia parties and denies the feudal mafia goon heading up the political party capability to be elected only then can we work towards a better system.

    But such a step will be temporary and all the usual players will continue their games of deceit.

    Why as a nation we “need” martial law to try and hang the culprits across the country and purge our soil of this filth.

    Otherwise continue seeing more incentives Pakistanis being massacred because of hug politics paid by India to ensure Pakistan “never” stabilises and progresses.

    We are playing for high stakes here people and wih the CPEC we can bring each region to be integrated and benefit economically.

    Even with the CPEC all roads seem to go to Lahore and Sind denying ;

    Azad Kashmir
    Khyber and Pakthunkwa

    A share in this grand project.

    So it is business as usual Lahore profits at the expense of KP and Balochistan. Azad Kashmiris are not to be recognised as Pakistanis and Karachi continues to exist as a separate state in Sindh.

    The bodies will continue to pile Shia, Sunni Sikh Hindu Christian etc. Tomorrow it might be your sister mother brother father or son.

    Bury your head in the sand and deny the reality.

    Your nation is plagued by Indian sponsored terrorists.

    Feudal Lords spreading their own brand of thuggery and terror.

    Who will stand up for Pakistan?

    The only solution is martial law but we need a stern strong person who will withstand the flak from the international community and be satisfied with love from the ordinary Pakistani.

    Thus martial law will need to be decisive and swift, in one term seek to bring the culprits at every level to justice and hang them and purify our land from the treacherous filth.

    Hand over to the young emerging Pakistan and their elected political leaders and not feudal gangsters.

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