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Every country has some national symbols which are regarded as representative of their country straits. A national symbol of a country creates a verbal, visual and iconic representation. It presents the united front of the nation with common values. These symbols inspire patriotism in the people and depict the traits of the nation. Pakistan also has a number of such national symbols which were adopted at different times. Here is a list of some national symbols along with their qualities to understand why they are designated as national symbols of Pakistan.

National Poet – Allama Muhammad Iqbal:


He is one of the intellectuals of Muslims, who has given the ideology of Pakistan and considered as the imperative personality in Urdu literature. Iqbal’s literary works are in the Urdu and the Persian languages. His poetry urged the youth of sub-continent for freedom & self-respect and his conscientious political views gave a hope of separate homeland for Muslims. His poetry gave the direction, and it will remain with us forever.

National Language – Urdu:


Urdu played a vital role in the Pakistan movement. A number of Muslim leaders favored the Urdu language. Word “Urdu” itself derived from the Turkish word “ORDU” (army) or “ORDA”, from which English horde also derived. It is a combination of many languages because originated when many cultures came together and there was a necessity for language that everyone can understand. This was the main reason of its origination.  However, it is the National Language of Pakistan.

National Mosque – Faisal Mosque:


It is the largest mosque in Pakistan. It is an iconic symbol of Islamabad. Its enviable location against a picturesque backdrop of the Margalla Hills represents the mosque’s great importance and allows it to be seen from miles around day and night.

National Sports – Hockey:


Hockey was as famed as Cricket these days. The history of Hockey in Pakistan is as old as Pakistan. PHF (Pakistan Hockey Federation) is the Pakistan’s national governing body for the sport of Hockey. Pakistan is the only country of the FIH who win World Cup four times.

National Flower- Jasmine:


The white color of Jasmine typically reflects peace and wisdom. Jasmine indicates attachment and shows amiability and modesty. I also feel that it looks like Pakistan’s flag, because of its petals looking like a star in the middle and green leaves around it. It is quite abundant in Pakistan. The magnificent beauty and fragrance of the flower are inevitable.

National Fruit – Mango:


It is commonly known as the “King of Fruits”. A wide-ranging of mangoes is available in Pakistan. Pakistan produces the most scrumptious yield of Mango, which exported worldwide. Mango is the favorite fruit of all Pakistanis. The striking Yellow-Green color and its aroma draw everyone’s attention. Pakistani mangoes are liked in all the countries where exported and have a high value.

National Bird – Chukar Partridge:


In Punjab Chukar has been considered as a symbol of intense, deep and often unrequited love. It is also considered as fighting the bird. Chukars prefer rocky, steep, and open hillsides. For hunters, Chukar is a very challenging bird because of its surgical upward flights and sudden vanishings in the bushes.

National Animal – Markhor:


Its name resembles the Persian words “MAR” (snake) and “KHOR” (eater). The largest wild-goat in the world.The “Markhor” is brave enough that it has no fear when caught the prey either it has to jump from top of the mountain to the base. It’s bravery and its specialty that it kills snakes makes it exceptional. Markhor is the logo of ISI – Inter-Services Intelligence (the spy agency of Pakistan) as well because it has the same objective of capturing and killing snakes (enemies) of Pakistan.

National Heritage Animal – Snow Leopard:


It is one of the most beautiful animals of Pakistan. For the period of many thousand years, this magnificent cat was the king of the mountains. It is listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Their long and powerful hind limbs help them leap up to 30 feet, which is six times their body’s length.

National Mammal – Indus Blind Dolphin:


It only found in the Indus River system in Pakistan. The blind dolphin is the world’s second most endangered cetacean. According to an estimate, only about 1,200 of those are remaining. WWF-Pakistan is involved in rescue missions of the species. They have even arranged training courses for many institutions. The local people regard as “Bhulan”.

National River – River Indus:


This River is the lifeline of Pakistan. Around two-third of water supplied for irrigation and in homes came from the Indus and its associated rivers. It is the longest river of Pakistan. It is one of the foremost rivers of the world. Indus River ranked as the 22nd largest river flowing on the Earth.

National Mountain – K-2:


It is the highest mountain of Pakistan and a second highest mountain in the world. K2 is known as the Savage Mountain due to the extreme difficulty of ascent. K2 has never been climbed during winter. Chogori has been suggested as its local name.

These were few of the national symbols of Pakistan. Pakistan is quite rich in many aspects filled with unique possessions in the country. However, these are few factors are mentioned. There are countless national symbols of Pakistan; not all can be cover in a single writing. Because Pakistan blessed with all four climates, best crops, rivers, mountain ranges. Additionally, Pakistan also possesses the several records and awards which are a sign of a well-developed country.

Allah blesses Pakistan.


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