3 dead as West Bank violence escalates


JENIN: Israeli security forces on Thursday raided a West Bank megacity after three fatal attacks rocked the Jewish state in a week, with two Palestinians shot dead and a third killed after launching a pecking attack on a machine.

The violence comes after a Palestinian armed with an M-16 assault rifle killed two Israeli civilians, two Ukranian citizens and an Israeli-Arab bobby in the thoroughfares of Bnei Brak, an Orthodox Jewish megacity near Tel Aviv, on Tuesday night.
The firing took to 11 the number of people taken in attacks carried out since March 22 by Israeli Arabs and Palestinians, including two attacks linked to the militant Islamic State group.

The rearmost bloodshed erupted in the West Bank megacity of Jenin on Thursday morning when Israeli dogfaces mounting an operation to arrest suspects linked to the Bnei Brak attack returned fire after being shot at, the army said.

“ Palestinian assaulters fired toward the colors, who returned fire,” a statement from the service said.

The Palestinian health ministry said “ the Israeli occupation forces” killed two Palestinians, Sanad Abu Attia, 17, and Yazid Al-Saadi, 23. Another 15 people were wounded, it said.

Swarms of people accompanied the bodies of Abu Attia and Al-Saadi through Jenin to pay their last felicitations, and masked men in black fired munitions into the air.

Israel said forces arrested a aggregate of 31 people across the West Bank overnight, including three suspects in the vill of Yabad, which was home to the bushwhacker in Tuesday’s fatal firing in Bnei Brak. An Israeli gun was wounded during the raid, the army said.

Also on Thursday, a Palestinian man picked an Israeli servicewoman with a screwdriver on a machine south of the West Bank megacity of Bethlehem, the police said, before “ a mercenary on the machine shot the terrorist dead,” according to the army.

Shaare Zedek sanitarium in Jerusalem said it treated a man aged about 30 for stab injuries to his torso, and that he was in “ serious but stable” condition.

The Palestinian health ministry linked the alleged bushwhacker as Nidal Jumaa Jafara, 30.

The Gaza Strip- grounded clerk general of Islamic Jihad, Ziad Al-Nakhala, blazoned the group’s fortified sect would step up conditioning “ in light of the storming of Jenin camp by the Zionist adversary army”.

Osama Al-Hroub, an Islamic Jihad leader in Jenin, called the payoff of the two youthful Palestinian men there a “ crime” aimed at “ covering up a series of bummers and the occupation’s security failure, which failed to help the attacks deep outside” Israel.

A elderly Palestinian intelligence functionary said that the Palestinian security services were “ raising” security readiness, both in terms of Palestinian attacks inside Israel and violence executed by Israeli settlers.

Latterly Thursday, Israelis crowded to the Nazareth burial of Amir Khoury, 32, the Arab Christian bobby who failed while defying the Bnei Brakgunman.The violence has undercut indigenous sweats to defuse the situation.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II paid a rare visit to Ramallah in the Israeli-engaged West Bank on Monday, where he met with Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas. He hosted Israeli President Isaac Herzog and Defence Minister Benny Gantz in Amman latterly during the week and condemned “ violence in all its forms”.

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