27th October – Kashmir Black Day


India has made maximum efforts since 1990 to project the freedom movement in Kashmir as terrorism and put the issue on the backburner. They believe a media blackout would consign Kashmir to oblivion.

Landing of Indian Troops in Srinagar in 1947
Landing of Indian Troops in Srinagar in 1947 via kashmirvoice.org

Kashmir has been at war since the independence of Pakistan and India; it is one of the world’s oldest disputed territories, only comparable with Palestine. The freedom struggle has resulted in 70,000 deaths by some estimates. 27th October, 1947, is a date firmly etched in the minds of the Kashmiris. It is observed as a Black Day on both the sides of the Line of Control to show resentment against the occupation and the resolve to attain independence from India.

On this day, the Indian armed forces invaded and illegally occupied a large part of Jammu and Kashmir. They violated the ‘Partition Plan of the Indian Subcontinent’ and forcibly landed in the princely state. India owes the Kashmiris the right of self-determination, but till date, they have been deprived of it.

Kashmir has been a source of friction between India and Pakistan ever since these nations came into being – the Indian greed to keep regional resources in their hand being the main reason. It is one of the oldest disputes, still pending unresolved at the United Nations.

A UN commission called for the withdrawal of Indian and Pakistani armies in August 1948 and brokered a ceasefire in 1949. It was decided to hold a referendum to decide the future of Kashmir. It was also decided that the question of the accession of the State of Jammu and Kashmir to India or Pakistan would be decided through the democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite. These UN resolutions were disregarded by India and India continued to treat Kashmir like a colony rather than a disputed territory.

The Kashmiris were not given the right of self-determination. Kashmiri freedom fighters were abducted, murdered and tortured by the Indian security forces; the worst human rights abuses were carried out which included severe beatings, electrocution and sexual humiliation against hundreds of detainees.

Kashmiri citizens are dealt with differently from the rest of India’s population under the Jammu & Kashmir Public Safety Act, under which they are jailed for two years if considered likely to commit subversive acts. An estimated 20,000 are detained according to Human Rights Watch.

A local Kashmiri lawyer Imroz discovered 3,844 unmarked mass graves while searching for disappeared people; and he still has to search in 16 more districts. Appalling figures have surfaced, putting the murder toll at 6000, out of which only 80% have been identified. This is prima facie evidence of war crimes by the Indian army – in a war that has never been highlighted by international media. The UN sent a report to the Human Rights Council, warning India of its obligations under human rights treaties and laws, shortly after the discovery of these graves.

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  1. Kashmir is ours and the occupation is our slavery and India is the Pharoah and we will be delivered from persecution and this Pharoah is to drown in The Indus.

    History is testimony to this that tyrants never succeed, Qu’ran testifies that they the tyrants are given leeway and enough rope and when it is pulled they too fall into line by the will of almighty.

    Muslims need to reflect why they are facing fassad, trial and tribulation – ask what you have done wrong and turn to the almighty and watch the tyrants and puppets who reign over you wither and disappear.

    Pakistanis must realise Kashmir is your jugular vein and India will squeeze the life out of Pakistan.

    If we are your jugular then surely you are our body and soul – let’s come together as one once more. I am your brother of a 1000 years, we belong with you and if you can protect your brothers home and stand divided who will protect you when they the Hanood will turn on you.

    Time after time forma decade you have wronged yourself with poor leadership who suffocate Kashmiris and you and with each new corrupt Pakistani leadership you distanced yourself from the legacy of Quaid-e-Azam and the vision and brilliance of Allama Iqbal. The Muslim world not in our region but the world has been plagued in a continued state of Crusade, physical, mental and philosophical and since the time of Salah’Udin Ayubi and Jalal Uddin Akbar we have those seeking our annihilation and this is the closest they have been and will ever get. We need to become the young Salah’ Uddin or the Pragmatic Akbar and seek change and believe in then vision of Allama Iqbal and the wonderful diplomacy of Quaide-Azam if you want change to come.

    Otherwise seal your fate and watch your nearest and dearest get dishonoured by a cruel enemy with deep rooted hatred for you.

    Right wing Hindus are planning on Modi to win, he has support within the army, there are 1000’s of terrorists like Colonel Prohit and VK Singh waiting to burn Muslims not just in Kashmir but right across the Indus. This threat is not new has been around for centuries and harbour the same animosity towards us today as they did in the time of Aurangzaib, The British, they want to in humanely butcher each and every one of you like they did in Gujerat, in Godhra.

    The Indian army are he’ll bent in creating war hysteria creating a threat perception and with the aim of attacking Pakistan with Modi in power and completely swallow up Kashmir. The world will not listen to your cries because we are no longer in the 80’s and India has destroyed the Pakistani global image. India has buried her agents and terrorists affiliations deep inside Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    Kashmir is not just a Kashmiri problem, we are one and the same as the rest of the Indus Valley, what happens will happen to you, is already happening to you in Khyber and Pakthunkwa, in Balochistan, in Sindha and Punjab – the difference bieng these agents of India do not wear an Indian uniform and are collectively known as Tereek-e-Taliban or The BLA.

    We are ina state of attack, a state of war and our pathetic leaders treat engagement with India as Business As Usual.

    Change will come from within, from each and every one of you;

    1. Realise the threat
    2. Realise your in a state of war
    3. Realise the Kashmiri cause and Afghanistan cause is one and the same
    4. Realise your enemy and those who tow it’s line as enemy of state
    5. Make your government accountable and stop derailing the Pakistani revolution
    6. Support your armed forces.

    The year is still 1947 and the Pakistani revolution continues and Kashmiris seek self determination today as we did then. Do not treat us as indifferent to you, we are the people of The Indus and never should we be divided.

    I love my Pashtuns, Tajiks, Hazaara as I love my Sindhi, Punjabi and Balochi.

    For the sake of not having your nearest and dearest bieng dishonoured and your fortress of a free nation bieng destroyed, please come together.

    Each of your problems is not a problem in isolation but effects all of us, we are one body, one voice.

  2. 3,844 unmarked mass grave is a drop in the ocean, if the Pakistani state sponsored terrorism continues ….. there will be many more disowned dead bodies of Muslims, Pakistanis and pro-Pakistan Kashmiris in the future ….. by the way, they are all enjoying with the 72 virgins …. then why not celebrate their good fortunes …. ???

  3. Its all true written in this great article..But point is that why Kashir issue could not be resolved even after so many years and dispute still exists.Shall we assume that theres no solution to this problem?Ofcourse not,but to resolve any problem or dispute..it should be first recognised and accepted.Only during regime of ex president Pervez Mushsarraf,India admitted the case as a disputed issue.that was first step ahead which was reversed back as Musharraf left his seat for greater peace.Identifying the problem is its 50% solution.There was series of discussions held between two countries after India,for the first and only time,admitted the Kashmir issue as a problem and was about to be resolved even through back door meetings between two countries.We all must understand that we do not get what we deserve but what we negotiate. No wars can bring peace and solutions but failures and amputations.First ,there should be a will to resolve problems ,if they are identified as problems on both ends and the only way is dialects(Agreement from disagreement) I remember that old churchill’s saying that easiest wars are those which are being fought on another’s battle field.In my opinion,this is not the war just between two countries i.e India and Pakistan but international interests are attched to that piece of land because of its strategic location.Therefore,its a responsibilty of many other influencing countries to bring peace in that region.Being Super Power and being an ultra power does not mean only making super killer bombs and ultra killer technologies ,that also mean greater responsibilty ,super responsibility and ultra responsibility to bring tbring peace everywhere.Unless the issue is not discussed among world leading countries like U.S,Russia,China,UK and france including germany more seriously with positive will,the war will continue and land will remain the training campus for gurilla war traing school where every copuntry have its participation.

  4. More than Eight Lac Kashmiri Pundits are living in refugee camps.

    Has anyone asked them if they want to join Pakistan?

    Either way – what has Pakistan got to offer Kashmir? Bomb blasts, prejudice, failure, terrorism……. Who cares. If you love the Kashmiris so much – offer them citizenship and take them.

    No more territory will be given to pedolovers. You got what you got in 1947. You couldn’t even manage it so we had to help you cut down to size in 1971. Perhaps it is time to help you once again if you don’t shut up

  5. 8 lakh pundits seems so your figure keeps growing considering the official line and realistic line was 60,000 pundits.

    Why did the pundits get displaced?

    Because they supported BJP and Hinduveta terror and incitement in the 1990’s and were cannon fodder for right wing Hindu extremist sectarian violence.

    The LoC is NOT a border and if unwelcome right wing Ganjges Hindus come to Kashmir to kill, rape Muslim, Hindu and Sikh kashmiris and Bhuddits then Azad kashmiris have a legitimate right o cross the LoC and support our brethren in Occupied kashmir.

    The BJP propaganda and violoence through Hinduveta / bajrang dal were the cause to the violence in the 1990’s.

    Atleast be man enough to accept this.

    The Ganges people have no right to exist in the Indus, you are a different people, culture, langauge and geography – fact.

    If you use violence to asset your unholy cause it will be met with violence.


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