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Sometimes it’s really difficult to pick yourself up after an accident or a failure, but we hear it enough times: Never Give Up. It may sound cliche, and one will find it quite hard for get up once again, successful people with adversities will help you realize that sometimes with terrible failures and heartbreaking tragedies comes great motivation to succeed. Hopefully the inspirational story of this iron lady will increase the spirit and encourage everyone to stand up for what they want.

I’m talking about non other than a Writer, Painter, Singer and Social activist, and Motivational speaker,  Muniba Mazari; was born on 3rd March,1987. An inspiration for all whether they are suffering from any adversity or not. There are few people in the world who turn their weakness into his strength. She exemplified herself in Pakistan as well as in the world. Living her life bound by a wheelchair but her Spirit is mountain high, very lively personality, working with so many causes and inspiring others with her audacity and willpower.

She met a horrible accident at the age of 21 due to which she got spinal cord injury and unfortunately can’t move her legs. This tragic incident made her more stronger than before and she stood up for herself and shine bright, as painter she loves to play with vibrant colors which depicts the emotions of humans especially women of our country. She started her painting when she was in hospital, to make her busy. As she belongs to a Baloch family, her paintings are embellished with ethnic jewelry of Baloch tribe. It’s pretty much harder to express your emotions and lively frame of mind while being handicapped but, She proved herself in the field of artistry that an Art is not wheel chair bond it’s a free spirit.

Her medium is Oil Pastels and her brand name is “Muniba’s Canvas – Let your walls wear colors”.

Muniba Mazari got several awards, and achieved so much in her life which able person can’t have. Muniba Mazari participated in several conferences and through her motivational speeches she became much famous in youth and in people of all ages. Her achievements include:

–   Brand ambassador of The Body Shop
–   Miracle Mentor in Pond’s.
–   Tony and Guy Wheel chair bound model
–   Brand ambassador of Chughtai Lab Pakistan
–   Content Writer for National Television Pakistan
–   First Good will UN ambassador
–   BBC 100 Inspirational Women 2015

She broke the stereotype and biased that the people with disabilities can’t do anything but she mushroomed her slogan “Never Give Up” and being a brave and inspirational women and pride of Pakistan.
In one of her interview she said:

“I’m grateful to Allah whatever I have”.

Everyone said don’t do it because it has never been done before. I said ‘I will be the one to do it all for the first time!’ so I did. Be the barrier breaker, be the one who doesn’t need a path to follow, be your own hero, be yourself’.

-Muniba Mazari

The thing I’ve learned from her that, Don’t make your adversity or suffering as your weakness, be brave face it and let it be your sign of strength not a vulnerability. Be a barrier breaker. Through her Social work  She’s trying to help the unprivileged people and trying to add colors in their lives.

Sana Zehra is a Microbiologist and have keen interest in writing, a patriot and willing to be an aspiring writer.

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