Blames & delusions, thy name is India- reply to major Gaurav Arya


Bravo Major Gaurav Arya!

Sheer brilliance shows you belong from one of the largest film fraternities. You couldn’t go above the rank of a major but I can assure you a brilliant career in Indian film fraternity as comedy is your prominent forte you can excel in.

Now, let’s talk about your letter to COAS PAkistan in which u mentioned major Shabbir Sharif Shareed NH, unlike you he had a calibre to fight and valiantly he showed your ornamental army what Pakistani men are made of, probably the reason you had to mention him twice as the scar of losing 43 ornamental soldiers with loss of 4 Indian tanks and two battalions held was not an easy wound to heal , will haunt you for ages. COAS being his brother shivers the spine? Understandable . No arguments on that. Therefore you mentioning him twice shows how deep the cut was.

Moving on, let’s talk about your admittance and jubilance about Indian covert ops and proxies in Pakistan be it Balochistan or supporting MQM. Your calibre is so visible while calling out like a rabid one for man to man , face to face scuffle yet hiding behind proxies. Useless to say any further why. This is the history you take pride in. It will be unjust if I don’t mention your celebration’s reason for 1971 in which you separated East Pakistan. Would have appreciated if it was a MAN TO MAN, FACE TO FACE one, but Ouch whole ornamental army hid behind the cunning politics of a lady. Bravado.. Impressive really later accepted by your present premier Mr. Narendra Modi in Bangladesh .

This, primarily is the reason why COAS is knuckle sandwich for you against whom your presstitutes tirelessly do propaganda and you are discombobulated. The whole Indian regime’s all out efforts to play the same evil game in Balochistan failed miserably and the death of the proxies is giving your ornamental army a silent spectator’s job as here your politics of separation is also a huge failure.

Well as a layman I would love to know the “ornamental army” which topped suicide in 2014 as Parrikar said and I quote. What was the reason precisely of roughly 10 Ind army personnel doing suicide a month? lack of valor? Atrocities they did on kashmiris making them psychologically unfit or just simple belonging from an ornamental army was so embarrassing?

Moving on further let’s give you gold for telling us another brilliant joke which is “innocent lives and your code of honour which doesn’t allow you to be inhumane”

The code of honor of Indian army is that with deployment of 700,000 troops in kashmir , kill them, mutilate them, burn them , rape them and then chant humanity? Kunan Poshpura & fake Machal encounter to name a few. Well well, Major Arya sorry to disappoint but the ground realities are different than what you are fantasizing. “bullets on chest” 🙂 really, we are waiting in gymkhana Lahore till date , “Chai thandi hogayi, pohnchay nahi.”? or ran as a habit as Lahore would have been your graveyard. Any bells rang? Chawinda, Halwara, Pathankot , Dwarka? or delusional as always ?

Talking about Kargil I won’t say anything, see what Air Marshall Nehra IAF says in

“As the story goes the army was caught with its half pants down, there was an intolerable pressure from the army HQ to get the occupation vacated before the nation would come to know the full scale of all round negligence and incompetence”  ref

You sought UN intervention both in Kargil and 1948 shows why you are not wanting a war as you mentioned. Incontrovertibly you can only stab at the back which you did in last seven decades and tried same in Fata and Balochistan where u failed miserably. Thanks to Pakistan’s regime handling your proxies and covert ops while kicking out all your proxies too hard, they also managed to put Pakistan on a better track than ever with CPEC and ZEA.

While telling us about what we are reaping take a look in your own backyard, so you will know the reasons of JNU protests. India where the world witnessed biggest state terrorism in Gujarat 2002 & Sikh Genocide 1984 cannot blame others for the anarchy and national instability with inking, lynching, burning & killing of minorities as a common practice. Where to save kine you can kill humans, where intolerance is increased after extremist regime, where BJP MLA’s like Sadhvi Prachi openly campaign for forceful ghar wapsi your blame on Pakistan is just your incurable obsession with Pakistan and nothing else.

Let’s not forget the false flags you had just in last year including terror boat drama where your own coast guard Loshali was court martialed because he couldn’t act well in the false flag drama. What further can we say about your obsession with Pakistan when we see issues like terror boat, spy goat, ISI pigeon and terrorist balloon IAF shot on India’s republic day dropping 5 bombs in its own territory. Too much of professionalism proves your army is so so ORNAMENTAL.

Well, can write pages and pages about the joke you did by writing an open letter which gave us all many gigs and laughter but let’s cut the long story short.

We all Pakistanis would love to see your mettle other than bickering on line or setting up proxies in Pakistan, killing and raping kashmiris or chanting slogans for OROP on roads or arresting pigeons and shooting balloons. Muster some courage and do something face to face ( in REAL) not as in comedy circus of India.

Indian Major (retired) Gaurav Arya’s Open letter to Pakistan Army chief General Raheel Sharif

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