205 dead as rains hammer Punjab, Azad Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan


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LAHORE: Heavy monsoon rains and flooding in Punjab, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan have claimed at least 205 lives.

Ahmed Kamal, an official from the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), told Dawn that 131 people have died as a result of heavy rains in Punjab; 11 have died in Gilgit Baltistan whereas the death toll in Azad Kashmir has risen to 63.

According to the NDMA official, a huge amount of flood water has accumulated in the Qadirabad headworks on River Chenab whereas the Trimmu Barrage is receiving 177,000 cusecs water on River Chenab.

flood alert posted on the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) website stated that due to the second flood peak in River Chenab, the peak at Trimmu is likely to persist for another 24-48 hours with a maximum flow of 8,00,000 cusecs.



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  1. I am not for superstition but the way Pakistan is headed has the tell tale signs of those ignorant civilisations mentioned in the holy Qu’ran.

    Infliction year in year is a sign from your Lord to take heed.

    Islam is practiced in name only

    Corruption is rife

    No civil / social justice

    Women have no respect

    The poor have no representation

    Unemployment is on high

    A nation living off loans or pay offs never leaving the pockets of the elite akin whose malignant rule grow worse year on year akin to the corruption and vicious rule of corrupt leaders of old.

    A nation whose measure of success is how much loan it receives and has no worry of paying riba. Riba is unacceptable but agreed the global economics today have made it impossible to exist without it at some level but there are functioning models like Iran but Pakistan is the one nation that adds to its Riba year on year without a worry.

    Eating the flesh of man

    Not allowing the dead to rest.

    Denial to education

    No access to clean water, electricity

    Never in the history of Pakistan has being homeless been an issue as it is today.

    Sectarianism is on the rise.

    Availability of Alcohol is rampant and associated vices.

    Pakistan is on a downward spiral because Pakistanis are losing faith and submitting to the will of corrupt agnostic leaders.

    Take heed I say to the leaders, what use is a nation without people who are happy, without justice, no clean water, electricity, halal food, no security.

    Have you no fear that you will face your Lord and creator, are you the face nation to face trial and tribulation?

    Work for your people, work for this nation and honour Islam please otherwise you will be replaced with another people who will be better than you. This is a lesson in the Quran that you just take heed off.

    I remember watching Zavvia and a great episode by Bab Ashfaque Ahmed may he Allah (SWT) give him peace and a place in Jannah. I remember him discussing Pakistan. Born on 27th Ramadhan, out of sacrifice of a mazloom qaum a new hope for the Muslim post Ottoman empire. A nation that has a great future and destiny if WE realise what this nation is and recognise this as a gift from our Lord.

    Baba Ashfaque Ahmed defined Pakistan as Hadhrat Saleh (AS) Oontni (She Camel). Like the she camel, Pakistan too was a sign and gift from your lord, a sign for you to not only repent and mend your ways but work together for a prosperous better tomorrow. I remember Baba Ashfaque Ahmed saying the hukmuraan only exist because of YOU the ordinary person, if they inflict injustice and embroil in corruption it is because YOU let them exist. However, NEVER let these corrupt shaytaans or from among you the ordinary peopleharm this gift from Allah Azuwajjal. This nation is Hadhrat Saleh (AS) she camel (oontni)treat her with love, respect and above all “protect” her and please your Lord.

    In this decade we have slipped, fallen our condition as a Pakistani goes from bad to worse and now ordinary Pakistanis are losing faith and have turned their back on this gift from your lord, like the oontni of Hadhrat Saleh (AS) a sign from your Lord and those who are deviant and devious, corrupt are harming her and THUS we like the people of Hadhrat Saleh (AS) suffer annihilation by our Lord no different to the Ummah of Hadhrat Musa (AS) turning their back on their Lord and prophet.

    Shame on these corrupt leaders, what good is your title, status when you will have NO NATION.

    India is only partly to blame for the floods, an sensible honourable nation would calculate the overflow level of Indian dams and create Overflow Reservoirs with an additional 25% capacity so if there are flash floods they can fill up these reservoirs and reuse this water for Hydro Power Rservoirs. All you need is a serious of Overflow Reservoirs and dams, some to directly accommodate the overflow of water from Indian Dams and others to “re-use” this water to flow into Hydro Dams to generate Hydro power.

    Unfortunately we have no self respecting government and we sadly will not. Our government cares nothing for the ordinary Pakistani Muslim or Non Muslim and is busy scheming how to expunge the natural wealth underground not knowing the greatest wealth of a nation is it’s people.

    Allah has blessed you with a rich, fertile nation but we have insulted this gift through corrupt leaders.

    Pakistan has never suffered as much as it has in this last decade.

    Take heed of these signs!!

    Nawaz Shareef and cronies including Zardari and co – please for the sake of this nation – Leave it alone, do not harm it anymore.

    People of Pakistan make amends with your Lord – who is all forgiving and all giving.

    Enough is Enough!!

    Remember honour and respect this Pak Sar Zameen like Prophet Saleh (AS) oontni and do not do unto it what the people of prophet Saleh (AS) did unto her and invite the wrath of your Lord.


    Please do not dishonour this nation through this corrupt leaders.

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