Only 2 % students passed in the Central Superior Services of Pakistan (CSS) exam.


Yet another devastating blow to Pakistan’s domestic education. Only 2 percent of students who appeared in the Central Superior Services of Pakistan (CSS) exam have passed.

Each year thousands of graduates aim to make the improbable possible, to earn a chance to grab a position in the bureaucratic system of Pakistan. However, according to statistics, over 90 percent fail to achieve their goal.

That being said, this year was the toughest of all. The results revealed that a remarkable 98 percentage of students failed to clear the written test which left the observers in awe. This is the first time such a huge sum of students have failed to make the cut.

20,717 students applied for the examination, 9643 students appeared for the exam and out of those, only 202 candidates cleared the written examination who are now eligible to appear for an interview.

Graduates have argued that the strict subject selection criteria is one of the main reasons why majority of the graduates fail.

When considering the bigger picture, this highlights the problems in Pakistan’s educational system, particularly higher education. The competition is extremely high and there isn’t enough diversity for the students and graduates to work with. Competition will always remain tough if majority is applying for the same position.

Additionally, students and graduates aren’t taught to think outside the box or work with unknown variables. The lack of concept based education is another reasons why a huge majority fails in such exams.

Reasons Why Graduates Fail CSS Exams So Often

  • Lack of potential.
  • Flawed preparation technique.
  • Lack of enthusiasm.
  • No proper guidance.
  • Wrong utilization of energy.

With each passing year, the percentage of students who successfully pass CSS is going downhill.








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  1. I’m a student of ninth class…My wish is that tk do something for my country who gave us this precious land for living…As I seen the percentages of student and theri requirements it could be too dificult but InshAllah Will help us and I will be the part of Central Superior Service Of Pakistan…Thanks For giving this OwesOme Knowledge that will Be too helpful for us…

  2. Dear,

    It is the question of most people that why 2% of candidates are qualifying CSS? As in Pakistan, there are lots of expert academies and other institutes that are helping and guiding the students to become a part of Central Superior Services but again the issue is the result. So, It totally depends upon the guidance and the support from the Instructor. When your direction is right then you can achieve your target. Many Students lack proper guidance in the Preparation Phase. You must know about the art of Preparation, the art of Examination and as well as the art of Presentation to carry good marks in CSS Exams and this couldn’t possible without the Proactive, well-exposure trainer.
    Thanks and Regards

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