1965 War: The Undaunting Spirit


The Armed force’s officers and men are square measure trained and driven worldwide to combat, however, their actual value for battle will be arbitrated during the course of war merely. The military that owns courageous and the best combat fighters stands out clearly, as the worry of death becomes peripheral, they are not withstanding what intensity of combat operations, and the magnitude of contradictory forces to whom they defied with.

If we analyse the bravery and courage of Pakistani armed forces in all wars, then it can effortlessly be found even in the records of the foes.
The armed military units of Pakistan have played the most important part in the wars, whether they are combating the terrorism within the country, fighting cross-border wars with the neighbouring states, or assisting other states in catastrophes, they stand firmly in every state of affairs. Whether extending military, medical help or sustaining the writ of the state in other countries, Pakistani Army was called every time – as the rain and shine friend for all.

However, when it comes to serving their own country, the soldiers of Pakistan Army do not have a second thought to contemplate and they defend every inch of their state. Pakistan has suffered and countered the menace of terrorism that engulfed thousands of innocent lives in suicide bombings, target killings or in plated bombings. Apart from this, Pakistan has fought three major wars with the neighbouring country primarily on the Kashmir conflict. Every year the sagas of valour were revised and we celebrated the victory against that war which was fought against the ten times bigger opponent who also possess facilities larger than Pakistan’s, including armoury, and additional defence force. Both states tackled the mammoth amount of destruction, loss of masses and properties, yet fighting against the much stronger enemy is the real pictogram of bravery for the entity. The Operation Gibraltar was the preparatory factor for 1965 war. Providentially, instead of perturbing about the military strength of opponent, fighting with valour was real heroism. Not relating to the aftermath of war, but fighting with a much potent enemy is the factual triumph.

Obliteration of Pakistan by India do not end here, several conspiracies and ploys were plotted to detach the arm of Pakistan (East Pakistan in 1971), the huge loss of Pakistan. It is an undeniable fact that the Indian and Bengali guerrillas were involved in Bangladesh Liberation War.
However, the spirits of cross-border wars are undoubtedly un-matchable, but confronting the enemies of the state that are solely sponsored by the neighbouring state is another matter of fact. Pakistan is fighting the terrorism right after 2001 (the World trade centre tragedy). Dozens of soldiers, citizens martyred, due to heavy loss faced the economy collapse etc. but the morale is still high. From Operation Al-Meezan (initiated in 2002) until now, innumerable soldiers have embraced martyrdom. The antagonist indirectly plotted several machinations that turned out to be destructive for Pakistan and its citizens.

The price of peace was paid by numerous citizens and soldiers, the void can never be filled. The aftermath of terrorism clearance operations by the military in Pakistan has endured the attacked on the Army, Airforce and on the Navy bases. Whether the attack on PNS Mehran Base Karachi (2011), PAF Base Samungli (2014), Jinnah International Airport Attack (2014), Police training college Quetta attack (2016), the association links up to the country which have always been an ultimate foe of Pakistan (India).

The 1965 war heroes like Major Aziz Bhatti, Flight Lieutenant Younus Hussain, Squadron Leader Sarfaraz Ahmed Rafiqui, Major Mir Raza Shah, Brigadier Ahsan Rasheed Shami and uncountable others have written the history of fighting and sacrificed their lives to defend Pakistan. Undoubtedly, in 1971 war, Kargil war, and several other skirmishes Pakistan have lost the valiant sons in countering and removal of the peril of terrorism. The soldiers of Pakistani armed forces occupied with the spirits to sacrifice their life for the defence of motherland can never perceive anywhere. Whether it’s Lieutenant Syed Yaser Abbas martyr of Pakistan Navy, Captain Asfandyar Bukhari of Pakistan Army, Captain Rooh Ullah Shaheed, Captain Akash Rabbani Shaheed, Captain Bilal Zafar Shaheed, Captain Umair Abbasi Shaheed, Flying Officer Minhaj ul Hasan Shaheed, Captain Mairaj, Captain Sulman Sarwar Shaheed, Captain Salman Farooqi Shaheed and uncountable other Army officers who laid their lives to bestow us with the bright and serene future.

The spirits of these lion-hearted soldiers of Pakistan is undeniable, that gives the Pakistani nation a sense of security. The combatants of our armed forces are the ones who pre-requisite our appreciation continuously, as they are the defenders of Pakistan. Nonetheless, the opponent was much influential in all aspects in 1965 war, but fighting with the zeal and lion-heartedness can surely bore the fruit of peace for the country mates. It is futile to justify and analyse the aftermath of Indo-Pak war, because being an 18-year-old entity, Pakistan has succeeded and marked the gallantry story in the history books.

Sana Zehra is a Microbiologist and have keen interest in writing, a patriot and willing to be an aspiring writer.

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