14th August : Have We Forgotten Its Purpose?


So let us take a vow on the 66th anniversary of independence that we will change ourselves to change Pakistan so that it becomes a reflection of the dream of Jinnah, Iqbal and all the people who made sacrifices so that we could live a better and peaceful life in accordance with the teachings of Islam. Let us take a vow that we will not limit ourselves to just 14th of August every year, let us take inspirations from our ancestors and convert that inspiration into action everyday. Let us strive for a better Pakistan so that we can live happily and peacefully rather than pretending to be happy for one day and ignoring all the problems we are facing until it is too late.

اے غنچۂ خوابیدہ چو نرگس نِگَراں خیز

کاشانۂ ما، رفت بتَاراجِ غماں، خیز

O sleeping bud, wake up to a narcissus-like vigilance over the world,

Rise, for griefs have devastated our haven;

از نالۂ مرغِ چمن، از بانگِ اذاں خیز

از گرمیِ ہنگامۂ آتش نفَساں خیز

Let the lament of the morning fowl and the dawn call of prayer wake you up;

Rise, the fire-eaters are at work and the fire-balls hang in the air.

از خوابِ گِراں، خوابِ گِراں، خوابِ گِراں خیز

از خوابِ گِراں خیز

Rise from heavy slumber, from heavy slumber arise!

دریائے تو دریاست کہ آسودہ چو صحرا ست

دریائے تو دریاست کہ افزوں نہ شُد وکاست

What an ocean is thine that is silent like a desert?

What an ocean is that which swells not and falls like a lake?

بیگانۂ آشوب و نہنگ است، چہ دریاست؟

از سینۂ چاکش صِفَتِ موجِ رواں خیز

What an ocean is it that knows no storms and whales?

Rise like a tidal wave from the split breast of the ocean!

از خوابِ گِراں، خوابِ گِراں، خوابِ گِراں خیز

از خوابِ گِراں خیز

Rise from heavy slumber, from thine heavy slumber arise!

فریاد ز افرنگ و دل آویزیِ افرنگ

فریاد ز شیرینی و پرویزیِ افرنگ

Beware of the West and its bewitching coquetry!

Beware of its disloyal charm and its Machiavellian malice!

عالم ہمہ ویرانہ ز چنگیزیِ افرنگ

معمارِ حرم، باز بہ تعمیرِ جہاں خیز

The world lies desolate from the savagery of the West!

O builder of the Sanctuary, take up the task of building a new world!

از خوابِ گِراں، خوابِ گِراں، خوابِ گِراں خیز

از خوابِ گِراں خیز

Rise from thine heavy slumber, from thine heavy slumber arise!

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  1. The so-called “country” called Pakistan that came into existence on 14th Aug 1947 no longer even exists — it being cut up into 2 pieces on Dec 16, 1971 with the creation of Bangladesh — and MORE THAN HALF the people of this new country kicking the rest out and thereby burying forever the so-called “dreams” of Jinnah and Iqbal abd whichever other pieces of trash! So there is nothing to “celebrate” as such since the effectively there is no such country anymore anyway… and whatever is left of it now we all know (and as many Pakis themselves acknowledge if one is to read its newspapers these days) that their country (actually just an “anomaly on the map”) is only headed for self-destruction! Rightfully well deserved…

  2. The sentence ” These sacrifices were made because the people wanted to live according to the Islamic values peacefully in this separate piece of land” is misconstrued. Jinnah wanted a seperate land for muslims so that they didn’t have a disadvantage. Not so that they can live according to Islamic values.

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