12-year-old Pakistani boy’s recitation impresses Imam-e-Kaaba


MADINA MUNAWWARA, Saudi Arabia:  A young Pakistan boy has won the people’s hearts with his brilliant performance in the world Qira’t competition held recently in Madina Munawwara.

His recitation was so impressive that Imam-e-Kaaba Abdur Rahman As-Sudais lauded his performance and kissed his forehead as a gesture of praise.

Mohammad Hasan, the 12-year-old boy belonging to Mingora, Swat was sent by the Government of Pakistan to Madina Munawwara in Saudi Arabia after he secured the first position in the Qira’t contest held in Pakistan.

Young Hasan participated in the world contest where expert Qaris from 85 countries were present.

However, the Pakistani boy won accolades with his exemplary performance.

Hasan said that he would improve his performance to win more prizes to serve Islam and Pakistan in future.

His father and father-in-law are also very proud of him.

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