10 ways to fight heat this Ramadan


Here is June, the month of extreme heat, when temperature can rise above 40C. Moreover, it’s Ramadan, the month of fasting. Sometimes it’s a little difficult to fast in the scorching summer and long power cut-downs. Below is a list of things that will make fasting in this heat somewhat easy. Follow them to avoid heatstroke and heat exhaustion and enjoy your Ramadan.

  1. Stay indoors

Avoid sun exposure especially during the peak hours of heat i.e. 11am-3pm. If it’s necessary to go outdoors, have umbrella and cover your head and hands. Use sunscreen on your face.

  1. Ventilate

Keep windows and apertures wide open to ensure good air passage. Use pedestal and desk fans or water coolers for cool air.

  1. Use shades

Cover verandas and balconies with shades and blinds to keep your home cool.

  1. Look out for coolest place at home

Stay in the coolest room/place of your home where minimum heat can be felt. Stay in ground floors and don’t go on roof tops and humid rooms.

  1. Minimize physical activity

Avoid doing strenuous physical activities or household tasks especially during daytime.

  1. Keep your body cool

As we are fasting in summer heat, it is necessary to maintain normal body temperature to keep yourself cool and calm. Take cool showers twice a day. Apply wet and cool towel or cloth on your head, shoulders and face. You can also fill a bucket with cool water (not iced) and soak your hands and feet into it.

  1. Wear light color, loose clothing

Wear loose-fitted, light colored clothing as they reflect light and give a cool and comfortable feel. Moreover, you can also replace your curtains, covers and other upholsteries with light colored cool material.

  1. Drink plenty of fluids

Drink lots of water and fresh juices. Increase water intake as much as possible during sehri, iftaar and post-iftaar period. Avoid sugary drinks, tea and minimize caffeine intake.

  1. Avoid greasy foods

Yes, minimize your pakoras and samosas intake in iftaar especially during the days of extreme heat.  You can have plain chapatti and yogurt in sehri. Eat fruits and fiber rich foods and avoid high carb-fat and spicy foods. A glass of ‘lassi’ during sehri decreases thirst and help a lot while fasting.

  1. Keep good spirits

Don’t panic while you are fasting. Remember, the more you feel the heat, the more it will be troublesome. Relax. Keep yourself calm and happy. Ramadan is the month of blessings. So don’t waste it while worrying. Be grateful and collect its rewards.

Happy Ramadan !

Aniqa Zainab is an aspiring journalist, pursuing her Honors in Mass Communication from University of Karachi. She is a keen reader and loves to write. She tweets @theaniqa

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