10 Tourist Killed; TTP Miscreance Exposed


TTP has claimed responsibility of Sunday killing of 10 foreign tourists and their guide in Diamer district of Gilgit-Balitistan.

10 Tourist Killed in Pakistan
Pakistan’s Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan (R) looks on as Air Force officials transport coffins containing the bodies of the foreign tourists upon their arrival from Gilgit, at Chaklala Airbase in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Photo: MD NAMEEN/EPA

TTP spokesperson Ehsanullah Ehsan he call the ETribune and said that the group’s faction Junud-e-Hafsa has carried out the attack. He said the killing was revenge against the US drone attacks and killing of TTP chief Waliur Rehman Mehsud.

“This will tell the international community about our feelings and sentiments against the killing of our fighters”

Government officials have confirmed the death of five Ukrainians but the number of Chinese killed, is not confirmed. We have reports that the government of Gilgit Baltistan has immediately authorized the Army to hunt down the miscreants at priority and with iron hand.

PKKH has reports that the base-camp that was located in a deserted area, 4200 feet below the Nanga Parbat, was holding several tourist from US, Europe, Russia, Ukraine and China. The TTP mercenaries who had taken an 8 hours on-foot journey to reach the camp, made sure to pick out and kill only the Chinese, the Ukrainians and one Nepali, leaving safe the US and European tourists. We have been confirmed that the attackers were in Army uniform, and that a massive search operation is on the way to hunt down the mercenaries right now.

This is in stark opposition to the TTP statement of taking revenge against the drone attack which was definitely made by the US and not by the Chinese or the Ukrainians. It is also an anomaly whether TTP themselves prompted the killing of Wali ur Rehman, who had diverted from TTP Takfeeri ideology and turn to peace-talks with the Pakistani authorities. Has it not been the wavering behavior of the baseless TTP command, which can act in the most abrupt ways to secure its dollars, and keep its own people and the whole nation delude to any possible extent?

TTP’s double-face is evident from the fact that since the return of their captured leader Baitullah Meshud from GITMO, and his creation of the TTP, the TTP has invoked an undeclared Jehad against the Chinese, attacking them every now and then, whereas not a single American asset has been hit in Pakistan nor in Afghanistan.

The nation should wake up to the evildoing, insurgents, who have acted as parasite to the state and people of Pakistan, and have done their best to create mistrust between the people of Pakistan and their institutions, specially building their case against the Pak Army. These mercenaries have attacked the Shia-Sunni fault line several times before, trying to create rift between the Pakistani society. We must remember that this same faction, in the same area, attacked a bus full of our Shia brethren, killing the all savagely and abandoning their remains on the deserted road, one year back.

It is time that as the US/Indians pack up their bags in the wake of the 2014 Withdrawal, all such filth be removed from the soil of Pakistan, but with a blow that is made an example for times to come. The people of Pakistan are being their Armed Forces in this vital war, we fight within our borders.

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  1. It is really ashamed all of us that a land of hospitality has its 1st ever practice since. As I’m speechless and has no words to express my condolences to the victims families. Qura’an & Hadith had since never allowed anyone to kill’s someone without any reason regardless of any religoin

  2. The world is waiting to see if Pakistans new elected leaders will be able to stand up to these criminals or if the Islamic extremists will control your country?…it appears that population is finally understanding that it is really Pakistans war and that the USA has been the only people who have the courage to fight these school burners, and suicide bombers…we will se if they just hide behind the usual conspiracy theories and blame others for the enemy within Pakistan…

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