10 Steps to make Operation Zarb e Azb Successful



After a long endeavor to make the peace talks with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) successful and utter failure in this regard, the elected government of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) has finally directed the Armed Forces of Pakistan to launch a comprehensive operation against foreign and local terrorists who are hiding in sanctuaries in North Waziristan Agency. The operation has been named Zarb-e-Azb.
In order to make Operation Zarb e Azb successful to the maximum, both militarily and politically, here are a few suggestions for the Pakistani authorities:
1.      An All Parties Conference should be held as soon as possible in the nearest possible place to the war zone, i.e., Peshawar, or at some military camp near North Waziristan.
2.      An effective counterterrorism strategy focused on winning the ‘hearts and minds’ of the local populace. The IDP’s suffering needs to be alleviated and a robust mechanism needs to be set up for their comfort.

3.        The US should be instructed to ‘do more’ against the terrorists in the Kunar Nuristan region. A hammer and anvil approach should be adopted by the armed forces of both the countries to squeeze the space of the fleeing militants.

4.        Any proof of foreign support for the terrorists should be made public through mainstream media.
5.        Interviews of people who have reverted from the path of TTP and its false jihad in Pakistan should be aired, to clarify the fitnah of Takfeer and its after effects – showing that those claiming to be “mujahideen” are really “mukhaadi’een”.
6.      The PEMRA/PTA should ban airing/ publishing TTP’s stance/ press releases on TV/Radio/News websites, and on the other hand, all TV Channels/ radio stations should voluntarily broadcast to enhance the patriotic atmosphere in Pakistan. Immediate raids should be made on stations that disobey.
7.      A briefing of Operation Zarb e Azb for the media persons should be held in North Waziristan, Journalists/broadcasters from various media outlets should be given a chance to visit the war zone.
8.      Apart from the political parties, religious parties of all the sects should have a joint session and come up with a consensus against the TTP ideology.
9.      Any confusion-creating-campaign on mainstream media by any person or party should not be tolerated and must be dealt accordingly during the Operation.
10.      Internally Displaced People should be treated with care and love by the whole Pakistani nation. If the government is short of resources, they should invite Pakistani public to help their brothers and sisters in this dire time.

is graduate from UET, Lahore, with keen interest in Conflicts in South Asia. He tweets @_AnasAbdullah

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