The Fiddler on the Roof


Someone asked my opinion about the SC bench hearing the Panama Case and I responded that they had become irrelevant – there is a time and place for everything, even our birth and death. The SC bench and the Panama case are about as relevant in the national landscape as the obnoxious importance being given to PSL 2 and the allegations of criminal behavior by the players participating in it, all pretense, to add sauce and increase hype.

Growing up in then East Pakistan I had noticed that when it came to laying down the roof of an under construction house there would be a fiddler on the roof and to the beat of the tune that he played the women gathered in a circle would beat down the roof in unison to make the concrete – cement mixture more compact. I think that fiddler’s role was more important than the role of the members on the SC bench who only know how to dither and express their exasperation but do nothing of significance, no earth shaking pronouncements comes forth from their lips, whilst the nation burns over and over again, its people clueless, its ship of state rudderless with no one at the wheel.

The Government’s primary duty is to protect the life of its citizens, forget about liberty; we never had it anyway, not under the Brits, not now – the Code of Criminal Procedure 1898 remains. And that the Government has miserably failed in its primary duty is apparent to all but the blind.

Justice we are told is blind and perhaps this is why this fact, this unvarnished truth that is staring us in the face, day in day out, is invisible to the learned men who wear robes of honor and sit on the Supreme Court bench and are referred to as Justice individually and Justices as a group. If they had any semblance of conscience or morality they would have done Justice by taking suo motu action and sent this government packing and in its place put in a government of a few just men who would have the will to take bold action to stop the rot, go after the enemies of the state and restore a sense of security. But no, how can people engrossed with Pensions, Plots, and lucrative posts post retirement think beyond the bureaucratic lines laid down.

Prove me wrong, Justices of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, prove to the people of Pakistan that you guys care.Do something to show that you have earned the perks of office that you enjoy. Otherwise you are not the solution; you too are part of the problem.

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