Published On: Sun, Aug 18th, 2013

Pakistan Cruise Missiles Vs India Ballistic Missile Defense

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Pakistan devised the world’s most sophisticated missile technology at home, called the Cruise Missile System. Pakistan indigenously developed two versions of this weapon, one is ALCM – air-launched Cruise Missile called Ra’ad, and the other is LACM – land-attack Cruise Missile called Babur; the sea version of babur is also developed that can hit any target with pinpoint accuracy.

These classes of missiles are called guided missiles that can travel at constant velocity and in a terrain hugging mode, i.e., it travels with the crust of earth, to avoid detection, it can’t be tracked by a radar system, and can reach and destroy targets at land, air and sea.

After the development of this technology, the Indian Pundits find it difficult to defend themselves against the upcoming Pakistani warheads. Pakistan has continuously followed the golden principles laid down by Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, to ‘threaten no one but remain deterrent, to eliminate and stabilize any foreign threat’.

The Pakistani nation, defense establishment and political leaders are continuously declaring that we will not threaten anyone, but we will remain deterrent to any threat; and that is why the Pakistani nation sees their nuclear arsenal as their “Treasured Sword”.

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  1. Pakistan is an artificial land created out of Bharat. Pakistans borders with Afghanistan are disputed . Afghanis lost a lot of land when Britishers tricked them and made Durrand line as the border. Afghanis want Pakhtoonistan and NWFP to be merged with them. Baluchistan was forcibly made part of Pakistan. What do Baluchis have in common with Punjabis of Pakistan ??? Actually Baluchis have always been independent throughout history.
    India has had a headache called Pakistan from the day britishers left and that was precisely the Great Game that India should be left embrodiled in South Asia for many years. Our strategists are not upto mark and they are still not plotting the destruction of evil Pakistan. Pakistanis will never improve , they are feed with deep hatred for their mother religion Hinduism. They will keep denying that their forefathers were Hindus for thousands or years and that present day generations are forcible converts. Hinduism is the worlds oldest religion and blessed by Lord of 3 worlds Lord Shiva himself and will exist till eternity.

  2. Dear Indians,
    you come and comment on our sites, having isreal as partner and trying to earn money in middle east from muslim countries… you will again be salved and this time for eternity insha ALLAH keep dreaming destruction of Pakistan but the grond reality is completely different, keep worshipping idols, keeping drinking urine, keeping burning brides and keep raping women india is shining you good for nothing constipated vegetarian race of slaVES…

  3. anynomous says:

    your atom bombs and missiles are of no threat to india…useless peice of junks that u brought from china out of the money u begged from usa…..plz buzz off

  4. Azamkhan says:

    please check the history of south asia! pak hind Bangladesh Afghan befor a Muslim state and soon returned a Muslim state .”in shaa Allah”

  5. sheikh abid says:

    i would just like to answer to this anynomous shit head that pakistan has a better nuclear and missile technology than india. all of you know that most of the indian missiles have failed during test flights..and just to make sure go to youtube and see for urself.if i were to talk about facts it would take 2 days for india to set their missiles on the pak-india border but would take pakistan only 2 hours to do so.

  6. Really pakistan is begger usa can do anything in pakistan

  7. qasim khan says:

    i am pakistani we are not begger people we have power of mind india is the very begger country indian all political agency is befool and pakistan army force is a brave in the all world indian bloody people in world and we are buying the technology from us and china because we use mind and india can not use mind as this and and the last sentence india is our real enemy country shame to india and india all poltical agency

  8. AUZAIN says:

    All Indians and Pakistanis commenting on this topic. I am very much interested in studying missiles technology possessed by the various countries. Believe me the babar and Raad are master pieces while all others possessed by PAK are too accurate. Whether bough or indigenous bhaya they are dam good and deadly. Go and work on this and u will find the same answer.

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