Published On: Sun, Aug 18th, 2013

Pakistan Cruise Missiles Vs India Ballistic Missile Defense

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Pakistan devised the world’s most sophisticated missile technology at home, called the Cruise Missile System. Pakistan indigenously developed two versions of this weapon, one is ALCM – air-launched Cruise Missile called Ra’ad, and the other is LACM – land-attack Cruise Missile called Babur; the sea version of babur is also developed that can hit any target with pinpoint accuracy.

These classes of missiles are called guided missiles that can travel at constant velocity and in a terrain hugging mode, i.e., it travels with the crust of earth, to avoid detection, it can’t be tracked by a radar system, and can reach and destroy targets at land, air and sea.

After the development of this technology, the Indian Pundits find it difficult to defend themselves against the upcoming Pakistani warheads. Pakistan has continuously followed the golden principles laid down by Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, to ‘threaten no one but remain deterrent, to eliminate and stabilize any foreign threat’.

The Pakistani nation, defense establishment and political leaders are continuously declaring that we will not threaten anyone, but we will remain deterrent to any threat; and that is why the Pakistani nation sees their nuclear arsenal as their “Treasured Sword”.

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  1. Rizwan says:

    Well Said Mr. Waqas Jan

  2. LOL…..LOL….LOL….LOL….brilliant ly said. Doctrine Buster…..LOL….LOL….LOL…LOL…if I may also add into; Bhania Bhindia Buster……LOL……LOL…LOL

  3. The Bomb Man says:

    Yay. Please keep on spending more money on missiles. And all the best. Make more and more. Just remember, spend less on social welfare, proper education and infrastructure.

    Just make more and more bombs guns and other fun stuff.

  4. Tejpal says:

    Total lies manufactured to spread hate. Pakistan’s birth was based on the hate Hindu and it still continues unabated. Pakistan is not threatened by anybody but its own inside hate, intolerance, and Islamic Caliphate. You can always justify anything, now your leaders lament of terror threat to Pakistan from the Islamic jihadis, forgetting it their own creation.

    • Alansaralhaq says:


      What came first the freedom movement for the liberation of Islamic Indus or did the vile Hindu shuvra campaign in SE British India that forced 2 million Muslims to Hinduism.

      What came first the movement for Pakistan or the armed Hindu gangs terrorising a defenceless Muslim population. A time when the British was systematically removing Muslim positions of authority in place for their Hindu proxy zealots.

      Things have not changed in Nehru’s India after all he was the homosexual lover of the British viceroy.

      • Vijay says:

        Well, I sincerely hope you di realize what you wrote has no factual value or historical significance. I hope you realize you lie when you are lying. And lastly, I hope you graduate from the madarasas based Pak curriculum whose entire aim is to incite enmity with India and Indians but has no connection with truth.

        Wikipedia is a start, please read up international history and not mullah-modified history.. Our history books barely talk of Pakistan but your textbooks teach hate in the name of history.. What more to expect from a practitioner of an insecure faith and country that has no collaboration with truth and who prefer to live in a perennially deluded state of mind claiming adherents of a God who begs his followers to convert others by force.

        India was a great country before Muhammad era. Everyone was prosperous, happy, learned and at peace. An Arab chronicler wrote “In Hind if you drop a coin, no one picks it”. A bunch of jealousy inferior bigots came and ruined it by treachery (read Will Durant’s summation of the Islamic conquest of India). But India will rise again.. it’s blessed.

        You can continue to lick China’s derriere.. I was sad that the Muslims from central Asia err sorry the Indian converts who claim to be descendents of Arabs now, took a big part of our great country Aryavart but I am happy I do not have to share my country with people like you.. Lastly, India has sizeable number of Muslims but Muslims have wiped Hindus in Pakistan and Kashmir, what an insecure faith!

    • hamza1331 says:

      gO hOmE u R dRuNK u IdIOT!!

  5. Alansaralhaq says:

    Well written.

    Look to history and you will see The eastern neighbours were a marauding, barbarian race, war mongering is in their blood.

    Their idols are the liks of Siva who attack from the back in deceit and this is the Cha Nakya way and certainly the Indian Foreign policy towards Pakistan having failed full frontal assault on Pakistan.

    They use 1971 as their blue print even today in Balohistan, in Sindh and Khyber and Pakthunkwa but they will no break us.

    Bangladesh was destined to be created, how could two distinct nations with distinct national boundaries exist as one separated by a nefarious neighbour in the middle.

    East and West Pakistan can exist in the context of a Mughal Empire and we need a stable Central Asia and a stable Pakistan before we can even contemplate this.

    Pakistan must always be 2 steps ahead of the forked tongued Indians, we were not one or part of them, they were part of us and our empires. We has to keep them subservient in order to bring a peaceful and stable South Asia.

    Pakistan must continue supporting our armed forces and study India closely and maintain the strategic advantage over them. India tried very best to attack Pakistan at the height of the TTP invasion to recreate 1971.

    The Indian Generals had to stop short of a full scale war because Pakistan had a strategic conventional advantage over them in the battlefield, tanks, aircrafts and tactical nukes witha sophisticated delivery system.

    Had we not have had the conventional advantage Pakistan would have been attacked by India from the East and their and NeoCon proxy from the West in the face if TTP.

    Pakistan must continue maintaining this tactical advantage to fend off the daily threat of India.
    India has naval superiority over Pakistan but Pakistan has tactical plutonium nukes that can be launched on babar missiles from the sea via small freights or even smaller.

    Pakistan continues to have air superiority today with old Indian planes out manouvered by PAF.

    Pakistan continues have a far more robust missile delivery and missile technology than India.

    India has strength in numbers but one Pakistani is worth 10 Indians on a battlefield.

    Pakistan needs to continue investing in plutonium grade nukes more agile and able to move across regions very carefully and can be hidden from enemy eyes.

    Pakistan army needs to be inducted in the SCO post Afghanistan war and it seems logical to do so and begin its ascension as a Central Asian power and let India do the dirty work on behalf of USA in the Pacific.

    Indians are a meek people but in groups or droves dangerous, schizophrenic, war mongering therefore very unstable. The more the Indians thought they had USA supporting them the more bolder they got in attacking Pakistan.

    Pakistan must exceed India in capability and resolve, Kargill serves a reminder to India on just how quickly Pakistan can occupy strategic positions. Sino Pakistani nexus must make it possible for India to be boxed in, in the northern regions and remain forever more on the defensive.

    India’s paranoia, schizoid nature and a resurgent Hindu fanatic culture will be it’s own doing.

    • Jeeth says:

      Why is your post always so long and boring??? Your post is always misery and misery and misery and ‘death to indians’ and ‘death to indians’ and ‘death to indians’.. Do you write your post after you finish your vodka?? You probably had a very bad personal experience with an Indian..

      Why dont you take a gun and shoot yourself so that you will get releived of the pain? :-)

      To all my dear pakistanis, an all out war will never happen between the 2 countries.. It is politically and economically tooooooo costly…

      So instead of missile comparison (which the author did not present), can we have comparison of economies?? It will be much more usefull..

    • asad says:

      what is the Dog’s name of America and israil ..

      A) INDIA
      B) INDIA
      C) INDIA
      D) only india

  6. true… well written Mr, Jan

  7. Khan says:

    Pakistan Cruise Missiles Vs India Ballistic Missile Defense. Where is the comparision between the two and imapct asasment. Article is fine but you have written more on histrocial aspact. For justifing the title you need to have a compasrision between the Pakistan Cruise Missiles Vs India Ballistic Missile Defense. The strategic and technology apact both neede to be address which are missing in this.

  8. Eddied says:

    Investment in nuclear weapons is a complete waste of money…reading the comments by hate filled anti Indians who don’t have a clue about the futility of warfare with India is depressing…luckily your new prime minister understands that peace with India is the smartest path to follow for all of Pakistan…but there is so much hate on this topic being generated by irresponsible media that it could lead to a destabilizing war that would be a disaster for Pakistan and could lead to the end of your country…some angry people are playing with fire for no beneficial reason…when you get burned we will all just shake our heads and say we told you so…

  9. hindukush says:

    ratties are scared stupid by our weapons, no wonder they (bhindians) have been kept in their box (the rightful place) for good 3 or 4 decades now, all bark (of course being slum doggies) but no bite!

  10. Malik Haris says:

    salam what ever you said guys i felt very important to mention here that Pakistan is a miracle state our faith oN Allah enables us to make a separate nation for muslims and the concept of “ghazva e hind” which is mentioned in several ahadees always turned around in my mind.But the ghazva e hind is a unbelievable truth that must has to be done then u will see the power of Pakistan Pakistan Zindabad Pak Fouj Paindabad

  11. Taimur Saeed says:

    Love you Pakistan :*

  12. subarnadipta says:

    how india attack pakistan in 1947. Pakistan attack kasmir then india send her troops. how pakistan win 1965 war. indian army reach to lahore and then your pm go to un for peace talk and taskhand for ceasefire. remember asaluttar.. biggest tank battle after ww2. india lost only 29 and pakistan lost 150+ tanks. go to Wikipedia and search. how about kargil. your country refuse to accept your own armymens body. in bangaladesh war pak army surrender 93000 soldiers, biggest after ww2. how about Karachi port. 7 days and 7 nights under fire. and also indian missiles which are the best of the best. only india has prithvi, brahmos, nirbhay type of missiles. no america and china have this type of weapons. remember that jo garajte hay wo baraste nehi. you paki think that a revolber can fire like a machine gun. and your nukes are also don’t fear us because we have world’s best defence systems. if we engage to paki even today the world know that there was be a terrorist country name pakistan. laden was killed by us navy seals in pakistan. shame shame. and also remind to you that bbc disclosed pakistani cities are full of gays.

    • ahsan says:

      you forgot something. whatever was written on wikipedia it was fake.”PAKISTANI” MISSILE are best and best in the world IT WAS SAID by westren countries.our ARMY IS BEST in the world.PAKISTAN secret agency”ISI” is rated no 1 in the world.You cheap peoples provide amunition to taliban.they use it against “PAKISTAN”.you said it is the contry of terrorist.
      I advised you to not read wikipedia. because it contained fake meterial.
      you are far from us.our “TANKS” ARE better than yours tanks.our missiles are also better.YOU people cannot trade in amunition its not our fault.WE TRADE and buy amunition.
      mind it cheapersssssssssss…….
      WE are able to hit india at every place.
      WE are more advanced than you and korea.
      MANY missiles are construct by “PAKISTANI” scientist itself go on google and search it not on wikipedia.
      CHINA IS our friend .you have enemies everyware.
      AND one more thing don’t talk about “PAKISTAN”.

  13. king khan says:

    its not true dear
    the truth behind of 1965 is that
    that the indian govrnament suddenly attack on Pakistan where people was sleeping at the night when india attack
    so the indian troops easy come inside the pak border
    when our holy and brave soldiers wake than india go back
    Pakistan troops capture kimkaran area form india and so many tanks indai leave in side our country and run away before this chaina also beat to india in 1963
    1971 we not lose against india we lose against Bangladesh so don’t think about your victory
    1999 kargil war india defeated Pakistan by politics and the help of amirica
    kalinton order to Nawaz that remove your troops from the kargil so he follow
    see the dare of pak troops first he captured kargil we start this war it self
    if india is best why he not capture Pakistan why he not capture azad Kashmir
    1965 Russia help india so many tanks give Russia to india 1971 America and Russia also support india
    Pakistan is alone but still alive
    so becareful Pakistan is world no one super power and world no one brave army its true

    • IndianInUS says:

      I won’t say much. Pls read “”. Please continue commenting. They are brilliant pieces of work. Loved “kalinton order to Nawaz that remove your troops from the kargil so he follow”

    • Bharat says:

      Nawaz Sharif was not invited by cliton, he himself went there begged him to give the suggestion to Indian army to stop there force. Pakistan was about to be destroyed that time.
      you had only 7days petrol in your country, say thanks to America to begged you once again.
      you bloody begger

    • ahsan says:

      Well king khan your information is totally RIGHT.

  14. Kaushik says:

    Yeah, Pakistan has the most sophisticated missile technology the world has ever seen. The sophistication are listed below.

    1. Buy a missile from China with the money that you begged.
    2. Paint it Green with some white stars
    3. Give it the name of any invader to India.
    4. Translate the Chinese manual to Urdu.


  15. straight says:

    I came here for some interesting analysis but found lecture

  16. islam says:

    This is all bullshit…Tarikh gawah he kon kispe kitna bhari pada he..jab jab dushmano ne sar uthaya he unko sar kuchal diye gaye he

  17. Indra says:

    Pakistan is still dreaming. We will crush you swiftly. You are a race of shudras , untouchables – conquered by your central Asian masters, have noo lineage. A defeated people bringing upon themselves humiliation after humiliation.

  18. shoaib naeem says:

    Writing on indopak relations is indeed a tricky subject i cant pull my self away from a side or another even buy trying here are some findings which i think are facts
    1 it was not a neeceeesty to make a pakistan when british left
    2 the creation of pakistan push us to become miltarized its natural
    3 masses of muslims hindus and sikhs wanted to live togather in peace but their politacle parties were highjaked buy people with predetermined frame of minds
    4 reults are 1948 1965 1971 kargil saichin etc etc and wait for more
    5 indian acts are proof enoughf to show do they acpeted pakistan as country or not
    6 last but not least we pakistan have produced enogh screew heads who hate india with or without a reason
    8 an innavetable war is pending its written every were on our faceses and in our actions
    9 question is what and how can we change all this and what are we doing for it
    10 praying will not help need solid agreements on water issue and all outstanding issue inculding kashmir to be satteled once for an all so a hope could be given to coming generations to live in peace and harmony and to cutt defence spendings

    • Sunil says:

      Dear All (Indians & Pakis) Stop your all nonsense talks first. If war comes it will effect only the TAX payers from both sides. Only the Politicians & Diplomats are safe & the common man always suffers. Pakistan is borrowing a lot of arsenal form Americans – Remember their is no friendship with out a cause. People in Pakistani streets are still begging as funds are diverted to American treasury & pakistani politician are earning heafty commission on it. Same is with Indian politician (Bofors Guns Deal / Tetra Truck Deal).Instead of spending on Arms & ammunition the money have to spend on civil development. The western country wants Pakistan to fight as they are running their economy by selling arms & ammunition, They don’t have other source of it will effect only the TAX payers from both sides. Only the Politicians & Diplomats are safe & the common man always suffers. Pakistan is borrowing a lot of arsenal form Americans – Remember their is no friendship with out a cause. People in Pakistani streets are still begging as funds are diverted to American treasury & pakistani politician are earning heafty commission on it. Same is with Indian politician (Bofors Guns Deal / Tetra Truck Deal).Instead of spending on Arms & ammunition the money have to spend on civil development. The western country wants Pakistan to fight as they are running their economy by selling arms & ammunition, They don’t have other source of income.

  19. It is need of time to maintain peace and progress socially and economically for bright future of sub continent and Both India and Pakistan have to beleive one another.India have to understand and realize the issues of Kashmiri Muslims that will be a stable step towards the solution all issues peacefully through table talks. Same time Pakistan should always be alert for its defence.

  20. Amit Raja says:

    Its true that we should not comments on a Pakistani post full of hatred ,agony & some bullshit comparison .This always happens when u don’t have good education as such people doesn’t go for true facts, its true that Pakistan is our neigh but on which ground,first they said that we will give equal importance to all the religion,what happen is something opposite which can be read in our partition history,now about our religion somebody took name of our lord Shiva & by the way its Shiva not Siva ,yes u can talk any nonsense about him neither he will bother not us since we know each one of us have to die and all of us will go to him only at last, now about power which all in the world know from where did u get all of the warhead goods u get from ,from whom did u get money to purchase those goods ,we still have our own money to purchase it,as we know depending on other will lead to disasters like drone bombing leading to killing of innocence people and also the daily bombing in Pakistan by terrorist is an different issue all together ,this will always happen when a money use to build a nation is used to destroy the peace of other nation so rather saying Pakistan zindabad for a small reason first invest on something like education through which u can still call yourself zindabad

  21. Alex Jo says:

    LOL! I wonder what they teach in your country. Education twisted for the likes of extremists is what you have seen and been through, right from your birth. Its not your fault, young pakistani. Its the system developed in your country for such a long time nurtured through wars, hate crimes and back stabbing. Be it Allah, Shiva or Jesus..its not religion which divided our country my friend, it was just for the political gain of extremists who partitioned, divided and looted this country for such long which people have not yet realised and still narrowing your minds for more war and hate. Wish we were still a big country so that all our money spending on defence, espionage, nukes can be all put together to build up an economy, infrastructure, education, social welfare, exploration and some love between people rather than hate. Invest in self-transformation.
    Love you both countries.

  22. Aseem says:

    Is this site a “zanankhana” where men are not allowed? If so, please block it for the world or else anyone will make comments. I thought the article would give some meaningful comparison between indian and pakistani missiles but its more for a feel good for pakistanis. I am surprized to know about the Pakistani claim of winning 1948 war, india starting the 1965 war and India not winning the 1971 war.
    For your info. India entered the 1948 war when Pakistan was on the virge of capturing Srinagar but it was pushed back and ceasefire imposed by UN. This stopped India from pushing Pakistan army out of Kashmir and Nehru is till date blamed for this.

    1962, India lost territories to China and sufferred militarily but Indian forces did not surrender nor India ceded any territory without fighting the way Pakistan handed over Shaksgam Valley without fighting. Despite 1962 experience, India fought with Chinese again in 1967 and integrated Sikkim with India on which China was eyeing.
    Emboldened by 1962 attack on India, Pakistan thought it was an opportune moment in 1965 to occupy kashmir but its designs were halted by Indian forces. It was a draw for both countries.

    In 1971, if India did not win then why Gen. AAK Niazi surrendered to Gen. J S Arora along with 93000 pakistani soldiers? No where in the history of mankind such a huge number of soldiers have ever surrendered. whatever happenned to the theory of 1 paki soldier equals to 10 indian soldier? And if Pakistan lost to bangladeshi fighters then imagine what will happen with India.
    Occupying vacant indian post is not an act of courage. If Pakistan had courage it would have defended it. Remember India occupied high positions in Siachin Glacier and continues to occupy till day. Thats what we call courage and it comes from conviction.

  23. Ashutosg says:

    Being an Indian I feel sorry for you guys, you hate us a lot!
    The truth about India is, some people don’t pakistan and most of us don’t even care except regular terrorist attacks you you.

    See India has lost a lot after islmic people invaded our land, our world. Land know as pakistan was never yours bit then even you attacked us, took our land…. so think logically who attacked whom? who should be worried about whom?

    India has to go a long way. We are a superpower in defense and space. We do have poverty but hey India was bankrupt in 1990s (we had money to buy oil/ gas for next 7 days only)… but then even we are back, we have povery but we are still considered as superpower.

    Do yourself a favor and try to ignore India… try to not beg west for money and learn something from India.

  24. Khalid shaikh says:

    I am pakistani but real fact is Pakistan still not win single war with India.Pakistan require to use brain to attack the india

  25. Pakistan is an artificial land created out of Bharat. Pakistans borders with Afghanistan are disputed . Afghanis lost a lot of land when Britishers tricked them and made Durrand line as the border. Afghanis want Pakhtoonistan and NWFP to be merged with them. Baluchistan was forcibly made part of Pakistan. What do Baluchis have in common with Punjabis of Pakistan ??? Actually Baluchis have always been independent throughout history.
    India has had a headache called Pakistan from the day britishers left and that was precisely the Great Game that India should be left embrodiled in South Asia for many years. Our strategists are not upto mark and they are still not plotting the destruction of evil Pakistan. Pakistanis will never improve , they are feed with deep hatred for their mother religion Hinduism. They will keep denying that their forefathers were Hindus for thousands or years and that present day generations are forcible converts. Hinduism is the worlds oldest religion and blessed by Lord of 3 worlds Lord Shiva himself and will exist till eternity.

  26. Dear Indians,
    you come and comment on our sites, having isreal as partner and trying to earn money in middle east from muslim countries… you will again be salved and this time for eternity insha ALLAH keep dreaming destruction of Pakistan but the grond reality is completely different, keep worshipping idols, keeping drinking urine, keeping burning brides and keep raping women india is shining you good for nothing constipated vegetarian race of slaVES…

  27. anynomous says:

    your atom bombs and missiles are of no threat to india…useless peice of junks that u brought from china out of the money u begged from usa…..plz buzz off

  28. Azamkhan says:

    please check the history of south asia! pak hind Bangladesh Afghan befor a Muslim state and soon returned a Muslim state .”in shaa Allah”

  29. sheikh abid says:

    i would just like to answer to this anynomous shit head that pakistan has a better nuclear and missile technology than india. all of you know that most of the indian missiles have failed during test flights..and just to make sure go to youtube and see for urself.if i were to talk about facts it would take 2 days for india to set their missiles on the pak-india border but would take pakistan only 2 hours to do so.

  30. Really pakistan is begger usa can do anything in pakistan

  31. qasim khan says:

    i am pakistani we are not begger people we have power of mind india is the very begger country indian all political agency is befool and pakistan army force is a brave in the all world indian bloody people in world and we are buying the technology from us and china because we use mind and india can not use mind as this and and the last sentence india is our real enemy country shame to india and india all poltical agency

  32. AUZAIN says:

    All Indians and Pakistanis commenting on this topic. I am very much interested in studying missiles technology possessed by the various countries. Believe me the babar and Raad are master pieces while all others possessed by PAK are too accurate. Whether bough or indigenous bhaya they are dam good and deadly. Go and work on this and u will find the same answer.

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