Last Battle Against Militancy


Last round of battle against terrorism has begun, we as a nation must realize that it’s not an easy job to tackle militants especially when they are operating all over Pakistan. Since Radd-ul-Fasaad started everyone said this operation will be disastrous for our country and a new wave of terrorism will rise as a counter strike, but due to the hard work, passion and faith of our defense institutions nothing of such nature occurred. The credit goes to the undercover agents of Pakistani intelligence authorities who are working day and night for our safety.

They are always present among us and serving motherland, because for them Pakistan’s safety is always the first priority. 500+ terrorists have been wiped off the surface of Pakistan in ongoing operation Raddulfasaad weapons were caught by the security forces, hideouts were destroyed, communication network has also been destroyed. Before this operation started all the militants were urged to start their activities throughout the country but due to the blessings of Allah they were stopped. In start many people including few political parties were not in favor of this operation but now when they look at the result Raddulfasaad has achieved they realize that they were on the wrong side.

The places where these militants originated from is an old debate but good thing is that after sometime we’ll surely have a terrorism free Pakistan. This operation is also a shut up call for all those who were using Islam and allowing anti-Muslim conspiracy theories into media. Terrorists have no religion they are the type of human beings who kill other innocent humans. Islam is a religion of peace and the one who claims to be Muslim and carries terrorist activities in any part of the world has nothing to do with Islam. This war is very different from other wars between two countries we have to show trust in our army because only the Army who can bring us out of this situation.

Some people ask questions that what will happen after the completion of this operation. Our country will become terrorism free? There is no doubt about this that Pakistan will become terrorism free but we have to show full support to the soldiers as it’s not a game of one month or so, we bear to fight throughout our country to get rid of this issue. Currently militants are running here and there and our Army is hunting and killing them.

COAS rightly said that our soldiers will not come back till last terrorist there. Apart from the military operation there are several other steps that we have to take to wipe out terrorism and those are as important as the military operation. TTP has an extremist mindset and they use Islam to justify their criminal activities. We must retain a check on what’s going around us and if one finds any doubtful activities then we should contact the concerned authorities. Army is playing its part and we have to play ours.

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