Google Chrome Will Now Protect You from Viruses


Google Chrome, the most popular browser in the world (arguably) just got better.

Malware or viruses have always been annoying – sometimes dangerous for those surfing the web as they can come from toxic/dangerous websites and infect computers.

Most of the malware on the internet is usually small files that cause computers and browsers to forcibly display ads that redirect you to malicious websites. Sometimes the files steal data from the computer and can be very dangerous.

The browser is the main gateway for these files and anti-virus software aren’t usually focused on the browser. In most cases you need to buy an anti virus software that cover web browsers in their protection net.

New Anti-Virus Features

In an attempt to remedy this issue, Google updated their Chrome browser with some anti-virus features. They partnered with a renowed anti-virus and cyber security company, ESET, to improve and upgrade the Chrome Cleanup tool.

The tool is now easier to use because just from a push of a button, it will automatically get rid of any and all harmful extensions.

The most noticeable addition is that if an external or unwanted source tries to change your default search engine, Chrome will notify you of this change and you can revert to default with a click. This is important because malware can switch your search engine, redirecting you to malicious websites.

Thanks to this improvement, people who don’t have substantial knowledge about malware can now use the browser in peace without having any inappropriate websites hindering their web-surfing session.

Anti-Virus Software Recommended

The new update, however, isn’t really a complete anti-virus package. What it does is that it removes extensions and modifications which violate Google’s Unwanted Software Policy. To get complete virus and malware protection, it is recommended that you have a regular anti-virus software installed alongside Google Chrome.

Via TheVerge


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