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Opinion: Yom-e-Takbeer Special; Pakistan’s Nuclear Sword

Submitted by on May 28, 2013 – 1:15 pm27 Comments

by Aneela Shahzad

On March 15th, India’s premier threatened that his country is capable of making a “big bomb” that would be used to defend the country, and threatened Pakistan to concede Azad Kashmir over to it as well.

Date: May 28; Year: 1998; Location: Raskoh, Chaghi, Balochistan.

Pakistanis around the country witness the first successful Nuclear Test, with loud chanting of ‘Allah hu Akbar’, on their TV screens; many joined in the chant, many bowed their heads in thankfulness unto their Allah. ‘Allah is the greatest’, this is the ‘Takbeer’ recited by Muslims around the world; and through the Chaghi tests, Allah has placed the crown of being a Nuclear Armed State on the prideful forehead of Pakistan, and has put terror in the hearts of Pakistan’s enemies, on this day. And with the name of Allah and His Takbeer, do the Muslims take every step on the ladder of their progress; thus, Yom e Takbeer!

The story of a nuclear world starts with the records of the United States’ ambitious Manhattan Project, initiated in 1939, to outrun Germany’s plans to create such an arsenal, the year WWII began. By the very end of World War II, in August 1945, when victory was already tilted towards the United States, and Japan had been defeated on all fronts; the US made the Potsdam Declaration on 26th July, and without due justification, exploded the population of millions with its 2 nuclear bombs on the 6th and 9th of August; an exemplar of barbarism that was to change the course of the military history of the future.

World War II ended in 1945, with a worldwide devastation, numbering to about 75 million fatalities; but mankind was not going to revert from its game of terror and bloodshed, it was going to run faster in the race of weapons and connivance. In 1945, a man, from the Project Manhattan, returned to his home, India; his name was P. S. Gill; India had pursued the nuclear capability right from its inception.

After the partition, Nehru appointed P. S. Gill as the officer on a special duty, for the Indian Nuclear Project, in 1954. P. S. Gill, who had earned a rich experience from the infamous Manhattan project, became the first Godfather of the Indian Nuclear Weapon Design and Production Project. He remained the key player and advisor to Nehru, in the 1950s and 1960s, for India’s Nuclear Weapon Project.

In the year 1968, India refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

By 1971, India had had 3 major wars with Pakistan, one major war with China, and several intrusions with its other neighbors; one of which resulted in inflicting its neighbor Pakistan, by a proxy “Mukti Vahini” and its forces, who later were able to cut off East Pakistan, making and naming it “Bangladesh”. This was the most serious blow to Pakistan after the Kashmir war of 1948 and the war of 1965. This was the time when Pakistan started thinking about its defence against a covetous enemy, never resting from its ambition to break and destroy Pakistan, and this is the time when the nuclear option was put on the table for the first time, to keep India at bay.

Pakistan put its feet in the nuclear weapon technology in 1972, under the then PM Z. A. Bhutto. Zulifqar Ali Bhutto had said:

“If India builds a bomb, we will eat grass and leaves for a thousand years, even go hungry, but we will get one of our own. The Christians have the bomb, the Jews have the bomb and now the Hindus have the bomb. Why not the Muslims, too, have the bomb? “

In the year 1974, India conducted its first nuclear weapon test, under Indira Gandhi. The strategic balance was changed in the region, and India was emerging as an even more powerful threat for a nation like Pakistan and the whole region. In 1994, June 3rd, India tested its Prithvi medium-range missile. This was a warning of India’s development in short range missiles, which could carry warheads to Pakistan’s cities.

Until 1997, though it had practically put pressure on Pakistan at every possible front, India had never stated, on the diplomatic level, that its missile technology will be used against Pakistan.

June 1997, India moved its missiles near the Pakistani border.

In May, 11th to 13th, 1998, at Pokhran, Rajasthan; India, under PM Vajpayee of BJP (Hindu nationalist-dominated party), conducts underground nuclear weapon tests.

This turned the long-managed balance by Pakistan, even after the 1971 and 1974 events, in favor of India. India, on the other hand, keeping aside all diplomatic norms, started threatening Pakistan.

On March 15th, India’s premier threatened that his country is capable of making a “big bomb” that would be used to defend the country, and threatened Pakistan to concede Azad Kashmir over to it as well.

On March 18th, after the explosions, the Home Minister, L.K. Advani, called on Pakistan to “realize the change in the geo-strategic situation in the region”, and warned its government against trying to intensify a separatist Muslim insurgency in the Indian-controlled part of Kashmir.

Pakistan was being struck, not only with a threat to its sovereignty, and a threat of an all-out nuclear bombing of its civilian populace; but with a threat of a permanent diplomatic hegemony of an utterly unreasonable neighbor, an unsafe future for its generations and a passive position in regional affairs. Pakistan was cornered, it was time to react, it was time to strike the enemy and win back the moral uprightness of the people of the nation.

It was the right time to bounce back, the World community had not condemned or stopped India from conducting these tests; Pakistan had a choice to either present its plea to the United Nation’s ever-indecisive courts, or conduct its own tests and stand tall in the community of nations. Pakistan’s nuclear tests, perhaps, were a symbol for all the weak ones across the globe, and in particular the Muslims world, who were all the more eager and enthusiastic for the decision of Pakistan to conduct its nuclear tests.

Pakistan was under the premiership of M. Nawaz Shareef at that time. He was under immense pressure, threats, and luring offers from the West to the East; only a few stood by Pakistan at that time, he had to take the decision, and the decision he took!!

On March 19th, Nawaz Sharif, in a nationally broadcasted speech, said: “You must have heard today that they are discussing their aggressive designs toward Kashmir. By the grace of God, we are prepared for any trial, and the whole world knows that Pakistan has the ability to defend itself.”

At last, that sacred moment came, when Pakistan arose to new heights, showing defiance in the face of tyranny, in a world ruled by tyrants! At last, Pakistan bounced back, and bounced back hard!!

On May 28th, 1998, at Raskoh, Chaghi, Balochistan; Pakistan announced that it had successfully conducted five nuclear tests. These tests pridefully established Pakistan as a capable nuclear power of the world; Pakistan is the sole nuclear power in the entire Muslim Ummah. This day has been celebrated as Yom e Takbeer.

Questions are often raised around the world upon Pakistan and its nuclear program. Being a sovereign nation, it is in Pakistan’s prime national interest to keep this arsenal ready. But Pakistan’s peaceful ambitions, and its right to defense and deterrence over its stubborn opponents, is portrayed negatively in world mainstream media and political fronts. Many have tried to have Pakistan declared a ‘terrorist state’ and that their nuclear arsenals are in ‘un-safe hands’. Many, who are friends of India, instigate and finance terror into Pakistan, and after that, put all their stakes in maligning Pakistan’s image in the global community, making it difficult for Pakistan to progress economically and reach out to more in way of friendship and cooperation.

Perhaps the real questions are not those raised by others, perhaps the real questions are the ones every Pakistani needs to ask himself; is Pakistan a war-mongering nation? Does Pakistan have hegemonic ambitions over its regional neighbors? These questions have become a necessity as being subject to mainstream media; the Pakistani has been demoralized and cornered into a depressed, sadist state.

And the answer to this question lies in digging into some more questions; would we be safer without the nuclear bomb? Has Pakistan ever attacked or tried to occupy an inch of soil of any of its neighbors? Look around you, does the world give to beggars or is ‘might the right’ in this ever-competitive world? Are economic sanctions and more aid to be sought or are self-dignity, freedom and respect in the global village to be sought?

The Nuclear Sword of Pakistan, along with its brave Army and its resilient populace, was a necessity and is a source of pride and power for Pakistan and its friends. It is fit to give this message to India on the Yom e Takbeer:

“Don’t worry, India! We will not strike first, because we are not warmongers but peaceful people; but if you strike, we will not waste a wink of an eye to strike back”.

May Allah be the savior of Pakistan and protector of its people.

Pakistan Zindabad! Islam Paindabad!

Aneela Shahzad is an editor at PKKH.tv and can be contacted via info@pakistankakhudahafiz.com,  and you can also find her at Aneela Shahzad’s Blog.


  • gotya says:

    India’s nuclear bomb is for China and the west.Not for a mosquito like pakistan.Why India will need it to kill mosquito like pakistan ?India can block all water to pakistan by closing all dams on punjabi and kashmir rivers.Nuclear armaments are just for deterrent and status symbol. India made it by its own technology ,not a stolen technic by Khan.India knows very well that Pakistan is a stooge of US and UK. It can not use any atomic device without permission of these countries.Nothing to bother for India.

    • alicaan says:

      @gotya you ignorant carzy hindu indian did india create the nuclear bomb first or was it Pakistan??? when india created its dirty bomb all it did was to threaten Pakistan, Azad kashmir was asked straight away read the article cockroach! the whole of Pakistan would have followed we had to create our nuclear arsenal to stop indian hallowed threats and yes they STOPPED with immediate affect. WE ALL Pakistanis rejoiced!

      And save the chinese threat there is no chinese threat, the chinese would squash you like as you put it “mosquito! “

      • I Wish says:

        If Pakistan was a “mosquito” India and others would have killed it a long time ago. The fact that Pakistan is still here speaks for itself. It will be here for a long time to come, insha’Allah. India might prove to be the elephant that was killed by an ant. Watch out for the Maoists and Naxalites!

    • striver says:

      @ Gotya

      Dream on …. hallucinations !

    • Waqqas says:

      Mosquito are very dangerous. It was the mosquito sting that killed Alexander the Greek before he could invade Mecca.

      Then again later few birds annihilated Abraha that came to invade Mecca.

      In future, again, swarm of mosquitoes would annihilate Ajuj and Majuj (Koka and Vikoka) around Jabl-Al-Lawz in Arabia.

      This was and is the divine punishment before and at present for Polytheist.

      So you animal worshipers and pee drinkers, have fun while it last.

    • Khan's says:

      Gotya, but we’ll use it on india whenever required…?

  • Pakistan is a timid nation because Pakistan does not believe in nuclear terrorism nor in the proliferation of nuclear technology or nuclear weapons
    ++++++++++Then what is the fun of having nuclear weapons
    ++++++++++I am proud that India did it

  • Eddied says:

    This anti american author has twisted the facts to make it appear that the US was wrong when it used the first invented Atomic bombs to end the war…anyone who researches the facts will understand that it was estimated, even by the Japanese, that over 1 million people on both sides would have been killed if the allies had to invade the Japan homeland to stop the war…two bombs were dropped, less than 170 thousand were killed, japan surrendered and the war ended a week later…that is what really happened and the authors sloppy attempt to misrepresent the facts and lie about the truth is obvious and reprehensible…

    • alicaan says:

      @EDDIED I just wish you were one of the “170 000″ people killed and your children and children’s children effected with deformities to this day, how quickly you opinion will change???

      This is not anti american “twist” its reality but lets use your logic!!!??? America has killed and is killing more innocent people than anyone in the world (with the native Americans, the african slaves and now the muslims) so if someone said we need to bomb and kill ALL americans to save the rest of the world would you american(/hindus)accept this proposition??!!

      lol thought so how quickly views change when you’re on the other side of the foot! jackasses be gone!

      • Eddied says:

        @alicaan…just to give you some personal background information…before I was born during world war II my father and my wife’s father were both in the US marines stationed on islands near Japan awaiting the start of the final battles to take Japan…then luckily the bombs were dropped and the war ended quickly so both of them were able to come home from the war without injury…lives on both sides were actually saved because of the bombs…do some research…Hiroshima was a major military arms depot and Nagasaki was a major military industrial site…the innocent Japanese had just finished “the rape of Nanking” where they killed over 300,000 Chinese civilians…check the facts and you will see what I have said is true…that is if you are interested in the truth…

    • Eemaan says:

      The author is requested to consider the wise judgement of Mr. Genius and suggest it to her government perhaps. Maybe it would work in the case of India as well? Maybe it could put an early end to Indian terrorism in and out of India with comparatively less casualties?

    • striver says:

      @ Eddied
      any one with some common sense and a bit knowledge of the war would know that this line of thought only emerged around 7 years back. Shows how suscetible and fickel your mind is. Such is their control on your minds.

      Do you think they thought about how many people with loose their lives when they invaded Iraq and Afghanistan !

      Sheep will follow their sheperd and you are certainly being lead astray.

    • 321 says:

      let me guess? they taught u that at ur school didn’t they? too bad for u, US generals themselves have come out and said that the bomb was not needed…

  • Hindu Kush says:

    rats are jelaous …..ha ha ha!

  • raphay says:

    Bravo Eddied with an edited thinking, its amazing how killing of humanity is so easy upon your conscience,

    if the bombs were so human-friendly, they should be used much more oftenly.

    you are a simple proof of US double standard.

  • Imran says:

    Oh Bharat can’t do nothing to Pak! We saw their cowardice after 26/11 and attack on Parliament! They are to busy raping each other and match fixing for us to worry about these fools.

    As for the water issue much of Bharat is suffering drought itself with so many of their farmers dying. As we saw in Kargil that had it not been for the Israeli’s we would have finished them off but that’s for another day now.

    Our nukes are much more advanced then their ones which is the only thing that matters.

  • aNOmyNOus says:

    Delusions of grandeur as normal.

    However, rather than bother presenting facts that will serve no purpose to enlighten “peace” loving Pakistanis who “will not strike first”, a quote from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will suffice “We are a nation with an atom bomb but no electricity”

    Grass on sale – 100 Rs / kilo. Come and get it !!

  • Eddied says:

    It is clear that I am outnumbered by anti western propagandists here…some of the responders speak like they are clearly deluded Taliban and say only what they want people to believe disregarding the facts…that’s OK…it is an honor to represent the western free worlds point of view and possible educate some of the radicals who have been immersed in so much anti western diatribe they can no longer see the truth objectively…

    • Khalid bin Waleed says:

      @Eddied you didn’t answer the questions of many uncivilized and undemocratic people that what if you and the children of the western civilized world were the recipient of the wrath of your atomic bomb and not the innocent civilians of Japan. The war is fought among soldiers not civilians right?
      By the way go do research there are over 600 million people killed in your so called democratic wars and there were 190 million native Americans in Americas and 109 million were killed by the civilized conquerors from west and thrown out in dumpsters from there own land. So Columbus did not discover Americas after all…we can go on but its hard to talk to walls.
      Like Quran says to people like you
      2:18 Deaf, dumb and blind – so they will not return [to the right path].

    • 321 says:

      Haha that’s ur excuse for everything critical of the west. Ure so delusional in ur thinking; u think the west is perfect and that if someone criticizes its actions they’re terrorists. Tell me eddy boy: the US generals who said that the dropping the nuclear bombs on Japan was wrong and unneeded,are they terrorists as well? What about the countless Americans and westerner a who criticize the actions of their countries? U have to earn respect but for some reason u americans believer ure entitled to it…

      • Eddied says:

        @321. As usual you do not mention your sources…who are the generals who said they didn’t need the bomb in WWII? Did they really exist?

        • 321 says:

          u know we discussed this b4 quite a while back. but i guess due to ur selective memory nothing that u dont want to acknowledge gets through.

          here’s your sources. i’ll be waiting for the apology.



          • 321 says:

            and here’s one more. i bet ure feeling pretty stupid right about now arent u?


          • Eddied says:

            I researched the links you gave and found the article that you are referring to which appears to state that some generals were against use of the bomb…OK that may be true but it is irrelevant because it was not their decision to make..it was Truman who inherited the war from Roosevelt and just wanted it over as soon as possible…did he go to far to make it happen?…it is easy to say that now, but the fact is he did end the war quickly and according to the same article some of the generals also thought the war could go on for many more months….

        • striver says:

          @ Eddied

          You dare to ask for sources. Lets see your source. Don’t act hollier than thou. You are nothing but a propduct of your prejudices. Sort yourself out. Fool.

  • striver says:

    The writer asks:

    “Perhaps the real questions are not those raised by others, perhaps the real questions are the ones every Pakistani needs to ask himself; is Pakistan a war-mongering nation? Does Pakistan have hegemonic ambitions over its regional neighbors?”

    The answer perhapscan be found here:


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