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Burma: Generations of Genocide

Submitted by on July 27, 2012 – 10:00 am19 Comments

PKKH Exclusive |  by Atiq Durranni

Burma also known as Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia, bordered by India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand. Burma is also the 24th most populous country in the world with over 60.28 million people. Islam is a minority religion in Burma, practiced by 4% of the population, according to the Myanmar official statistics. However, according to a U.S. State Department’s 2006 international religious freedom report, official statistics underestimate the non-Buddhist population which could be as high as 30%.

The Rohingya, or Roh, are the largest Muslim people group in Myanmar. Over 1 million live in Myanmar’s northern Rakhine (Arakan) State, along the border with Bangladesh and the Bay of Bengal. Roh can also be found in Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Thailand and Malaysia. In Myanmar, a majority Buddhist nation, the Roh are more likely to say they are “Muslim” than to identify themselves with a particular ethnicity. There is evidence that Muslims have had a presence in Rakhine State for over 1000 years.

Muslims around the world have shown concern over the recent news of Genocide of the Muslims in Burma, but they don’t realize that it’s not the first time that Muslims have been killed in Burma. Bayat Wi and Bayat Ta were the first Muslims documented in the history of Burma in 1050AD. Bayat Wi was killed by the king because the king was concerned about his strength. Bayat Ta managed to escape to Bagan and took refuge with King Anawratha. He married a girl from Popa with whom he had two sons, the Shwe Byin brothers. His children were also executed by the king because they refused to obey the forced labor order of the king.

Shah Shuja was the second son of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, the one who built the Taj Mahal. Shah Shuja lost a battle against his brother and fled with his family and army to Arakan-Burma. The King of Arakan Sandathudama (1652-1687 AD), allowed Shah Shuja to settle in Arakan. Shah Shuja wanted to go to Makah. For this purpose he needed a ship and was willing to pay with silver and gold to buy a ship. When the king came to know this he become greedy for his wealth and asked for the daughter of Shah Shuja. After the rejection of his proposal by Shah Shuja all his followers were killed. Anyone with beard was supposed to be a follower of Shah Shuja and was beheaded. Women were sent to prison where they died of hunger. In such way the Muslim refugees from India were targeted.

In 1930’s the Burmese started the ‘ Burma for Burmese Campaign’, as many people had migrated to Burma from India because India and Burma both were under British rule, the Burmese were worried that all the jobs will be occupied by these new immigrants. They marched to the Muslim (Surti) Bazaar. While the Indian Police under British Administration broke the violent demonstration, three monks were hurt. Burmese newspapers use the pictures of the Indian police attacking the Buddhist monks to further incite the spread of riots. Muslim properties: shops, houses and mosques were looted, destroyed and burned. They assaulted and even massacred the Muslims. The riot spread all over Burma and a recorded 113 mosques were damaged. Similar kind of anti-Muslim Riots also happened in 1997 and 2001.

According to the state, the recent sectarian violence began in June when three Muslims boys were accused of raping a Buddhist girl. These three boys were arrested and even sentenced to death after a trial of 4 days. One of these boys was reported to have killed himself. But the Muslim version of this incident varies from the state version. According to Muslims, two on these boys are innocent; the third one fell in love with a Buddhist girl and ran away with her. The boy was captured later and tortured to death.

Even if we accept both the versions, the case was solved and closed. The accused boys were arrested and sentenced to death. But the local Buddhist didn’t stop there, on 3rd June 2012, 11 innocent Muslims were killed by the Burmese Army and an angry Buddhist mob after bringing them down from a bus in Toungop. When Muslims protested against the killing of these men in the Muslim majority province of Arakan, they were attacked by the Army, Police and Buddhist groups. More than 50 people were killed and millions of homes were destroyed in fires. According to some unconfirmed sources more than 680 muslims were killed in just 2 days of these riots. The total number of muslims killed in Burma since June 3, is estimated to be between 20,000 and 52,000 but the exact numbers of Muslims killed is still unknown because the government has not allowed independent investigations, no UN or Human Rights activists or media has been given access in the affected areas since the violence began.

According to ARNO (Arankan Rohingia National Organization), witnesses told the Human Rights Watch that state security forces violently raided predominately Muslim villages in Maungdaw Township, firing on villagers and looting homes and businesses. In several villages, police and Buddhist groups dragged Muslims from their homes and violently beat them. Witnesses in villages outside of Maungdaw said dozens of people, including women and children, were taken away in mid-June in trucks to unknown locations, and have not been heard from since. Mass arrests of Muslims have also taken place in Buthidaung and Rathedaung townships. Witnesses in Maungdaw Township described several instances in which Buddhist men wielding sticks and swords accompanied the security forces in raids on Muslim villages. A 27-year-old Muslim told the Human Rights Watch, “Twenty-five of my relatives have been arrested.… I saw with my own eyes, two of my nephews were taken by the military and Buddhist groups. They tried to hide themselves in the large embankments in the paddy fields, but some Buddhists found them and stabbed them with long knives. They stabbed them and took them to the jail.”

According to Human Rights Watch estimated 90,000 Muslims are displaced and taking segregated refuge in temporary camps and community sites. Hundreds of Muslims fled across the nearby border to Bangladesh, where many were forced back by Bangladeshi border guards.

Surprisingly the champions of human rights UN, US, UK and other EU countries are not bothered with the killings of 50,000 Muslims or 90,000 displaced because they don’t have any interests in Burma. But on other side when few hundred people are killed by terrorists in Balochistan-Pakistan, US congressman tables a bill for Baloch right to independence. Daily human rights violations in Kashmir and Palestine are ignored but in cases such as of Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya always immediate actions are required.

UN is already losing its credibility in the Muslim world. In the case of Iraq, UN/NATO was completely ignored by US. Iraq was attacked without any proper permission from UN/NATO for the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ that were never found. Kashmir, the oldest dispute at the UN Agenda is still unsolved. Palestine problem is not solved by the UN where killing of innocent Palestine’s is happening on daily basis. UN is an international organization and it will have to treat all the member nations equally, if it will continue the “might is right” policy, it will soon be taken to the edge of collapse.

International Media is also silent on the killings of Muslims in Burma. They can arrange hours long talk shows and discussions against Taliban on the demolishing of Buddha statue. But when the followers of the same Buddha are killing thousands of Muslims in Burma, International media does not seem to be much bothered about that. Even our Pakistani media is not covering the news related to Muslims in effective way, they are more busy in searching bold and controversial actresses and dancers for their Ramadan transmissions; they don’t care how the Muslims of Burma will spend their Ramadan in the refugee camps in Burma, Bangladesh and Thailand.

Before it’s too late, International Media, United Nations, United States, European Union, ASEAN and Muslim World should pressurize the government of Burma to allow an independent and thorough investigation of the violence, and to ensure that the basic rights of those detained are respected. They should also call upon the Bangladesh authorities not to return or push back those fleeing violence and to provide them temporary protection.


  • Taimur Khan says:

    This is just sad. I totally agree with the writer on the point that when it comes to killing terrorists in Baluchistan or Unrest in Egypt and Syria, all of a sudden the US, UK and UN try to become the pioneers of Human rights but now that Muslims are being massacred in Burma (and various other places like Palestine, Kashmir and Several north African states), then everybody seems to ignore it. Unfortunately, even our own media. The US and its Western allies should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Truth Speaker says:

    To All Who Enjoying Life

    Tha Jo Nakhoob Batadreej Wohi Khoob Howa
    Kah Ghulami main Badal Jata hay Qoomon Ka Zameer

    Waza main tum ho Nisara tu Tamadun main Hanood
    Yeh Musalman Hain Jinhain deekh kay sharmayin yahood

    Criminal Silence around the world Media , All the World Media is Blind , Dumb & Deaf

    All the people are stupid who will trust this Biased Media.

    Open Question to All World :

    Does any one can define terrorism ? Chellange Question

    Note & Remember: The defination should be implemented on all the human beings around the world equally & Transparently.

  • Pats says:

    In every possible forum and every possible opportunity and every article referring to International disputes, Pakistani media men, press and politicians time and again raise the Kashmir dispute. But who prevents Pakistan from withdrawing their troops from POK/Azadi Kashmir and handover the administration of POK/Azadi Kashmir to UN as the first step, demanding plebiscite? After all, Pakistan withdrawing from POK/Azadi Kashmir is the first requirement before demanding India to participate in the UN sponsored plebiscite.

    • Hindu kush says:

      Smell like slumdogs…Pkkh webmaster should check the site every day because there are to many slum pats around here…

    • anonymous says:

      It is not that simple.Once there is a timetable,based upon UN resolution,Pakistan will definitely take the initiative.

    • syed Nasim says:

      Withdraw and have a similar fate like the Bosnians. The Bosnian PM was killed in the presence of UN peace keepers and other innocent muslims were butchered when the Dutch UN peace keepers allowed Serbians a free hand. Pats I am sure I have recognised your origin. Masquerading behind a western name won’t help.

    • Hasan Qureshi says:

      POK, pakistan occupied kashmir? LOL. Give me one incident of the residents of Azad kashmir protesting Pakistani rule.

    • Harsh Word says:

      Pats, how true? You hit the nail on the head. But it’s not their fault that Pakistanis, educated or illiterate, believe India has reneged on its requirements for plebiscite. They have been indoctrinated in to believing lies as the truth.

      It is hard for them to understand that by gifting over a portion of the land to the Chinese that they illegally grabbed from the Kashmiri people, Pakistan has irreversibly altered the most important precondition of the UN resolution – return to the conditions that pre-existed the Kabayli raid before plebiscite can take place.

      All they are capable of doing is make noise without making sense.

  • rahim says:

    i m a follower of islam…but i hate my own people, they r the main culprit of any violance happing all over the world, they should realize the pain of violance that islam is doing like bullshit..dont help US UN or anyone let this jihadis realize this pain!!!

  • Afzal Ahmed says:

    taliban will take revenge in Burma. no muslim country has the courage to help bumese muslims. So We Neeeeeeeeeeed Talibans. God bless talibans.

  • shahzad says:

    muslims r like froth over sea water…..no body is scared of them and they r killed like animals…till we start acting on allah’s commands,,,we will be killed like this

  • Noor Alam says:

    We, the helpless and friendless Rohingyas, sometimes, confuse what it is going on with a very few muslim minority in Arakan, Myanmar.We are not the ones, who are against the coexistance and demand our seperate land.We are peace lovers and peace maker,history has proven that due surrender our guns to the government force for only peace despite others minority fighters were fighting for their right.Now,in modern world and civilised world society, we must be maintain the world security system, otherwise, we, ourselve ignite the starting point of religious war or the third war, regarding it’s result.So,We, all the peace love people across the world must take a positive step to safeguard all innocent people who are victimized due collapsed world security system.We must stand and voice not only to reform UN, EU, OIC, ASEAN, NAM and SAARC but also their charter, especially their policy to be changed base on human dignity and human value not just only their races and religions.And also, we must voice to resign the responsible figure from their position if they fail to apply their legitimacy in the current situation in (Myanmar massacre ) and ( terrorism in Syria ).

  • thet says:

    dear all muslim, you all are wrong. first photo at this topic by Aurangzeb Khan was full with lie beginning from the photo. That photo was taken from 2007 September protesting to government at Yangon. You guys can find out that


    so you guy still can say that myanmar buddhism kill muslim? please our nation were still very peace even i have muslim friend they all are living well in our county without any different. Like this kind of news from Aurangzeb who without knowing anything and just write this kind of news is the fuel for war between muslim and other religion. The case was start between Rohingya and Rakhine people from our west part of our country by 3 Rohingya rape and kill innocent Rakhine Girl. So you guy want to say any thing to 3 Rohingya who rape and kill girl about human right? So local people get angry and kill 10 muslim innocent people. our government promise to investigate the cause meantime angry Rohingya gather after praying friday after noon then they start destroy and kill whatever they see on the road. So the clash was start from there and our security force need to stop them so i hope there were be some fire or whatever to control riot. So now human right gurop keep saying we killing muslim. it is not between muslim and buddhism only between two group of people. there is no evidence the thousands of muslim were killed but there are alot of fake photo flying in internet for example the photo from the post was also fake. Please think and peace and don’t act as rumor were fly away and we all become enemy. we would like to see peace world with all religion.

  • Faisal Ahmed Didi says:

    I agree that the Muslim world is Sleeping.
    Even if the photo is fake or not, I can still believe that people hate Muslims to an extent that they just wish we are tortured to death.
    They hate us even if we have a beard and just cause we like like strangers.
    Since we worship a Mighty God whom no one can imagine of ( can you even try imagining how this universe looks like ? so how u imagine God)… this is where things go wrong.
    “Qur’an is the only Scripture which is MEMORIZED BY TENS OF MILLIONS of People in the world completely including 3 year kids & 83 year old grandma..
    Not the Bible, Hindu & Budhist Scriptures etc…..
    TRUTH WILL DOMINATE & TRUTH also hurts some of these NON Muslims.
    is anyone able to challenge A Muslim Scholar like Ahmed Deedat, Dr.Zakir Naik, Khalid Yaseen, Yusuf Estes, Bilal Philips..
    So far NO ONE won except us Muslims scholars in debates
    We have Oil = Wealth but some of the Muslim countries are sleeping.
    Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) once said :
    Muslims will be in many in number but they will not have power…
    Budhist monks are not practicing their religion of peace but TERRORISM. They even destroyed Mosques in Sri Lanka.
    Their Scripture is nothing in front of the Qur’an because the Qur’an is being MEMORIZED. So go ahead burn all the qur’ans but remember Qur’an will NEVER FADE AWAY as it is in our HEADS.
    We worhsip God and prostrate more than any religion in the world.
    Insha Allah, we will all see the truth, the moment we die.
    May Almighty Allah ( The one God ) guide all of us & save us all from Oppression & the Torment in the Grave & Hell and Bless us with Jannathul Firdaus ( The highest & the best Heaven which we get according to our deeds & piety )

  • dinesh says:

    muslims genocide is necessary in Burma

    they are great threat to country

    i appeal to all non-muslims country to start muslim genocide

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