Shale Gas Revolution; Will US lose interest in Middle East?


As long as the supply of oil in not interrupted, US should have no interest in an economic or political crises happening in Middle East. Shale gas is an unconventional source of natural gas that is found More...

by Atiq Durrani | Published 23 hours ago

Pakistan clinches Spectrum for Mobile Broadband Award 2015


BARCELONA: In a significant development for the telecommunication sector in the country, Pakistan was awarded the “Spectrum for Mobile Broadband Award 2015” at the Mobile More...

Bill Gates praises KP’s anti-polio campaign


KARACHI: Philanthropist and chairman of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Gates, called Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday and appreciated his More...

Karachi ‘world’s cheapest city’ yet again: report


A report featured on the BBC this week revealed that the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has recognised Karachi as the cheapest city in the world. It was awarded the same More...


Neighbourly initiatives: Islamabad, Kabul set to relax travel procedures

Peshawar:In the wake of growing understanding and coordination between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the two neighbours are going to ease travel procedures for their citizens and More...

2,000 unregistered Afghans deported since APS attack

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has deported around 2,000 unregistered Afghans after the attack on Army Public School in Peshawar in December 2014. “Pakistani authorities have clearly More...

Pakistan’s Political Crisis – Salvation or Road to Self Destruction?

Pakistan, PAT, PM Nawaz Sareef, Political Crises, Politics, PTI, Salvation

“Our country has numerous problems which cannot be solved overnight but if you, being a true loyalist of the country More...

From Kabul to Wagha to Dehli: A Plot for Terror Consortium


After a lull of a few months, the country was once again rocked by a deadly explosion on November 2nd, at the More...

a Kashmir issue to be discussed with Indian foreign secretary: FO

ISLAMABAD: Ahead of Indian foreign secretary’s visit to Pakistan, the Foreign Office said on Thursday there is...

a Kashmiris join insurgency against India at highest rate in two decades

An insurgency in the Indian-held region of Kashmir is increasingly dependent on homegrown, educated fighters with...

Chopper, Kashmir Chopper crash kills two pilots in India-held Kashmir

NEW DELHI: An Indian military helicopter crashed late Wednesday in restive Kashmir killing two pilots, reports...

British former marine reported killed in Syria


A former Royal Marine has become the first British fighter to be killed battling with Kurdish forces against More...

Turkey army enters Syria to evacuate troops

ANKARA — Turkish soldiers launched an overnight raid into neighboring Syria, evacuating dozens of besieged troops guarding an Ottoman tomb and moving..

France deploys aircraft carrier in Gulf for IS fight

MANAMA — France deployed an aircraft carrier in the Gulf on Monday as part of the US-led military campaign against the self-proclaimed Islamic..

23rd March Special – Defending Our Ideology Islam and Islamism – a Criminal ‘ism’

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The forlorn of the Church in winning the hearts and minds of its adherents in the West has led many of its More...

The End Is Nigh

‘Do they not look into the dominions of the skies and the land and what Allah has created of things and..

Government, Media and the People of Pakistan

As a child, whenever I used to read about the signs of Qiyamah, I used to think about a few signs..

Good Governance and Pakistan

a “Govern a great nation as you would cook a small fish- don’t overdo it” Good governance is a ambiguous term utilized..
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Time Line of Major Global Events Expected in 2014

Time Line of Major Global Events Expected in 2014 that may change the current of History...
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!اے راہِ حق کے شہیدو

اے راہِ حق کے شہیدو! عظیم ماں ! تجھے صد مبارک! مٹی سے محبت کا احساس باقی سب محبتوں پر بھاری..
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‏سیاسی اختلافات اور ہماری فِکری وراثت

ایک زمانہ تھا جب میڈیا پر اپنی سوچ کے اظہار کے لیے لوگوں کی ایک محدود تعداد کو رسائی تھی، یہ..